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Mirror of the Body

This does not tell us much except that these methods are been advanced and polished and are available for a fee.  Yet we need to know this.  There are a number of similar diagnostic methods and linked protocols that can be usefully tested.
By that i mean that you know you are not healthy.  Take coin and test out these regimens.   It is not horribly expensive and it informs you and provides testable options.  No one is going to continue to drink a Chinese concoction if no significant improvement takes place.

At the same time, if it does not work that usually means it is inapplicable to the specified complaint.  That may not be true next time around.  The patient needs to become an investigator.  A lot of the reason is that there is too little talent out there able to provide a consistent result so you must become proactive.  At the same time your conventional doctor has a lot of useful knowledge and tools but also has a lot of wrong answers to be wary of.

Mirror of the Body: How the Tongue and Eyes Reveal Your Body’s Health

By Ethan A. Huff, Natural News | February 5, 2015

By Ethan A. Huff, contributing writer to Natural News

Many people today suffer from unusual health conditions that don’t seem to have an obvious cause, and that doctors often dismiss as overblown, or worse, nonexistent. Finding answers isn’t always easy, but health practitioner Tina Taekema has put together a course known as “Mirror of the Body” that might be able to help.

Combining her expertise in kinesiology, “tongue-ology” and iridology, Taekema developed a program for people to use at home that allows for diseases to be identified and eliminated, sometimes as quickly as in just a few days. The effectiveness of the course lies in its ability to target the root causes of pain, lack of mobility, fatigue and other conditions.

The conventional medical system is constantly trying to treat symptoms without actually identifying why they’re occurring, which never produces lasting benefits. With Taekema’s program, you will learn how to successfully recover from what ails you by better understanding how your body works, particularly through the lens of the eyes and tongue.

Taekema’s techniques will help you gain a clearer picture of the health of every organ and gland in your body, which is vital for true healing. By adopting her approach, you and your family will be able to quickly identify what really is wrong when you feel nauseated, for instance, or when you’re just not feeling like your real self.

As explained on her website, Taekema’s approach is empowering because its proven techniques help unlock the mysteries of the body so the average person can understand how it works. And it does this through simple visual inspections of the eyes and tongue, as well as basic muscle testing protocols.

“Our bodies are finely balanced,” says Taekema. “When there is an imbalance, visual color and contour changes takes place.”


Tongue-Ology Is Simple, Effective, and Noninvasive

The great thing about tongue-ology is that it doesn’t require having an advanced degree, and anyone can do it. By simply looking at your own tongue, you can assess your state of health based on its shape, color, texture and contour if you know what to look for. And Taekema’s course will teach you all of that.

Each area of the tongue, it turns out, is related to an organ or system in the body. If something is out of whack in a particular area, the tongue can serve as an indicator of this, allowing for an easy diagnosis without the need for an expensive doctor visit. A certain color observed on the left side of the tongue, for instance, can indicate a poor relationship between the pancreas and the stomach.

Stomach problems are also identifiable through the tongue, which swells and changes colors when the small intestine is not performing as it should.

Iridology Techniques Can Reveal Problems With Thyroid, Stress

Similarly, examining your eyes can also be helpful in identifying abnormalities if you know what to look for. Taekema says changes in eye color can indicate things like anemia or consumption of the wrong foods.

Once you learn how to examine your eyes and tongue, the next step in the program is to look at how your body moves in reaction to certain stimuli. If your body is having trouble adapting to stress or illness, for instance, it will generate a specific identifiable muscle pattern that you will easily recognize once you know the proper techniques.

More on Taekema’s “Mirror of the Body” course is available

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