Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Expanding on Three Tiers of Matter


I continue to add more explanation for my readers to assist them in understanding what this means.

This item is meant to be a simple non rigorous description of our particle universe as I now understand it.  This description is informed by my discoveries in mathematics, my thought experiment on the creation of the first neutral neutrino pairing and the induced expansive growth of the universe from this first action of intent.  I am underlying key concepts and that is good enough for understanding the gist of this text.  All this can be simulated and my metrics can be used to determine all action at a distance from multiple particles.

For visualization, it is helpful to think of the first tier of matter as spaced out bird seed  sitting around in pairs, but still naturally close together in terms of radii.  I expect it to be quite dense in fact.  Sacks of these bird seeds can be gathered up and shaken.  This is a thought experiment after all.  Decay takes place and we suddenly have pairs of oranges containing over one thousand bird seeds as our second tier of physical existence.  This produces decay photons and a very compact object.  In fact this object's internal scale shrinks dramatically as a spiral effect due to the engagement of all particles as part of the structure.  We now have our second tier of matter that we will identify as dark matter.  It appears to be an analog to an electron positron pairing and can be successfully worked with in those terms.  Simulation is needed to confirm just that.  Such a simulation will demand a billion grid points at least and five thousand axis leading to five trillion convergent calculations per run.

The same thing happens when we then assemble a similar number of these oranges to produce that basketball pair which is our analogy to the neutron pair that we actually think that we know about.

It should be blindingly apparent why i have not been in a rush to bring this work forward as it is only now that the computer power may be up to all this.  We will still have to rely on calculated look up tables to get any efficiency.

The physical universe consists of three tiers of  matter all characterized more rigorously as three dimensional bounded curvature  as opposed to unbounded curvature which is two dimensional but contained in three space and that we recognize as photons.

What is critically important to understand is that any two particles can share an axis along which a mathematically continuous wave function can produce what I will now describe as lock up.  This provides direct linkage and spacing rules as well.  The number of such axis is finite and in the case of a single neutral neutrino we have four.  Thus the neutrino pair will then share one axis each to produce a central axis along with additional free axis.  None of this has been rigorously simulated with my metric as yet, but you need to understand how this is possible as we self assemble larger and larger objects.  I also want to add that mathematical continuity as we understand it is only effective along these axis and even there it has  discontinuities.  All preconceived ideas of orbitals need to be excluded.

This axis sharing process continues up into atomic structures as well and is the only bonding system between all particles.

The first tier consists of the neutrino pairings and is scaled accordingly.  No present tools obviously exist to allow us to describe this tier experimentally.  These pairings are almost neutral in terms of action at a distance but not so in close proximity.  This near neutrality is a guiding principal throughout.

Self packing  occurs continuously in which these neutrino pairings will join up to form rough assemblages consisting of a large number of pairs.  When this number exceeds 620, or more properly 1240, the possibility of decay into electron conforming dark matter pairings become possible.  These dark matter pairings are again roughly neutral but are most likely identifiable as electron positron pairings.  The numbers we use for packing reflects that of geometric solids.

It is helpful to think of a sack of bird seed that you can shake  and which will then suddenly decay into an electron pair that is suddenly as rigidly connected as diamond.  This event produces an immediate surplus of what i call unbounded curvature but can easily be imagined as a photon.

The second tier of matter consists of dark matter pairings.  Electron  scaling  dominates although once again we will have self packing underway.  We make several observations:

1     Free electrons will attach weakly to the positive end of a dark matter pairing.  We recognize this effect as static electricity.  This is the true source of electrical power itself.  This provides natural super-conductance as well at this level and likely explains superconductance at the third tier.
2     Gravitational effect is radically different from both the first tier and the third tier that we actually experience.  This implies that a substantial part of the dark matter gravitational effect is not related to mass at all as we are biased into thinking.  However, dark matter can still be understood as an incompressible fluid that forms a large volume greater than the visible galaxy.   I  expect to rigorously calculate this effect and plausibly to manipulate it as well.
3     Each tier is separated by approximately three orders of magnitude between each tier.  Thus each tier is naturally structured and internally spaced as well and readily flows around and through each other.  Think of it as a space filled with bird seed, oranges and beach balls, mostly not interfering with each other with only modest spacing.  The first two tiers can be though of as non compressible for practical considerations as is the third tier.

4     Third tier connectiveness will be much fuzzier and produce a lower expectation of mathematical like rigor as compared to the first and the second tier. 

The third tier of matter is neutron neutron pairings, again self assembled from dark matter pairings numbering 620 and 1240 to produce the neutron neutron pairing.  Decay again produces the pair itself and spontaneously it will often produce the proton neutron pairing we recognize as hydrogen.  Larger assemblages of neutron neutron pairings will naturally produce the larger elements that we are also familiar with.  Most of this happens inside a deep gravity well to create tight packing.  I am comfortable that I will be able to simulate the internal structure of all members of the elemental table with neutrons and protons properly placed.

Experimental  Work

Experimental work has demonstrated that a vacuum charged with coherent light in the blue end of the spectrum associated with electrons will then independently self radiate in a dark room for nine hours.  This conforms my expectations for the existence of dark matter and the predicted scale and spectrum.

Additional experimental work takes advantage of induced spiral fields to liberate weakly held electrons from dark matter.  These free electrons then flood the available circuit producing a high voltage and amperage allowing surplus work to be done.

We have shown that with the use of a modulator and an AC motor with just enough juice to break the magnetic lock, that it is possible to produce usable brake horsepower to operate all our power needs by the simple substitution of the present motive power.  We have also shown that this system will also  flood a three hundred pound household transformer allowing it to be taken off the grid.  No significant design effort was required to achieve this which is very encouraging.

This is meant to by readily understood by the reader.  However all these concepts are essentially new to science and certainly to our popular framework we have all been taught.  I advise that you read it, set it aside to allow your subconscious to rewire your brain, then take it up again.  You may need to do this more than once for this to become your present intellectual reality.


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