Kyle Warner is 29-years-old and is a former champion mountain bike racer who also has a very large online audience.

He recently went public with his COVID-19 vaccine injury, and Dr. Campbell does an incredible job of discussing just what he has had to go through to receive help from skeptical doctors who do not want to admit COVID-19 vaccine injuries exist.

Kyle also shares what has helped him and what has not, in his effort to overcome his COVID-19 vaccine injury which has resulted in diagnoses of Pericarditis and Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

Kyle talks about his support group, and how some of them have already committed suicide, highlighting the overwhelming need right now to provide help and support to these COVID-19 vaccine damaged people.

This is on Dr. Campbell’s YouTube channel for now, but we have also uploaded a copy to our Bitchute channel as well.

Links that Kyle shared in the video:

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