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How A Centuries Old Crime ACTUALLY Starts & Never Ends:

This serves to demonstrate that this Crime has been underway underground for a long time and ceertainly can only happen when there is a lot of money around.  It is really about the money because without it \the perp gets caught or operaters at such a low level that getting caught is unlikely.

so yes we know it has been out there.  Now we need to restructure systems to prevent it rising again.  This is not impossible today, but that is only recent.  

I have seen over the top estimates of victim numbers. In BC we had a burst of disclosure around thirty years ago htat flushed out unconnected unorganized perps and all that gave us a small treshold number from that time and place.  Not much forthcoming since which likely infers it is back underground with police and institutional protection.

A reasonable treshold count is around five per million.  Or 150 in Canada and 1500 in the USA.  much larger numbers have also been claimed, but i wanted to have a lowest level.  after all, if there are only two or three perps in your larger community and any of them access resources, the potential is huge simply because these are all serial offenders.  It is real easy to discover over a hundred possible victims in a province like BC with a population around 3,000,000.

Read the perverted mind of De Sade to have an encounter of the forth kind.  It has always been there to be found where good people refuse to go.

How A Centuries Old Crime ACTUALLY Starts & Never Ends

: This is the Real Life Story of Marc Dutroux aka ‘The Monster of Belgium‘ who was a professional child trafficker. Marc confessed to kidnapping, raping, drugging, torturing and filming children for many years. He also claimed he was doing it at the behest of political elite who financed his career as a professional trafficker.

Not only did this political elite finance his efforts – they made specific requests of him. Sometimes they requested specific types of children (they were called “party favors” and he was asked to deliver kids of certain age, sex, race). Sometimes they requested specific means of torturing the children to fulfill their desires (orgies, satanic rituals involving sacrifices, torture games). And sometimes they requested he film certain influential people engaged in these acts, for later use as blackmail.

He claimed many of his customers and financiers were world leaders. This was not a stretch of the imagination because he lived in Belgium, where the EU and NATO headquarters were located. Did this fire have anything to do with the United Nations covering its tracks!? This statement was also corroborated by victims who were able to identify specific politicians.

Anneke Lucas was one of his victims who testified against him. She claimed she was 6 years old when the cleaning lady hired by her mother sold her to the pedophile network in 1969. Her claims were extraordinary: She was raped over seventeen hundred hours before turning 12 years old. She was 6 years old when she was forced to participate in her first orgy, which included wearing an iron dog collar and eating human excrement. She would actually be delivered back to her parents from time to time. However, her parents themselves were complicit in the crimes and always sent her back to her abusers.

Torture included being strapped to a butchers block used to execute other children. Other victims were forced to torture her for hours as part of their initiation. She was considered attractive and that made her preferred by her abusers. She claimed that she tried to use that to her survival advantage to the best of her ability, but by the age of eleven, she had become so broken that she was slated to be executed and disposed of. She said she was saved when one of her abusers negotiated for her freedom. That abuser would later sit as a defendant in the trial.

Other witnesses and victims would soon come forward, describing such things as “Black Masses,” with child and adult sacrifices taking place in front of observers and participants, which included prominent politicians and figures. This would be corroborated by a note found by police at the house belonging to Bernard Weinstein—a man who previously worked with Dutroux, but whom Dutroux had murdered. The letter contained very specific requests for certain types of victims for satanic sacrifices. The letter was signed by a man who called himself ‘Anubis’. It turned out ‘Anubis’ was the high priest of a satanic cult called ‘Abrasax’ whose real name was Francis Desmet. Police obtained a warrant and seized computers, documents, mail, actual human skulls, jars of blood, and all sorts of Satanic items – but none of this was enough to make an arrest.

As the Dutroux trial went public, other victims stepped forward and confirmed the testimony, offering up descriptions of sexual abuse and human sacrifice. They also described “hunting parties” where elites would release naked children into the woods to hide, so that the elites themselves could hunt them down and slaughter them. Many of the stories from victims contained so many similarities, they were impossible to deny. For example, the hunting parties were often held at castles, where victims could not escape and were hidden from the public eye. Those not killed in the hunt were usually chased down and mauled/killed by Dobermans. All of these victims echoed the testimonies of other, older survivors of ritual Satanic abuse from around the world.

Before his removal, Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte was on the verge of publicly disclosing the names of high level government officials who had been recognized on video-tapes of sexual torture that took place in Dutroux’s dungeon. There were 20 potential witnesses for this case who died without explanation.

We all know Jeffrey Epstein was a sicko who had friends in high places – the same friends that hang out with Tony Podesta, friends involved in trafficking, Satanism, pedophilia, human sacrifices and harvesting organs and Adrenachrome. World leaders and governments were involved in this satanic horror show.

President Trump fired federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman who was in charge of the Epstein case. AG Barr requested Berman step down, and Berman refused. So Trump fired him and Berman was replaced with prosecutor Audrey Strauss. And then suddenly BAM! Maxwell is in custody.

Marc Dutroux aka ‘The Monster of Belgium’ owned 10 homes valued at 6 million dollars, was not employed and received $1,200 per month in public assistance. Documents released by Wikileaks show large sums of money in various currencies were deposited into his wife’s bank account. Those deposits coincided with reported kidnappings and missing children reports.

Dutroux was born in Belgium in 1956 and twice convicted of kidnapping and raping underage children (1989 and 1996). He was convicted and served only 3 and a half years of his 13 year sentence because he was released for good behavior. Less than 10 years later, he was arrested again on the same charges (different victims). In the second round of charges, he was convicted of kidnapping, torturing and abusing victims, some of them to the point of death.

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