Friday, October 29, 2021

Before Definitions Were Changed, A Vaccine Meant A Dead Or Disabled Virus

I am still waiting to see legitimate science put out to explain what is obviously happening.  It is not going to happen.  I can read those papers children.  They do not exist.  Regardless the Jab was never a vaccine.

The background narritive is that this is all designed to slaughter the unwary and even beyond that.  The other side tells me we lose two billion.

Now it is possible that the source on the other side is not telling the truth.  I asked an obvious question.  Yet the answer is disturbing and matches the level. of Vaccine distributin.

Before Definitions Were Changed, A Vaccine Meant A Dead Or Disabled Virus

Israel is seeing a higher death rate than last year despite more fully vaxxed people. India has several provinces using ivermectin, z pack, aspirin combos with a tenth of the deaths and hospitalizations as other provinces that went full vaxx. Africa is virtually untouched in countries whose populations are on a regular dose of ivermectin (vaxxed parts like South Africa are experiencing outbreaks at US levels). Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador are having the same or better outcomes as the US with ivermectin, z pack, aspirin combos-despite Hispanics having more vulnerability due to greater ACE receptor concentrations. It goes on and on. The vaxx is an absurd gene therapy launched during a wave of panicked systemic institutionalized dishonesty.

How ridiculous is the vaxx? You are targeting the immune system to only one aspect of the virus and only in its current form-the spike protein. Before definitions were changed, a vaccine meant a dead or disabled virus. The difference being such vaccines trained the immune system on all aspects of the virus, inside and out. Why is the vaxx absurd? Because everyone in immunology knows corona viruses rapidly evolve. The vaxx was doomed to rapid obsolecence from the beginning. They all knew that.

Worse, now there are reports that the vaxx immune response actually retards the immune system from properly activating in response to Covid19. You may never get natural immunity if you get the vaxx. You’re on the vaxx booster treadmill for life.

It gets more absurd. The spike protein is an actual potentially deadly toxin. Old school vaccines would produce death only by accident – insufficiently deactivated viruses usually. This vaxx is provoking an immune response by deliberately initiating harm. Insane without a long track record of safety or at least a cancer like threat to justify it. Right now you are getting gene therapy induced chemotherapy for what is yes just a cold if you are under 50.

It gets still more ridiculous. The vaxx companies know adverse heart and clotting side effects are virtually guaranteed if the vaxx is injected into the blood stream directly. Yet they thought they could administer millions of doses safely by injecting “only” into muscle. The elderly do not have muscle density like adults in their prime. The chances the vaxx would enter the blood stream in the most vulnerable are absurdly high. And that’s not to mention the errors that are made administering the vaxx. Insanity. You could never get away with this stuff without absolute immunity from liability.

It gets still more insane. The vaxx repurposes ribosomes in your cells to produce spike proteins. A huge chunk of the cellular machinery is repurposed to create poison. The hope is that the cells will die or the ribosomes snap back to their previous production lines before this can get out of hand. But they have no long term studies and have no actual idea what will happen. The insanity of this is palpable on its face. Cancer. Some cells are cancerous. They don’t die. And even “benign” cancer cells might become not so nice. Cancerous cells might continue to produce toxins indefinitely. “Benign” cancer cells will do this quietly forever.

More insanity – because the vaxx is so unable to stop viral variants (being targeted to one aspect at one point in time) – the vaxxed serve as variant factories and if they suffer fewer symptoms, the vaxxed also end up becoming superspreaders of variants because they won’t know to self-isolate. That’s probably why cases are increasing in highly vaccinated countries.

All of this goes to prove that the worst kind of public policy is a centralized public policy that guarantees zero accountability. The worst kind of mentality is one that faithfully assumes the credibility of institutions that have been shown to lie over and over again, first out of “nobility” and later to cover up their willful and wanton misconduct.

Snap the hell out of it if you made it this far and you are still a vaxxer.

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