Saturday, October 2, 2021

What can high IQ people do that average IQ people can't?

Think faster.  We all learn about learning sooner or later.  Only speed matters and one other thing.  Absorbing well chosen content and not relying on course work to do the job.  It demands a lot of content to be on top of your game.

does your hand have the correct muscle memory in order to use a particular tool?  Why not?  Same problem.

High IQ people are simply better at making new discoveries because they do these two things best.  speed and data absorption.  If neither skill is necessary, then slow mo works just fine.  Likely safwer as well.

What can high IQ people do that average IQ people can't?

I have IQ in the 99th percentile. I’ve posted a few times about this: it’s nothing special. It allows you to come to results quicker, and see patterns where others see non-correlated data. It especially useful in engineering, mathematics, sciences, areas where higher levels of abstract thinking are required. Higher success in business is likely as well, easier to understand the patterns in psychology of marketing, correlations between metric measurements and success. Down side is that it also allows you to reflect on yourself deeper as well. Studies show a correlation with IQ and higher levels of anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues. People with higher IQ are able to remember negative events better, leading to increase retention of learning from them, but higher self esteem problems. They also “know what they don’t know”, which leads many with average IQ to think they’re smarter than they are-because they haven’t a clue what they don’t know, and those with higher IQs to think they aren’t as smart as other people-because they see the immense universe of which they only know an insignificant amount about.

Addition: Generally, if you see someone with quick wits who calls themselves stupid, they’re likely extremely intelligent. Similarly, if you see someone who cannot spell common words, who boasts themselves every day, chances are they’re at or below normal. let’s not make this political, please, though that’s my best well known example.

Addition 2: a curious comment in response made me want to expand on this. “Pattern recognition is our superpower”, this cannot be stated better! The problem is, much of the time those with high IQ don’t know how to recognize or use their super power! It’s small things, like knowing cause and effect, tying the dots to using your turn signal and decreased rates of accidents. Or realizing when you’re marketing on Facebook that what pictures you use makes a huge difference, and knowing how to set up a design of experiment and connect the data. Looking around at people acting random through subconscious responses every day of their lives, (96% of our daily actions and thoughts are subconscious), not realizing that their behaviors lead to their results, and their lives are also chaotic and random, just like the human subconscious. It’s subtle, but it’s the 1% difference that adds up to make massive differences in their lives!

When you combine this with the understanding of statistics and probabilities…you become close to a demigod. You learn insanely quickly simply because you know all you have to do is learn it a few times, with a few weeks or months in between each try to increase retention. You understand Moore’s Law, and you apply it to learning! Most people give up after one…you know the probabilities of success in starting a company, and don’t view your first two as failures, it’s simply probabilities. It’s a gamble if you try once, it’s an investment with an expected positive return if you plan on trying several times! “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” To add to that, it’s the ability to change yourself in response to the patterns you see. They don’t give up after one, they’re not embarrassed at failure, and they don’t tell others it’s luck or impossible, because you take those two and learn from them, and your third is a success. You spend your days learning, every day, about everything, and you understand the immense implications of psychology and knowing how your brain works is the secret to making it do what you want! You cannot beat your subconscious, but you can redefine it! The secrets to success are in the ability to creatively see patterns where others see impossible, and in the small details, not the big things.

As an innovative extrovert, creative new solutions are easy for me, simply apply abstract thinking to the patterns and extrapolate new ideas, but attention to details are not! There are two types of workers, innovative and adaptive, adaptive being those who work better with strict rules already in place. The innovators are those who make new ideas, the adapters are those who work those new ideas into reality. Adapters are the attention to detail folks, innovators are the big idea, nothing is impossible, everything can be improved folks. However, as the saying goes, God is in the details! Both types are needed for success. An EXTREMELY intelligent person can learn coping mechanisms to adapt their styles for both, though they know doing so takes significantly more effort than their natural styles do, and would rather pay someone else or form a team to do what they cannot.

The problem is that much of the time, when a person with high IQ speaks…no one gives a crap to listen. Everyone, especially in the American culture, doesn’t have a clue what bias is, nor how to control it, leading them to always seek evidence they’re correct, when they’re likely not. This bias makes them falsely have more confidence in their opinions and downplay their mistakes as not important. Those who are intelligent usually instead, seek to prove themselves wrong, because they’re more afraid of being wrong. And when they cannot, they know for a fact that they’re correct-versus the average, “I selectively found all the evidence I need online to prove what I’m saying without regard for evidence against!” People with high IQ think about ideas, and debate ideas to find the truth, whether it fits their opinions or not. People with average IQ think about people, and attacking people thinking a bigger ego makes your opinions correct.

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