Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Vigano on Great apostasy

I understand that all this is not obvious or somehow completely out there for most observers.  The so called global elites have been absorbed through secret societies into luciferian thought even unknowingly until they can be properly compromised.  This has obviously been a thing for centuries and I am the first to admit that their best protection is out natural denial.

We do see glimpses of their worst behavior, and then a full frontal display and then silence to allow us to slip into forgetfulness.  It never goes away and we all risk slander if we think to challenge it at all.

Today the shape of the NWO or communist infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church has become obvious if you know where to look.  The assault has progressed since Stalin and has now largely displaced much of the Church Hiearchy.  Yet as I have posted, this is ultimately irrelvant to the CHURCH, properly governed through the RULE of TWELVE.  We will see that hiearchy sluff off like a dried up scab.

In the meantime we are getting heretical nonsense from the Pope himself who appears to be a follower of Marx.  This Pope was unusually parachuted in for no good reason.  Hie predessessor continiues to live at the age og 94.  It is plausible that he may outlive Francis.

Vigano is the prime internal critic of the Roman Catholic Church.  This voice is welcome in a time of increasing Apostasy.



“And the cause of this hell on earth is to have abandoned God, to have denied him in his temporal and spiritual lordship, to have usurped the crown to give it to the Enemy.’ (Comment DKL: Almost the entire Catholic Church is practicing the mortal sin of birth control known as onanism in a theological sense.  The Catholic laity are no longer taught that the conjugal act must always be subject to procreative intent exclusively in marriage and that this is the source of the retention of beauty as one of its rewards discussed in the section on Bridget Bardot in footnote one at its end. Bridget Bardot concurs with this opinion on the retention of beauty as its reward into old age. This Biblical principle was codified by the Buggery Act of 1533 established by King Henry VIII which defined buggery as an unnatural sexual act against the will of God and Man which essentially meant that all such acts must have procreative intent in marriage as described by Saint Augustine on his “On The Good of Marriage” which was followed even by the pagan beauty Zenobia of Palmyra as explicitly cited by Edward Gibbon in his “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.)  Youth and beauty cannot otherwise be preserved.

And to this is added, like an infernal ritual, the use of a genetic serum made with aborted fetuses, as if it were a question of renewing, in a sanitary key, the human sacrifices of the pagans, by offering a sacrifice in favor of the New Order to come with the lives of innocent people.

The Congregation For The Doctrine of the Church says nothing about induced abortions in pregnant women, which have increased dramatically; it does not say anything about the risk of sterility induced by the serum; it says nothing about the serious pathologies and deaths it causes in children and young people, who are also the least exposed to the risk of hospitalization due to Covid. The demonstrated ineffectiveness of vaccines deprives them of the legitimacy initially recognized by the Congregation, since the danger to which the patient is subjected is disproportionate to the benefit – minimal or nonexistent – that they were initially supposed to provide. 

My colleague Bishop Schneider says: “The uncompromising and unequivocal rejection of any collaboration with the fetal industry is analogous to the uncompromising rejection of any collaboration with the cult of idols or the statue of the emperor by the Christians of the first centuries”. 

Transcript of Bishop Viganò’s 18 video interviews with Robert Moynihan from Inside the Vatican

Transcription for Médias Presse Info (MPI) of the 18 video interviews of Bishop Carlo Maria Viganò with Robert Moynihan

Under the overall title of “Vigano Tapes”, Bishop Carlo Maria Viganò answered 18 questions on the current state of the Church and the world that Robert Moynihan (“Inside the Vatican”) asked him, in a series of 18 short videos.

Monsignor Viganò, whom we warmly thank, sent MPI the transcript of these 18 interviews which were reread and corrected by himself.

Transcription of the 18 videos of Bishop Viganò

1 – Your Excellency, the pandemic and the crisis in the Church under the pontificate of Francis arouse great apprehension among many faithful. What is your assessment of the current situation?

It now seems clear to me that we are facing a siege on the social and religious fronts. The so-called emergency pandemic has been used as a false pretext to impose vaccination and the  green pass [green passport] in many nations of the world, simultaneously and in a coordinated manner. At the same time, on the other front, not only do the ecclesiastical authorities not in the least condemn the abuse of power by those who govern public affairs, but they support them in this disastrous project and go so far as to condemn those who govern public affairs. who do not agree to be subjected to inoculation of an experimental genetic serum with unknown side effects, which does not confer any immunity against the virus – not to mention the moral implications linked to the presence of genetic material from aborted fetuses, which, for a Catholic, is in itself more than enough reason to refuse the vaccine.

We are at war: a war which is not openly declared, which is not fought with conventional weapons, but a war all the same, in which there are aggressors and aggressors, executioners and victims, kangaroo courts [irregular courts, mock trials] and prisoners; a war in which violence is used in apparently legal forms to violate the rights of citizens and believers. It is a historic war which is the prelude to the end of time and to the great apostasy of which Sacred Scripture speaks.

2 – How to explain this alliance between the State and the Church which supports the account of the pandemic and promotes vaccines?

The alliance is not between the State and the Church, but between the deep state  and the deep church , that is to say the degenerate components present within them.

The purpose of the State is the  bonum commune , with respect for both natural law and divine and positive law. The purpose of the Church is the  salus animarum , with respect for the immutable teaching of Christ. It is obvious that rulers do not pursue the common good when they expose a population to an experiment without scientific basis, even in the face of the obviousness of the ineffectiveness of the vaccine and that of the damage it causes to those who do so. ‘have received. And it is equally evident that the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, to the extent that it lends itself to supporting this globally planned massacre, is complicit in a crime against humanity and even more in a very grave sin against God. The Bergoglian Sanhedrin is clearly an integral part of the plan of Great Reset  : on the one hand because he pursues ends that have nothing to do with the goal of the Catholic Church, and on the other hand because he hopes that his complicity will be able to bring him a kind of political and economic advantage in view of new developments.

This criminal complicity is visible to all, and is further proven by the obsessive vaccination campaign of Bergoglio, who, through moral blackmail, wants to impose on all the inoculation of an experimental genetic serum. In recent days he has gone so far as to involve cardinals and bishops from North and South America in this  shameful propaganda , including Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles, the president of the United States Catholic Bishops’ Conference. United. They too bear responsibility for a serious crime against humanity. Such outrageous submission of the prelates to the hellish globalist agenda has only been surpassed by  recent heretical ramblings  by Bergoglio himself.

3 – What is the price that Francis’s church finds itself paying for its approval of the dominant narrative?

The enslavement of the Holy See and all its peripheral entities to the pandemic narrative is the  pretium sanguinis  of a scandalous betrayal, which sees the ecclesiastical hierarchy – with a few exceptions – fully integrated into the globalist plan of the elite, and not only on the health issue but also and above all on what concerns the  Great Reset  and the whole ideological structure on which it is based. To do this, the hierarchy had to apostasize the doctrine, deny Christ and dishonor his Church.

Malthusian ecologism, Irenist ecumenism (which is a prelude to the constitution of universal religion), the “fourth revolution” theorized by Klaus Schwab and the families of international finance, find in Bergoglio not a neutral spectator – this who would already be in itself an incredible thing – but a zealous cooperator, who abuses his own moral authority to support  ad extra  [outside the Church] the project of dissolution of traditional society, while ad intra [inside the Church] he continues the project of demolition of the Church to replace it with a philanthropic organization of Masonic inspiration. And it is scandalous, as well as a source of great sadness, to see that in the face of this ruthless and cruel massacre, the majority of bishops are silent, or rather obediently align themselves out of fear, personal interest or ideological blindness.

On the other hand, the present Hierarchy arose from the conciliar school and was formed and chosen with a view to this evolution. In addition to the episcopate, all religious orders, universities and Catholic institutions have been occupied since the Council by fifth columns who have formed generations of clerics, politicians, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, bankers, professors and journalists, indoctrinating them into progressive ideology. And just as the left has done in the political and cultural sphere, the innovators within the Church have ostracized any dissenting voice, driven out those who are not aligned and expelled those who resist.

The persecution we are witnessing today is no different from that of decades past, but it has now spread to the masses, whereas before it was focused on individuals and the ruling class. This applies to both the civil and the ecclesiastical world – confirming the  pactum sceleris  [criminal conspiracy] between the deep state and the deep church. It seems to me that in this conspiracy the role of the Jesuits was decisive, and it is not a coincidence that for the first time in history a religious of the Society of Jesus is seated on the Throne of Peter, in violation of the Rule established by Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

4 – In your opinion, how does the recent Motu Proprio  Traditionis Custodes  fit into the context of what is happening at the global level?

The decision to abolish the traditional liturgy – which was restored to the Church by Benedict XVI in 2007 – is not an isolated incident and must be seen in a broader perspective. Bergoglio acts on two fronts: an ideological front, with which he wants to prevent any expression of dissent from the failure of the new conciliar path; and also a spiritual front, aimed at preventing the propagation of the objective good of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in order to favor those who see in this Mass a terrible obstacle to the establishment of the New Order –  Novus Ordo Sæculorum –  that is, say the reign of Antichrist.

It is not possible to believe that Bergoglio does not clearly understand the consequences that flow from his decision, or that he does not realize that depriving the Church of the Apostolic Mass is a help to the enemies of Christ and to the devil. himself. It is as if the commander of a division, at the height of the battle, ordered his soldiers to fight the tanks with slingshots, giving up the most effective weapons that would defeat the adversary.

I am convinced that the faithful, many priests and some bishops are beginning to understand that the question of the traditional Mass is not a simple difference of opinion on liturgical questions, and that is why they wonder how it is possible that Bergoglio shows so much fury against a sacrosanct rite more than a thousand years old, unless he sees it as a threat to the realization of the globalist plan that he supports. By the grace of God, the fate of the Church is not in the hand of the Argentinian, over whose remains already hover the Vatican vultures.

5 – What should be the response of the citizens and the faithful?

We find ourselves trapped in a dead end, a dead end, from which we cannot get out until we recognize it for what it is. If we believe that the current crisis can be resolved by addressing ourselves to civil or religious authority, as if we were in conditions of relative normality, we continue to fail to understand that the responsibility for this crisis lies precisely in a betrayal carried out. by those in authority. We cannot seek justice for a wrong we have suffered if the judge who should convict those who violate our rights is their accomplice. We cannot turn to politicians, waiting for them to revoke the violation of our fundamental freedoms, if it is they themselves who vote for these violations in Parliaments because they obey those who pay them or blackmail them. And we cannot ask the bishops – let alone the Holy See – to protect the rights of the faithful, when the bishops and the Vatican see our request as a threat to the power they hold and to the bankrupt ideology. that they defend.

6 – Don’t you think that your words can sound like an invitation to disobedience? 

Catholics are naturally oriented towards order, respect for authority and hierarchy, because this order and this authority emanate from the wisdom of God and are necessary for the government of public affairs as well as of the Church.

But precisely because the authority of men comes from God, Catholics – like any citizen in general – cannot accept the usurpation of authority by those who set themselves objectives opposed to the very reasons for which this authority is constituted. The Lord has placed at the head of the Church the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, designating him as his Vicar, so that he may graze the sheep he has entrusted to him, and not so that he scatters them, otherwise he would have chosen Judas and not Saint Peter. Likewise, the authority of temporal rulers finds its legitimation in good government, and not in making citizens into slaves and forcing them to do evil, by preventing them from pursuing the near end of an honest life and the ultimate end of eternal salvation. If authority fails in its duties, Obedience, which is a virtue linked to Justice, does not consist of an acritic submission to power, because in doing so, it degenerates into servility and complicity with those who do evil. No one can enforce obedience to inherently evil orders, nor recognize the authority of those who abuse it to indulge in evil. Thus, those who resist an illegitimate order apparently disobey the one who gives it, but they obey God, whose power is nevertheless exercised by the vicar authority against his goal, that is to say against God himself. .

7 – But should we not all the same defend and respect authority, following the admonition of Saint Paul (Rom 13)?

Saint Paul was a Roman citizen and, as such, he had before him the example of a power regulated by laws which then served as the basis for the law of the Western nations and which were also adopted by the Church. The power that governs us today, on the contrary, canceled millennia of Greco-Roman and Christian civilization, bringing us back to the barbarism of the Assyrians, to the absence of laws and absolute principles to which power itself is bound. to comply with. The holders of power present themselves as the representatives of the people, but in reality they act against the people, without any constraint, without limits, neither from above – since they have annulled the divine origin of the power of the rulers – nor from ” at the bottom, since they do not allow citizens to elect their own representatives,

I would like to underline this  barbarization  of the law, which is in my opinion the cause of the crisis of authority, of its perversion and its shameless arrogance. These tyrants, barricaded in their palaces guarded by armed guards, behave like Sennacherib, deifying authority in themselves, in a delirium of omnipotence guaranteed to them by the availability of financial, political and media resources.

And what leaves us disconcerted is that the masses allow themselves to be tyrannized, precisely at a time which made the Revolution one of the key themes of modernity, to the point of introducing its principles into the walls. sacred with Vatican II. From a genuinely Catholic perspective, however, chaos manifests itself as much in rebellion against good authority as in servile obedience to bad authority, in a subversion that we have before our eyes today and which leaves us in disbelief in his anachronistic arrogance.

8 – How can we concretely resist these abuses? 

In the civil sphere, it is necessary to reject any cooperation with the current narrative of the pandemic and with the climate emergency that may soon replace it. Refusing regulations that are illegitimate or that expose citizens to concrete risks to their health is morally lawful and, in some circumstances, it is even a duty. Under no circumstances may one endanger one’s life and health and those of one’s children, even under the threat of reprisals; for in this case, our participation would make us guilty before God and deserve his punishments. We cannot under any circumstances accept the administration of experimental genetic sera, during the production of which children were killed in the third month of pregnancy: their blood would fall back on those who produced them, as well as on those who impose them and those who receive them. In any case, it should not be tolerated that a pseudo-pandemic, whose victims are fewer than those of the so-called vaccines, becomes an alibi to impose controls and limitations on natural freedoms and civil rights. And if the media, enslaved to power and complicit in this conspiracy, censor any dissenting voice, it should persuade us that the dystopian society described by Orwell is being realized according to a precise scenario, under a single direction. I denounced it in my becomes an alibi to impose controls and limitations on natural freedoms and civil rights. And if the media, enslaved to power and complicit in this conspiracy, censor any dissenting voice, it should persuade us that the dystopian society described by Orwell is being realized according to a precise scenario, under a single direction. I denounced it in my becomes an alibi to impose controls and limitations on natural freedoms and civil rights. And if the media, enslaved to power and complicit in this conspiracy, censor any dissenting voice, it should persuade us that the dystopian society described by Orwell is being realized according to a precise scenario, under a single direction. I denounced it in my Call  last year, and no one reading it today can accuse me of raising unnecessary alarms.

Let’s not forget that since 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation has predicted four  scenarios  for those years, one of which was that of the “ lockstep” pandemic  . Roadmaps have been explored for all of these scenarios, and it is troubling how the pandemic one went essentially as planned (see  Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development ,  here ). The thousands of fires ignited around the world in recent days provide the mainstream media with  the a pretext to cry out for the climate emergency, in the name of which they are already warning us that we will have to prepare for new lockdowns and new forms of limitation of our freedoms and rights. But there will also be the global cyber attack or the economic crisis, which have already been studied and planned, and of which we can observe the first signs. All these strategies aim to attack the individual – isolated and attacked in his emotivity, in his daily rhythms, in his work – and also attack the masses in an undifferentiated and anonymous way.

Dissenters, that is, those who do not accept being turned into guinea pigs and seeing the world population decimated by turning it into a mass of chronically ill people, must understand that disobedience is just as necessary as it is at the time of the other dictatorships of the last century, and even more. It is disconcerting that after building postwar rhetoric on anti-Nazism, no one seems to recognize that the same discrimination that made concentration camps possible reappears today in a more ruthless form. One can wonder if the totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century did not constitute a preparatory experience for what is happening today, starting with the State of Israel.

9 – Can you give us an example, Your Excellency?

I believe it is important to open people’s eyes, showing them the deception that we are facing. It is a deception based on  false premises , artfully created and dogmatically imposed, to legitimize  false solutions  already planned and implemented.

The aim of the pandemic was to impose a social control which, under normal conditions, would have been rejected with disdain by the masses, but which, thanks to media terrorism and the complicity of doctors, politicians, magistrates and the forces of order, could be introduced in many nations and even in the ecclesiastical institutions themselves: in Santa Marta [the residence where Bergoglio resides], one cannot eat in the cafeteria without a  green pass , and in many Catholic schools and universities, the vaccine is required of all staff and students. Soon we will be asked for the vaccine passport to travel, enter public offices, vote and go to church.

I want to be very clear on this point: if we do not understand the dimension of the problem, if we do not identify its authors and do not discern its objectives, we will never be able to get out of it. Because the Lord, in order to help us, wants us to recognize the evil that oppresses us and that we understand its causes, so that we can then ask him for forgiveness and do penance. And the cause of this hell on earth is to have abandoned God, to have denied him in his temporal and spiritual lordship, to have usurped the crown to give it to the Enemy. When we understand that today’s society, in its delirium of being able to trample on the Cross of Christ, has become Satan’s slave, only then will we be able to invoke the mercy of God and implore His intervention.

10 – Which powers are pulling the strings of this assault on Western civilization and Christianity?

The answer is far too simple. First of all, as Christians we know that this historic war is being waged by Satan, the enemy of mankind. Behind the workers of iniquity there is always and only he, murderer from the beginning. It does not matter whether the co-operators of this plan are pharmaceutical companies or high finance, philanthropic organizations or Masonic sects, political factions or corrupt media: all, conscious or not, collaborate in the work of the Devil.

Sin, sickness and death are the undeniable hallmarks of his work. Sin, sickness and death – not as an evil to be cured, but as a wicked response, as the only so-called remedy to bring life and the material and spiritual health of men. Indeed, as a  normality for those who no longer live in the economy of Redemption, but in the slavery of Satan who wants to make irreversible the effects of original sin and ineffective the Sacrifice of Christ. So much so that the healthy have come to be regarded as potential sick, infectious, propagators of death; and conversely, the vaccinated – who are contagious – as the only presumed healthy. To the point that the clergy themselves dare to put the health of the body before the duty of administering the sacraments and celebrating Mass: the abject cowardice of many priests and bishops, during recent confinements, has brought to light a sad picture shyness, even betrayal and lack of faith among the members of the clergy which shows, if it were necessary, the extent of the damage caused by the conciliar revolution.

Because such is the absurdity of what we have seen happening for the past year and a half: the response to a seasonal flu has been to ban effective treatments and impose experimental therapies with new genetic technologies which, without curing the consequences of the virus, cause genetic changes and side effects, heart attacks and myocarditis, death of people who are otherwise healthy or who could recover with available treatments. And to this is added, like an infernal ritual, the use of a genetic serum made with aborted fetuses, as if it were a question of renewing, in a sanitary key, the human sacrifices of the pagans, by offering a sacrifice in favor of the New Order to come with the lives of innocent people.

How Catholics can undergo the vaccine as a kind of “satanic baptism” without any qualms of conscience remains a question that must be answered. It is certain that decades of systematic cancellation of Faith and Morality among the faithful, in the name of a dialogue with the world and with modernity, have allowed souls to lose all supernatural reference, allowing themselves to be stupefied by a formless sentimentalism which has nothing Catholic about it. The castration of souls took place at the time when the  Christian certamen  (fight) against the world, the flesh and the devil turned into an indecent withdrawal, even a cowardly desertion. Once soldiers of Christ, many have found themselves effeminate courtiers of the adversary.

10bis – Your Excellency, don’t you think that saying that vaccination is a kind of satanic baptism may seem a little strong for many Catholics who have been persuaded, in good faith, to receive the vaccine?

Thank you for asking me this question, which allows me to clarify my thoughts and to comfort the faithful who, for various reasons, have been vaccinated.

My statement on the satanic symbolism of the vaccine and the fact that it may represent a “mark of the Beast” concerns the intentions of those who have decided to create a pandemic in order to use it maliciously as a pretext for the completion of the Great. Reset for the establishment of the New World Order. It is the Luciferian elites who give this almost esoteric connotation to the vaccine, just as they attribute ritual and liturgical features to the whole pandemic. This is hyperbole intended to highlight the most disturbing aspects of this farce that is the pandemic.

On the other hand, the simple faithful who, even on the advice of their parish priest or their spiritual director, or under pressure from the media and health institutions, allow themselves to be persuaded to be vaccinated are not to blame, and we cannot reproach them for wanting, with this vaccine, to apostasize the Catholic Faith and to be marked with the “mark of the Beast”. It should also be remembered that – as happened for people I know and for some of my relatives – the administration of genetic serum was often imposed by blackmail or coercion, conditioning people to be able to use certain services, to access certain places or even – as is happening today in Italy – to be able to work only if one has a health passport and if one has received the so-called vaccine.

It is disconcerting that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has lent itself to the sounding board role of the deep church.  and its leader, at a time when a precise and unequivocal clarifying intervention would have been necessary and indispensable. Instead, we see how hastily the CDF has rushed to give moral legitimacy to experimental drugs without even knowing their components, since they are covered by trade secrecy; how nonchalantly the use of cell lines derived from abortions has been declared morally acceptable, distorting Catholic teaching for the sole purpose of pleasing Bergoglio and the pandemic narrative. “Many moral heresies of our time also contain quotes from Saint Thomas and other doctors of the Church,” Bishop Athanasius Schneider rightly observed in a recent interview  [1]  ( here). This haste – in perfect synchronization with the climate of urgency which legitimized the unfortunate choices of the civil authorities, under the pressure of the pharmaceutical industry – made the Note of the Congregation incomplete, because it does not take into account the serious side effects. genetic serum, short and long term. The Congregation says nothing about induced abortions in pregnant women, which have increased dramatically; it does not say anything about the risk of sterility induced by the serum; it says nothing about the serious pathologies and deaths it causes in children and young people, who are also the least exposed to the risk of hospitalization due to Covid. Finally, the new mRNA technology used for the first time by available sera means that we cannot really speak of a “vaccine”, but drugs or therapies, which are moreover clearly harmful and ineffective; and no one can say what genetic changes will be caused by inoculation of the Spike protein. The demonstrated ineffectiveness of vaccines deprives them of the legitimacy initially recognized by the Congregation, since the danger to which the patient is subjected is disproportionate to the benefit – minimal or nonexistent – that they were initially supposed to provide. Despite all these arguments, Bergoglio became a since the danger to which the patient is subjected is disproportionate to the benefit – minimal or nonexistent – which they were initially supposed to provide. Despite all these arguments, Bergoglio became a since the danger to which the patient is subjected is disproportionate to the benefit – minimal or nonexistent – which they were initially supposed to provide. Despite all these arguments, Bergoglio became a testimonial  (active propagator) of vaccines, demonstrating by its approval the intrinsic connection between the deep church   and the deep state . It is necessary that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, if it does not want to completely lose its authority, decides again, in the light of the data now available and the scientific proofs now recognized by the scientific community, even if they are censored by the media.

The implications of genetic serum are essentially moral and, as such, cannot be considered marginal, even if the normal exercise of the daily activities of people or the possibility of priests to exercise their ministry depends on it. My colleague Bishop Schneider says: “The uncompromising and unequivocal rejection of any collaboration with the fetal industry is analogous to the uncompromising rejection of any collaboration with the cult of idols or the statue of the emperor by the Christians of the first centuries”. But what intransigence can we expect when Bergoglio accuses of rigidity and fundamentalism those who want to remain faithful to the Magisterium, and never misses an opportunity to mock and insult those who do not accept the deviations he imposed with hateful authoritarianism?

However, I would like to remind those who have been vaccinated that when there is a lack of knowledge of the nature of the experimental genetic serum or when one has relied in good faith on civil and ecclesiastical authority, I believe that in no case should the individual faithful feel “guilty” of having been vaccinated. Indeed, doctrine teaches us that any act performed without full warning and without deliberate consent cannot be considered morally sinful: this is also true in the specific case of so-called vaccines.

This also applies to the specific case of so-called vaccines. There remains the very grave moral responsibility of those in authority who put pressure on their subjects – civilians and ecclesiastics – to persuade them to be vaccinated. The consequences for the health of all, including death and permanent handicaps, weigh like rocks on the conscience of the health authorities and even more on that of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, which will have to answer before God for its own sins and those which it deserves. ‘she made her subjects commit.

Let us pray that the Lord will preserve His children from the damage which, with guilty lightness or, worse yet, with criminal complicity, has been done to so many innocent people who have trusted the authority and the word of those who are responsible for protecting the health of soul and body.

11 – What are the main problems facing the Church today?

The smoke of Satan entered the Church more than sixty years ago with the Council, and I would say even before: the revolution of Vatican II was possible because it was prepared and organized in great detail, during decades, by traitors who had infiltrated the Roman Curia, dioceses, universities, seminaries, religious orders. A work of infiltration that found the highest levels of the Church inert and unprepared, intoxicated by the wind of novelty, unsuited to the challenges of modern society, suffering from a feeling of inferiority that made them believing they were late and out of fashion. And this, it must be recognized, finds its main cause in the lack of supernatural vision, in the fact of having neglected the life of Grace in favor of a dissipated activism,

The same is happening today, in the face of a pseudo-canonical overpower with which illegitimate limitations are imposed on a rite which, if only by considering its antiquity, is in itself exempt from any possibility of abolition.

The problem with the conciliar church – which, as I have said several times, superimposes itself on the Church of Christ like the moon covers the sun during an eclipse – is that it wanted to accommodate itself to the world, so may the Gospel teach us that our destiny is to be hated and persecuted by the world: ”  If the world hates you, know that it hated me before you  ” (Jn 15:18). “  If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you  ” (Jn 15:20). ”  The disciple is not superior to the master, nor the servant superior to his Lord. »(Mt 10:24). The Council Hierarchy succumbed to the temptation to choose the easy way of dialogue, rather than to walk courageously on the way of the Cross, which led it to renounce the proclamation of the Gospel, by adulterating it, by adapting it to the spirit of the world. Let us not forget that Satan is called by Our Lord the “  prince of this world  ” (Jn 12,31 and 16,11).

And yet, in the face of the colossal failure of this so-called “conciliar spring”, we persist with obtuse obstinacy in a path that has turned out to be suicidal. If Vatican II had at least increased the number of faithful, one could criticize its method but at least recognize its numerical, if not qualitative, benefit. Instead, the so-called “opening” of the Council did not convert a single separated brother, causing the abandonment of an exorbitant number of the faithful. Those who remain in the Church today have a knowledge of the Faith that is almost always full of gaps, incomplete and erroneous; their spiritual life is poor, if not completely absent; the state of Grace is annihilated and neglected.

Where is – I wonder – this resounding success of Vatican II, on the basis of which we should continue on the path it took, after having abandoned the  royal path  that the Roman Pontiffs followed until Pius XII? It would only take a human assessment to understand the failure of the conciliar ideology and the need to correct the mistake made.

And we must ask ourselves – perhaps without mercy, but always with honesty and realism – if the so-called renewal was nothing more than a pretext, behind which was hidden the lucid and malicious intention to destroy the Church of the Christ and to replace it with a counterfeit: an intention which is certainly not understood or shared by the majority of bishops, but which emerges in a clear and obvious way from the action of a few organized and effective traitors. It is no coincidence that they speak of the old religion  and the old mass , as opposed to the  new conciliar religion  and the  new reformed mass.. This furrow, which they deliberately dug by using the Council as a ploughshare, today turns out to be real, like a  discrimen  (line of demarcation) which separates what is Catholic from what is no longer, those who are Catholic. of those who no longer want to be.

12 – How, Excellency, does the conciliar church differ from the Catholic Church?

The problem of the conciliar church is to have made its revolutionary demands its own, denying the kingship of Christ and transferring – at least in words – sovereignty to the people, to those whom the clerical elite convinced that they could. choose which truths to reject and which new dogmas to invent. And I point out that, exactly as it has happened in public affairs, in the ecclesial sphere power has been usurped by new entities with objectives opposite to those for which authority is established, and still considering the people as a mass to handle and submit. The modalities with which the liturgical reform was imposed are reminiscent of those with which we are imposed today the  green pass  ( green passport): always for our good, always because there are those who decide for us, always telling us lies to hide the real intentions.

If their true goal was the good of souls, they should have repented from the start, watching in horror the disaster that occurred. But if the goal is really disaster, we understand the hatred and aversion to anything that seeks to limit it and repair the damage. Seen in this light,  perseverare diabolicum  [to persevere is evil]. And this is true as much for the stubbornness towards the Council as for the stubbornness towards the pandemic farce.

13 – Many people have a positive vision of the Enlightenment, but few know that at the time the term  Enlightenment  was synonymous with Illuminism  and that it is linked to the same ideological source as Freemasonry. Could you explain the relationship between the Enlightenment and Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is the mystical body of Satan, for Satan is the entity it worships at its highest levels of initiation. The “enlightenment” that it promotes among its members consists in subjecting them to the cult worship of a Great Architect, who only shows his infernal features when one is no longer able to turn back. The Age of Enlightenment, like other philosophical movements, was the cultural and ideological instrument with which Freemasonry corrupted the European elites and mobilized the masses to rebel against the authority of the Sovereigns and also against that of the Roman Pontiffs. The many encyclicals condemning the infamous sect demonstrate the wisdom of the Church and the lucidity of the judgment of the Popes,

14 – But the Age of Enlightenment is also linked to Eastern philosophies.

Neo-pagan philosophies and currents of Eastern spiritualism have instilled in our society a positive assessment of concepts emerging from a Gnostic and Masonic matrix. It is no accident: many of these movements are nothing other than the religious declension of the philosophical principles of the Enlightenment, relativism, subjectivism, liberalism and all modern errors. Thus the enlightenment of Buddha – consisting of a kind of awareness of his own deification or of his annihilation in a pantheistic whole – finds its corresponding in the blasphemous Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, which becomes the center of the world after having ousted Jesus Christ.

True religion defends the individuality of each person in their intimate relationship with their Creator, Lord and Redeemer and in their relationships with fellow human beings. In contrast, in the new anthropocentric conception, the individual is annulled to become an indistinct mass in which the state is the lord and master of its citizens, which laid the foundations for socialism, communism, Nazism and current transhumanist globalism. It should be noted that, therefore, the anthropocentric and communal approach is the hallmark of the  Novus Ordo  Missæ , in stark contrast to the theocentric view of the traditional Mass.

I would like to remind you that Buddhism, in particular that of  Soka Gakkai International , is a kind of Eastern version of conciliar ecumenical thought, and it is not surprising that its president, Daisaku Ikeda, collaborated with Aurelio Peccei and the  Club of Rome  precisely to give the movement a religious imprint that predisposes its adherents to Masonic and globalist principles, imbued with ecological pantheism and pacifism, which today the Bergoglian Church has made its own ( here ). All the principles professed by the  Soka Gakkai  coincide with the principles of globalism and the New World Order, borrowing largely from the same lexicon ( here). It is also interesting to note that the  Soka Gakkai  represents a “heresy” of traditional Buddhism, in exactly the same way that the conciliar religion is heretical in relation to Roman Catholicism. When the Universal Religion project becomes a reality, followers of religions that do not accept the Masonic and globalist vision will be excluded. But right now we are witnessing a real skimming, so to speak, between progressives and fundamentalists.

15 – Were the promises of the Enlightenment – mainly freedom, fraternity and equality – genuine? Or were they deceptions to corrupt and subvert monarchies, aristocracy and the Church?

Like everything that does not come from God, Enlightenment thought is also false and false, for it promises an inaccessible earthly paradise, a human utopia based on an immanentism that contradicts the objective reality of a personal and transcendent God. The principles of the Enlightenment are chimeras: grotesque counterfeits. Masonic freedom is a license; the Masonic fraternity is a pact between conspirators against God; Masonic equality is a miserable flattening of individuality and a disavowal of social and religious order. And it is also significant that the same people who propagandize equality also view membership in the Masonic Lodge as a condition of privilege that places them in a position of moral superiority over the uninitiated masses.

16 – How did the revolutionary principles inspired by Freemasonry lead to the creation of the modern state? What’s the next step in achieving their goal of a one world nation or one world government?

The modern state was born out of the political, social and religious conspiracy of Masonic sects who wanted to annul the kingship of Our Lord, first of civil society through the French Revolution, then of the Church through Vatican II. The very concept of democracy and popular sovereignty, in addition to being a deception to the people, was born in an anti-Catholic Antichrist and context in clear antithesis to the power of the Sovereign as an expression  vicar  of God’s power on public affairs.

In the Christian order, the Sovereign is the lieutenant of Christ in temporal affairs, and the authority of the Sovereign evolves within the limits of natural law, divine law and the positive law which he must express. The concept of  bonum commune  is inextricably linked to natural law and revealed Truth, and as such it applies at all times and in all places; while in the modern state the masses decide what is good on the basis of at least an apparent numerical majority or, as is the case today, in the paradox of a more organized minority that s ‘imposes ideologically thanks to the complicity of the media and economic powers.

The hellish plan to annul Christianity could not omit the destruction of Catholic monarchies, as has happened over the past two and a half centuries. And in the absence of immutable principles that regulate the lives of citizens according to Catholic morality, Freemasonry has been able to corrupt entire generations, by indoctrinating them into a false concept of freedom, in the name of which it has made man rebellious. to the order willed by God – the  hierarchy is a sacred order – and rebellious to the Redemption accomplished by Our Lord. Religious freedom, as well as the disastrous freedom of the press and of opinion, have also served to insinuate the idea that man is morally free to embrace any belief or ideology he chooses, without that choice. has any consequence on the eternal destiny of his immortal soul and on that of the whole of society.

Obviously, these are concepts which, after centuries of brainwashing, are difficult for the mentality of our contemporaries to understand, especially after Vatican II approved them, denying the condemnations that these ideas had deserved from from the church.

In this sense, we can believe that the New World Order will organize itself into a synarchy, a single government, in which power will first be delegated to a small circle and then turn into a tyranny which will be led by the Antichrist. . Let us not forget that Satan knows only too well the effectiveness of the monarchical system in the exercise of power: what he does not accept is that the one who governs is Jesus Christ through his representative. , for in this also Satan wants to usurp the place of the Son of God.

17 – Does Your Excellency wish to leave us a message of hope in this situation which seems humanly hopeless?

I would like to strengthen the hearts of all who listen to me, using words that I have already used many times. It suffices to repeat the words of Our Lord –  portæ inferi non prævalebunt – to find serenity. These are words that we know well, and from them we know that the final victory belongs to God. Yet at the same time as we consider the eschatological truths, it is also understandable that we are concerned with our more immediate destiny, that is, with what will happen to us in the months and years to come. We are worried about our loved ones, our children, our elders. We are worried about what will happen to us in a few weeks, because every day, the rulers impose on us new standards, new limits, new obligations. And while many factors make us think that the end of time is near, this does not take away from our suffering in the face of the present and the immediate future.

My first thought goes to the words of Our Lord: “  Do not fear those who  kill the body, but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who has the power to destroy soul and body in hell  ”(Mt 10:28  ). The life of grace, friendship with God, frequent reception of the Sacraments are for us an invincible remedy against the spiritual scourge which strikes humanity. Let us not be frightened by the imminent threats: when the devil roars, it means that the Lord does not allow him to bite. We have at our side the Blessed Virgin, the one who is our Mother and our Queen. We entrust ourselves and we entrust our loved ones to its protection, certain that it will know how to strike this voracious lion as it deserves. ” Resist him, firm in the faith, knowing that your brothers who are spread all over the world are undergoing the same sufferings  (1 Pet 5, 9).

18 – In addition to the pandemic, vaccines and the health passport, many faithful are worried about the fate of communities linked to the Latin Mass.

Also in this case, the roaring lion that threatens retaliation and excommunication has no teeth left. The faithful and the priests understood very well that his threats, his iconoclastic fury and his now blatant hatred against the Catholic Mass revealed him as he really is. What can he do to a priest who continues to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice? Suspend him  a divinis  or even excommunicate him? Expel him from the parish? Reduce him to a secular state? This will not prevent good priests from continuing their apostolate underground, with humility and constancy. This is not the first time and it may not be the last. And those who have understood what is at stake – eternal salvation – will not be intimidated by the inappropriate cries of Saint Martha.

I also urge the faithful to welcome and help these priests with gratitude, encouraging them not to give in in the face of persecution. I invite the faithful to build domestic altars, around which they can gather their brothers in the Faith to feed on the Bread of Angels. The immeasurable graces of the Holy Mass will be poured out copiously on our small communities, on the Church and on the world. Let us pray that the good clergy will remain faithful to their vocation, that the lukewarm will find in the divine Food the courage to preach the opportune and unwelcome  Word  [in time and out of season], so that those who have forgotten the value of their priestly Anointing will convert and amend.

In persecution, graces are always multiplied, spiritual blindness opens to the contemplation of Truth and Good, and hardness of heart melts into docility to the voice of God.

Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop  [August-September 2021]

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