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Underground Rise of Neo Fascism in USA?


Some aspects of this commentary cannot be readily supported, but what caught my eye is the hidden sub culture taking advantage of local spiritual communities to not just sell a political stance but to actually sell forms of fascist thinking.  It is way too easy and way too attractive for the ignorant.   This is the same disease that has underpinned radical Islam as well.

The key is to attract adherents and then ostracize any opposition.  This is utterly contrary to the natural communal inclusiveness inherent to religious thought.  We now have to ask the question of just how persuasive it all is.

This is boots on the ground seen from a developing native spititual perspective that opens our eyes to what may be at stake.  I do not wish to wake up in twenty years to discover something much worse has evolved.

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters!

If you have not already figured it out, the main function of the People of One Fire is that of a catalyst . . . to encourage tribal members and Native American descendants to continue their self-eduction, study heritage sites near their homes and promote the stewardship of these sites. An educated Native American is the best defense against charlatans, self-centered politicians, power-obsessed tribal leaders and fossilized educators. When you allow your mind to become a slave to others, you have opened the door to Fascism and Marxism . . . well, a fabricated history of your ancestors, too! 

The Smithsonian Institute has digitized many of their most valuable publications from the past. These can be downloaded at no cost. Here is a list of these publications. Cut and past the name and author, then google it. Generally, you will be shown one or more URL's Almost always there is an Adobe PDF version which can be downloaded.

One of the most valuable publications on this list is a document is: Catalogue of Prehistoric Works by Cyrus Thomas (1891). The archaeology of Cyrus Thomas would be considered antiquated today, but the booklet lists all know Native American archaeological sites, east of the Mississippi River - by individual county. For most sites, it even gives the location and directions of how to get there. Many of the mounds and stone architecture sites on this list are now forgotten, or even gone. However, there are also many surprises. I live at the source of the Etowah River. I found out that in the national forest near my cabin is a 40 feet tall mound . . . or at least there was in 1891. 

Why the change in POOF's format?

The People of One Fire has changed its way of distributing information. Many folks emailed me that they missed the friendly, informal emails, so I have added them back in the form of quick updates on current research discoveries. However, the "meat" of our research will only be found in the People of One Fire and Access Genealogy websites, plus the published books . . . which in my case is an important source of income. 

In order to keep on keeping on, I had to change the way of doing things. Most of my time was increasingly being spent on activities that produced no income. Meanwhile, the new owners of the Examiner dropped the payments to most writers by 75-90%. I was running on fumes. 

There is a reason why I have no local income. Organized crime and neo-satanic cults such as the Patriots and The Rose (which are really organized crime) have a choke hold on Georgia's life blood. They want to create a feudal society in which a few arrogant, rich families control everything. The oligarchs use their blue collar slaves to sabotage anyone who they fear might get in the way of their diabolical schemes. The Patriots are constantly trying silly adolescent schemes to sabotage my car, kill my dogs or manipulate me into such extreme poverty that I will be forced to be damned like them. That is the funniest trait of evil people. They are obsessed with trying to manipulate people, who walk spiritual paths, to be as depraved as themselves. With their displays of toys given them by the oligarchs, dead souls, black pickups and black uniforms they are superficially arrogant, yet terrified of the public discerning their corrupt, diabolical secret lives, standing on the precipice of a fiery pit.

Prior to the occult's rise to power in 2000, I was always a community and church leader and therefore, a steady flow of professional work came my way, based on the quality of my past work. First, the neo-fascists corrupted the churches, making them dens of hatred, pettiness and self-worship. I had always avoided involvement in partisan politics, because my clients came from a broad range of political persuasions. That made no difference. I hope you all understand. One has to have income to be productive . . . and eat. 

Here are the three primary reasons for the change: 

First of all, it is impossible to include a large number of high resolution graphics and videos as attachments to emails. Our new website is becoming increasingly enriched with both. 

Secondly, during the "Mayas in Georgia thing" many archaeologists and academicians decided that the best way to handle the situation was to pretend that they were an intellectual elite that was above criticism by mere mortals. It was a heresy that began in the 1980s in which certain people were deluded into thinking that by shunning others, they were somehow more important. People were deceived into believing that they should worship themselves rather than serve the community. 

The Spiritual Path of Native Peoples is just the opposite . . . we place the welfare of our family members, community and natural environment above our own self-aggrandizement. Call it, the Golden Rule on a community scale. Tribal leaders who have bought into the message of the People of the Lie have betrayed everything that their ancestors stood for. 

Think about it. The truth is that today, the prevailing attitude in the United States is that the highest measure of intelligence is the ability to deceive, use and harm others without the victims being aware of it. It is no wonder that the Apostle Paul called satan, the "Great Deceiver." Taking the path of evil only causes people to curse themselves. 

The ostracism scheme was targeted specifically at me and then somehow spread to university professors in general, so that now very few archaeologists and professors will even communicate with me. You can see how well the ostracism is working. Burying ones head in the sand leaves ones brain in the sand to atrophy. 

To counteract academic criticism, one has to produce professional research papers and published books, not memos like we did for eight years. I know how to write professional research papers and comprehensive community plans. However, in the past people paid me for them . . . paid me very well. From now on, I will devote most of my time producing these types of documents and publish them on the web site or in books. We now have some outstanding researchers, with academic credentials, who will also be publishing their research. However, I (personally) will continue to use End Notes rather than inserting references inside of sentences. The public despises references being inserted inside the sentences, because it makes the flow of knowledge so difficult to follow.

Thirdly, only a web site can be sufficiently comprehensive to reflect the diverse interests of the dozens of Native American tribes in the Southeastern United States. There are many indigenous peoples in our region, whose ancestors' existence were erased by government officials, mapmakers and academicians. Lordamercy, according to the official US Department of the Interior map, the Alabama, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Saponi, Yuchi, Natchez and Shawnee never even lived in the Southeast. I personally can only write with professional confidence about regions where I have personally lived . . . several parts of Georgia, western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, Virginia, Mexico and Scandinavia. Other authors must step forward to provide eyewitness intimacy for their regions.

I will be beating my drums as the rest of you journey on your person paths to discover who you are, who your ancestors were, where your ancestors lived and how your ancestors lived.
Y'all be good, hear? 

Richard Thornton, Architect and City Planner

PS: I bought another box of The Forgotten History of North Georgia from the publisher. These books will still be at the discounted price of those leftovers, I originally advertised.

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