Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Alpha State of Consciousness and Effective Magic 2 with David Griffith

The other side will decide if and when you will experience the INNER  SUN.  This practise nicely emulates the experience without feeling its power and reality.  I have seen it once and struggled to stare into it.  It is not damaging because it is in the ultra violet part of the spectrum and bluish.  Yet as powerful as the real Sun.

Again this is an obvious impossibility but then I have seen it once.  It so far does not appear on demand.

This practise conforms to best practise.  keep at it and see what happens.  You will enter the theta state of dream consiousness after about fifteen minutes if all goes well.  Maintain your focus on the imagined light sphere.

The Alpha State of Consciousness and Effective Magic 2

We will continue from our last email and elaborate on how you can enter the alpha state frequency to aid you in your magical quest.

The following is a very good and basic technique that you may feel was a little bit lengthy in the beginning.

It is actually a simpler and more direct technique to utilize.

This following exercise will provide two separate things for you.

It will allow you to enter into the alpha state frequency, and it will also begin to connect you up with your superconscious mind, which in the long run aids you in connecting with the God Force energy.

You’ll do this by visualizing a ball of light right above you about the size of a basketball, and from this ball of light array will shining down to the top of your head and into your body.

As this powerful wonderful light travels down into your body, you will be connecting up your subconscious and your superconscious as well is drawing in the God-Force and allowing the shining energy to connect you with the gateway to real power.

You need to countdown very slowly from 10 to 1 and at the same time you send the lake down through your body to the top of your head down to the throat down to your heart to your solar plexus to your groin ring region and as you are doing this you have to allow each part of your body to entirely relax completely.

And the light goes down in a straight line into the earth to from where your feet are.

This exercise is very healing and it will balance you as well is providing you with a very useful skill...the skill is the art of relaxation.

The key to success with this technique is to really allow yourself to completely relax whilst you are performing it.

[  This is a good description of your intention mirrowing the Inner Sun and its application.  The Inner Sun acts to refuel your spirit body allowing it to fully heal you  arclein ]

Step one:

Find a place where you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes.

This means unplugging phones locking your doors and if you live with somebody of course let them know which are doing so you don’t create unnecessary concern, and you won’t be interrupted.

Step two:

Sit in a comfortable chair or armchair.

Step three:

After positioning yourself comfortably in your chair, closure eyes begin to notice the feeling of your body.

Other any pain is what tingling sensations that jump to your awareness?

Is your bladder telling you have to go to the restroom.

Take care of these before you proceed.

Now which of taken care of this try not to be disturbed by anything on move at all if possible, even if your nose or ears begin to each you will eventually overcome just stay still and breathe naturally.

Step four:

To begin, simply begin to relax and focus inwardly. Take three or four deep breaths, allowing your body to completely relax on each exhalation, and then turn your breathing back to your subconscious.

Step five:

Now begin to focus on a spot about a foot above your head, imagining a basketball size sphere of glowing bright light a foot above you.

This light is an access point to your super conscious mind and also draws down the God-Force.

It is a connection to the God-Force and the divine, therefore attempt to feel a loving feeling emanating from this bright white light, and allow yourself to feel love toward this global flight.

Now you don’t have to visualize everything vividly or perfectly, just imagine that you are doing it correctly.

This will work as long as you pretend and feel loving toward this liked, allowing yourself to have fun and be relaxed no matter how unclear or imperfect the image you are trying to form is in your mind.

The point is your subconscious mind will be able to assist you in visualizing the slight above you just ask and see what happens.

Step six:

Now imagine this light shining down on you, and as the light touches your head, imagine your head is beginning to fill up with this wonderful bright divine light.

And as your head fills with this light, allow the light to relax the top of your head, your forehead also relaxes deeply, so do your eyes now, your cheeks and your jaw, as well of the back of your head relax completely.

Now mentally count to yourself saying the number 10.

Step seven:

Now allow this relaxing light to traverse down to your neck and into your throat, relaxing them both completely.

At this point say to yourself the number nine.

Step eight:

From here allow the relaxing light to traverse down to your chest and your shoulders relaxing them both completely as you say to yourself the number eight.

For this week you can stop at this point. Then simply allow yourself to open your eyes to feel good. Tell yourself you’re completely alert and completely functional, but in a calmer more focused state.

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