Monday, June 20, 2016

Above the Blight


 The world we access through media is all street theater and not worth considering except as to step around in much the same way one watches out for cow paddys in paradise.  Take up contemplation and meditation and shut it all out as it simply does not matter.

Knowing that your spirit is immortal anyway lends perspective.  The rest is distraction.

Imagine.  Were the media to disappear you would know nothing of this.  Worse what they do show represents the human activity of at most a few thousand people usually with agendas. You are unwittingly ignoring the interests and intentions of six billion people.  How relevant is the slice you are attending to?

That hunting band in the Amazon.  They have no clue what those silver craft are.  So how important are our own activities generally?  Ask your guardian spirit for guidance.

Above the Blight

by Chautaqua

 Thursday, 2 June 2016

…You don't have to be "spiritual" to rise above the morass of negativity that currently passes for normal; but it sure helps. One of the first things we learn when embarking on the spiritual path is beware of distractions & diversions that will pull you off the path. One of those easier said than done things. That's the trick to living your spiritual beliefs; being able to balance the various aspects of your life into your spiritual practice. A place and purpose for everything. 

Having your ship together is only half the battle, you also must navigate your way thru whatever (consensus) reality throws in your way. It isn't at all easy making plans for the future when the powers that shouldn't be are busy setting everything on fire; and every screen in sight is screaming for your attention and disposable income. That is why it's called a spiritual practice, because we must practice the things we've learned, to keep order within our life and perspective on the world around us. To see things and people for what they truly are, and not as they may seem. There's also a reason why nobody ever says walking the spiritual path is easy.

The demands of everyday life are often enough to play merry hob with our spiritual progress, for the width of said path is not a constant, and indeed, at times it can be obscured by all the ground clutter of negativity. Focus and concentration are key skills to cultivate, and will serve well under any conditions. Indeed much time & treasure has been spent crafting the "reality" you see today in the "real" world. Exactly what is it the powers that shouldn't be so desperately want to conceal from us with all the death & violence? Consensus reality is a ravenous beast which thrives on a steady diet of tasty hopes & dreams; and that can also rain mud on following your spiritual path. The whole idea is to pay us almost enough to get by on, and teach us just enough to run the machinery; leaving no spare time for learning or doing other things.

They say the spiritual path can also be a lonely one; as we seek to become better versions of ourselves thru a dedicated spiritual practice. Being on a spiritual path is by no means easily categorized or pigeon-holed by definition; as it means different things to different people. Some very enlightening conversations have been had by spiritual people who believe different things, dogmas, or concepts. Oddly enough more often than not, spiritual folks tend to emotionally defend their beliefs just like everybody else. Growing beyond that trap is supposed to be why we're on a spiritual path to begin with.

Something an awful lot of folks have been experiencing during this great awakening are the less than supportive attitudes and actions of family & friends towards their spiritual quest for enlightenment. It's enough to test your conviction; you don't want to lose friends or family but you don't want to stagnate either. That's exactly why Stuart Wilde used to say; "When you're going-don't tell anyone, it's easier that way." Your situation may call for you to keep your travel along the spiritual path a secret from those who would only seek to hold you back thru disapproval & ridicule.

Even without cross words or heated exchanges between friends, ties can be eroded away to nothing thru attrition and a lack of empathy. People and things can be taken for granted. As for our circle of spiritual friends, turns out they're often the first to misunderstand our behavior, and just as often first to think judgmentally; and when they're done with you for whatever reason you never hear about it. They just put you on the slow drip for a while then it's scrub-a-dub-dub & they wash their hands of you. It's just way easier that way. Of course, truly spiritual folks don't behave this way, but people wearing a spiritual cloak do. Not by words, but by actions you will know them.

"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hate so stubbornly is because they sense once hate is gone they will be forced to deal with pain."

James Baldwin

The great spiritual awakening taking place around us is a many faceted thing, not always easily understood by those relatively new to it Things can seem mighty confused to even the seasoned spiritual traveler these days. This is where the heart-centered folks might have a bit of an edge when it comes to trust, and navigation, as we've learned to trust and listen to our hearts. 

Unfortunately for the powers that shouldn't be, the great awakening of the Aquarius era has bloomed despite all their efforts to forestall and prevent it; and they are in full scramble mode with damage control as their paradigm continues to crumble around them. This is why we've seen so many horrendous false flag events in quick succession, and so much banality and fake hype with the "election" process. 

Pacification technologies like chemtrails, GWEN towers, HAARP, "vaccinations" and fluoridated water are all being used to keep the population lethargic and apathetic; to prevent a return of the street-filling protests of the 60s & 70s. This bunch in control of things didn't stop there of course, and today their influence is seen simply everywhere. Like the world's largest manufacturer of pesticides now also making the GMO food-like-products that fill your cupboards. It never ceases to amaze me just what lengths they will go to stay in control & the extremes they go to in order to deceive us and maintain a construct reality. One really spooky example is this "Face2Face" technology that hijacks a speakers facial expressions with a webcam and an app... [see video below]*

The powers that shouldn't be remind me of spoiled brats & schoolyard bullies. First they intimidate and cheat their way to the top in order to get what they want, (power & wealth),
then whenever things don't go their way they obstruct, obfuscate, alienate and cheat in order to do what they want, despite losing. Such as the slurry of "bathroom laws" designed to discriminate against the LGBT community - flying in face of the law of the land, and what is morally right!

The blight that is the military-industrial-complex has its tentacles into simply everything, not the slightest detail is left to chance. The rivalry between political parties is for the most part just so much street theater, they're all in the same mob with the same job; and there are some internal power struggles for control. What cannot be owned & controlled is destroyed.

The voters are supposed to pick the politicians, not the other way around!

Since the invention of gerrymandering; politicians have sought to control ever-increasing aspects of the "voting" process. Stealing votes, rigging elections, stealing elections; all commonplace, but not good enough, hence the hated Diebold voting machines were rolled out as the new way. We didn't even get to vote on whether we wanted them or not! If voting really changed anything it would be illegal. Right wing & left wing are connected to the same vulture & the flight plan never changes.

When the demographics don't agree with them they invoke impossible to obtain "voter ID cards" or similar requirements. Failing that, they simply remove 70% of a precincts voting machines, to force long lines & long waits to vote, trying to further discourage those who the elite don't want to vote. Bringing up the rear is their failsafe, the Diebold voting machines. "Voting" has long been relegated to choosing which criminal gets to fleece us for the next 8 years and not much more. No qualified, or desirable candidates are ever even allowed to partake in the charade because it's just too messy when they have to be assassinated. How come it always comes down to the lesser of two evils, isn't that still evil?? Why do we still tolerate this bullshit? You'd think we'd learn to see thru it, right? […]

"Is it just Me, or is the human race armed with religion; poisoned by prejudice and absolutely frantic with hatred & fear ... galloping pall mall towards the dark ages?"

~ Raymond Reddington~

The now familiar 24-hour news cycle was developed for marketing the apocalypse, and keeping us in a constant state of fear; with a never ending litany of deception and illusion. Think Ebola & Zika virus scares just for starters, not to mention Al Qaeda & ISIS, or ISIL or whatever the hell they call them this week~ all created by the powers that shouldn't be for your entertainment, and entrainment. They're playing 3-card Monty with truth & facts, spinning everything on its head to keep everyone confused and apathetic all the time.

The New York primary is on April 19th; and there is a long list of violent events occurring on or near that day. [Waco-4.19.93~OKC Bombing-4.19.95~Columbine-4.20.99~Virginia Tech-4.16.07 etc.]

It has been said that date is important to dissident 'militias' who strike on or near 4-19 in remembrance of the Waco victims. With the escalating rash of pro-violence political rhetoric we've witnessed recently, it's altogether likely that something dastardly might occur somewhere on or around 19 April. To keep it interesting, April 19th is also a big deal with the occult loving new world order bunch as well. Might be a good day to stay home and get caught up on your sleep!

It certainly seems that wherever we look we see those who seem obsessed with sparking the apocalypse and seeing a world engulfed in chaos. Las Vegas is even doubling down on all the debauchery; once you lose all your wages you can take in a Penis puppet show! Ever notice how everything is being reduced to the lowest common denominator? Whatever happened to excellence?

You can rise above it. Elevate your thoughts, and by them, your energy to ever higher levels. Strengthen your focus & concentration, and by them, your ability to more clearly see your path amid all the smoke & mirrors. Turn away from all that makes your soul sick; stop giving your attention to the street theater of consensus reality.

Stop ignoring the horrendous, despicable things threatening our collective future! 

I know, another one of those easier said than done things, and it's true, it takes some degree of determination to break free of the rhythmic, lilting speech patterns of the talking heads: they talk that way to hypnotize their audience, put them into an alpha state (like when watching TV) to better assimilate the programming, deception and illusion. This is where having a spiritual practice comes in handy. Try the Buddha Mind thing, where you focus on some aspect of the divine, to the exclusion of all else...letting mundane earthly matters, noise and hype fall away for a time. While not an ideal way to go thru life, it does bestow clarity of purpose as a meditation technique. Then when you return to the mundane focus; things won't seem so confusing or impossible to overcome, and knowing what to do will come easier. It's all about the energy.

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