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twin flames

As I have posted before, we have a whole cosmology around our spirit bodies that we at best glimpse.

An aspect of a spirit body is a direct copy of a individual spirit body made before birth after its full integration of its previous life..  This means 32 male aspects and 32 females aspects are created and then birthed after preparing its life plan.  This is important as a given spirit gets to determine experiences and time for leaving as well.  Practically speaking an individual's lifespan is experienced in 64 different environs.  This is an important teaching and joins with the number of eight life times.

Clearly all aspects must complete before completing integration.  thus the whole process must cover most of one hundred year unless slated around a chosen mutual event.  Think dying during WWII or the Holocaust.  Is six million dead coincident with six million living Israelis a coincidence?  Once you go down this rabbit hole, a whole range of issues share a completely different aspect.

What this means is that an individual soul will experience eight times sixty four separate life spans over almost 800 years..  If this cycle is ending in 2050, then the cycle began in the year 1250 AD.  That was when my own ancesters on my fathers side opened a Saxon village in Slovakia around the same time as Constantinople fell and the mongols entered the Danube.  An interesting place to be then.

All this makes the concept of a constellation of souls much more compelling.  with 64 of you interacting and mixing it up with a community of other individuals, it makes perfect sense to continue through several lifetimes in various roles.  Certainly it is entertaining to consider and even take direction from.

Twin Flames & Mirror Souls – Meaning Stages & Signs

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During discussions of astrology, one thing that tends to come up but without a real explanation is the theology of twin flames and mirror souls. Briefly stated, these are the people you come into contact with that you feel as if you’ve known them forever and your soul intertwined with theirs; allowing the person a feeling of completion.

Some twin flames and mirror souls could be in the friendly or familial sense but the majority of them are found through romantic connections. Let’s dig a bit deeper into this, shall we?

What is a Twin Flame and its Purpose?

The origin of the term twin flame is in reference to two people who share the same soul. This soul has been split into two pieces, with each person housing a piece. The feeling of completeness comes when person one meets person two and their souls are reunited. Not to be confused with a soulmate (the person that comes into your life and compliments you to the fullest extent in love, life, and family); the twin flame is the person you’ve been waiting for without even realizing it.

The purpose is someone who is always there to hold you up when you have trouble standing on your own, the person who is your home and security, and the one person who is your counterpart in every area of your life. Your twin flame provides you with the balance you are craving in your life in terms of your growth and they are the secure place that will catch you if you fall on your journey to becoming the person you are meant to be in life. It’s more than just love and bliss, its being there for the other person

Both hard and easy times, being there to stand your ground with them, and being the one that they know they can always turn to.

What are the Signs That You Found Your Twin Flame?

1. Immediate sense of recognition

#1 is the one of the first signs of meeting your twin flame.

You know that feeling that you get when you meet a person for the first time but within minutes you are chatting like you’ve known each other your entire lives? That feeling of wow, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you last but it’s so good to see you again? That’s the feeling of meeting your twin flame – the moment of immediate recognition that arises in your heart.

2. You always want to be close to each other

#2 doesn’t necessarily mean in a sexual way, just a comforting one.

When you meet a person that you just want to spend all your time with and the thought of having your own “down” time doesn’t even cross your mind; chances are you’ve just encountered your twin flame. Throughout a relationship, most people still crave and desire their own “me” time but when a person is on a twin flame journey; they want to be close to the other person every minute of the day.
3. Share similar interests, thoughts, and strengths

#3 means you are on the same wavelength with your twin flame.

Granted, two people can definitely share the same interests and thoughts during the course of their connection but you meet the person that shares not only these thoughts and interests, but they also have your strengths (and weaknesses); the chances are this is your twin flame and that is why you have such a strong connection. Their strengths are your strengths, their interests are your interests down to the littlest detail, and you’ve been told more than once about the almost physic connection you both share.

4. Intense sense of attraction, recognition, and longing

#4 is more than just a physical sense.

Attraction presents itself in a physical sense, for the most part – it’s that feeling that you get when you see an attractive potential mate and your body tightens, your hands get warm, and your heart starts to beat a little faster. When this sense of attraction is so intense it can take your breath away but it’s accompanied by intense recognition and longing – say hello to your twin flame.

5. Profound and life-alternating sense of wholeness

#5 can shake you to the core.

It’s that feeling of completeness, that you’ve found the person you’ve been unconsciously searching for, and the feeling of your entire body and soul being whole. This is the feeling of meeting your twin flame and the thought of losing them again is enough to make you weep with sadness. The twin flames within two people recognize each other, so don’t worry; you are having the same effect on them.

6. They push you to be and do better

#6 is not in a controlling way but in a loving way.

Your twin flame is there to push you to be a better version of yourself in all areas of your life – from your relationships to your career to your own personal journey – your twin flame is there to bear witness to it all. They won’t push you to be like them or to do certain things, they just offer you the strength to go for the best on your own (and be there in case of a setback).

7. Having the same dreams at night

#7 is not creepy, we promise.

Those moments when you have a dream about someone and upon waking, you discover that they have had the same dream can be a bit jarring and creepy. However, when it comes to your twin flame; those moments of sharing the same or similar dreams means that you are connecting with each other on the ethereal plane and are sharing your journey through life together.

8. Amplified insecurities and doubts

#8 can make you feel a bit crazy, if we are being honest.

Meeting your twin flame is a major event in any person’s life but when you finally do meet them, it’s wise to be prepared for the changes that are about to occur. Not only is attraction and peace washing over your body in a more intense fashion; your insecurities and doubts are also amplified. This is normal due to the deep connection between you both but your twin flame is there to wipe those worries away (and you’ll do the same for them).

9. Relationships are turbulent

#9 isn’t that surprising.

With all these major emotions and feelings running through your heart, mind, and soul; it shouldn’t be a surprise that the relationship can be turbulent at times. While the connection between twin flames is strong and impenetrable, it can be hard to harness that much passion. Sometimes, this passion manifests itself as anger or arguments but talking things out with your lover is enough to smooth the path for another day.

10. Twin flames will quickly make you feel comfortable enough to just be you

#10 is soothing to the soul.

If you’ve ever found yourself dampening parts of your personality or pretending to be someone you truly aren’t to form and maintain relationships; then you just are fooling yourself and hurting yourself in the process. Your twin flame, on the other hand, will make you feel so comfortable in your skin that you don’t have to hide any parts of yourself (or fake it until you make it).
11. You keep coming back together

#11 on-and-off takes on a whole new meaning.

If you find yourself in the type of relationship that is an on-and-off fiasco but something keeps drawing you back together with this person; chances are it’s because you’ve meant your twin flame. That aching in your heart is your soul crying out for its other half and those feelings get stronger each time you see the other person. This is because of the passion between you both – it’s enough to make or break you.

Twin Flame Stages

1. Yearning for your twin flame

#1 is when you don’t even have a name for the feeling in your heart.

Those moments when you find yourself staring at a couple on the street, wishing you had what they had, wondering if the right person is out there for you; these are all signs of your soul yearning for its twin flame. You are aching for them to find you, even if you don’t you are lost.
2. Searching for the “One”

#2 is a cycle of dating and breaking up with the wrong people.

When you find yourself going on date after date but there is always something missing, this is the stage of searching for the one. The one you are seeking is the person who is going to make you whole, protect and cherish you, push you, challenge you, and love you regardless of your flaws.

3. The Test/Dark Night of the soul phase

#3 is the beginning stages of finding your twin flame.

The moment that you give up, you are done with love and failed attempts at a relationship, and you are going to resign yourself to the fact that you are going to be alone – this is the moment that you are going to change your world without even realizing it. You need to hit rock bottom before you can go up in life; with or without your twin flame.

4. The shift in consciousness phase

#4 is those moments of enlightenment for your soul.

The complete opposite of #3; this is the moment when you wake up and you say enough is enough. No more moping around, you are strong and full of light. You’ve wallowed in self-pity and self-despair long enough, it’s time to make some changes and heal those past hurts then bury them in the past. You are ready to learn from your experiences and move on with your life.

5. The meeting

#5 is when everything stands still.

This is the moment that movies love to show for their happy ending! This is the moment that you meet your twin flame and the intense sense of recognition shakes you to your core. Who is this person? How can I see them again? I can’t lose them just as I’ve found them! These are the things that you will feel and think as you come face to face with the other half of your soul – your twin flame.

6. The honeymoon stage

#6 when lust and hormones rule the universe.

The honeymoon stage is that stage when you literally cannot keep your hands off of your twin flame. You are obsessed with learning the inches of their body and you are in such a state of permanent happiness, you are willing to let things slide. You are wrapped up in a cocoon of bliss, lust, and hormones with no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

7. Mirroring

#7 is when the rose-colored glasses are lifted.

This is the hardest stage for any relationship and it’s intensely hard for a twin flame relationship. You’ve entered the stage in which the fog is lifted and you are discovering the less than desirable traits of your partner. You might be repulsed, you could be hurt, you will be angry but your twin flame is feeling the same about you – it’s the make or break moment.

8. Running and chasing

#8 starts the game.

You’re mad, you’re attracted, you’re done, you’re in love – these are the feelings that can drive you a bit insane when it comes to the relationship with your twin flame. It’s during the running and chasing stage that you are at war in your heart over the relationship because you know this person is the one but you just don’t know if you can put up with them.
9. Surrender/Separation phase

#9 is the moment of fight or flight.

When you finally come to terms with your twin flame and their mannerisms; it is during this stage that you will feel the intense fight or flight feelings – do you stay? Do you go? Are you able to look past this because you are both drawn to each other and can’t stay away from them? They seek you out, you seek them; and for those moments, everything is alright in the world.

10. Breakthrough

#10 is the A-HA! Moment.

This is when you are ready to move forward with the relationship. After some soul-searching, late nights, and talks with yourself (and your closest friend); you’ve reached the breakthrough stage. This is the moment when you know that your soul will always cry if you leave now and break it into two pieces once again. This is the moment you are willing to make it work.

11. Reunion phase

#11 is the last step towards an enlightening, loving, and healthy relationship.

This is it – the moment you’ve always waited for. You and your twin flame are together once again but this time, you are both stronger and wiser than you were before. Mature and more equipped to handle the intense pressures of a twin flame connection. Your souls are reunited and the heavens are singing. Life is going to be pretty great.


The theology of a person having a twin flame seems contrived at times but when you think about those who spend their entire lives with someone, stating they complete the other person, and that their soul couldn’t live without them – what else would this be, if not twin flames and mirror souls?

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