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Red Sea Moment for America

This is a bit of a read.  what is new to me is that it turns o0ut that the fleeing Israelites were also in possession of treasury of egypt.  I already understood that the ark of the covenant was the central mechanism from inside the Great Pyramid and all by itself explains fthe tower of light leading them forward.

No wonder, the Egyptians were suddenly and unexplainedly in hot pursuit.

This device whose form we also know may well have been able to project gravity and this could even explain the impossible parting of hte Red Sea.  Understand that Moses was a master of all the available knowledge and that certainly included all this.

So there is much here.  What is processing before our eyes is far slower than i had hoped, but also includes all humanity.  I hope that even the fallen will have a way back.

Recall that the bible is the word of GOD and was intended to inform us when the time ewas ripe.  This keeps proving up.  It is always easy to dismiss what does not make sense as merely not making sense instead of identifying your own blindness.  With the Bible, words I have tasted a thousand time are now clear.  what over text can do that?.

Juan O Savin and Roseanne Barr: A Red Sea Moment for America and The Esther Purim Boomerang from Kat

Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 26, 2021

As I was transcribing various videos of Juan O Savin’s, listening to him describe the Biblical and Historical echoes down through time and how they impact our now moment on Earth, it occurred to me that we are at an end of “echoes” and “history repeating itself.”

When the deep state demons are defeated; when Earth, her Kingdoms, Humanity and Solar System ascend to Divine frequencies from whence we came, we will be back in unwritten territory again. We will have blown this repeat-prison forever because the constant villains of Humanity—that keep forcing us into wars, illness, debt, torture, MK Ultra depravities, death, over & over & over—will be gone.

Think of it. Isn’t that a dazzling thought?

When I despair,
I remember that all through history
the way of TRUTH & LOVE has always won.
There have been tyrants & murderers
& for a time they seem invincible
but in the end, they always fall —
think of it —
~ Gandhi

We are at that moment. That Red Sea moment. The tyrants and murderers are falling or have fallen? I don’t know which, but these demons from hell will soon be eternally gone and there will be no more recycling of wars, history, the “old days” or “learning from the past.”

There won’t be a past or future. There will only be this moment and it hasn’t been written.

We are stepping into a New Day. A New Earth. The Promised Land.

THAT is Juan O Savin’s message over and over in these videos.

Everything the demons had planned for us is THEIR downfall, not ours.

We trudge through the Red Sea to the Promised Land, but the Red Sea drowns the demons & they will be no more.

Juan O Savin onstage, Patriot Double Down event, Las Vegas, 10-23-21

Enclose, in the main, a partial transcript of a conversation between Juan O Savin and Roseanne Barr about Red October, Moses, Pharaoh, The Red Sea, Esther Purim and God’s deliverance of the People in both Bible stories of Moses and Esther.

I also include pieces from two other Juan videos, one with David Nino Rodriguez and the other, Flyover Conservatives. The links are in the transcripts.

The Book of Esther, the 17th Book of the Bible, and especially Esther Purim and the flip, the reversal or the “boomerang,” as Roseanne Barr calls it, as well as the Esther Purge day, which happens in the other half of the year after Purim, are subjects about which Juan O Savin knows a great deal.

He has presented the Book of Esther in special videos, incessantly talked about it in interviews, and written about it in his book, KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.

Juan has been pointing to this Biblical narrative for more than 3 years that I know of. The reason is because Esther underscores, metaphorically, because story isn’t exact, what is happening on Earth at this time with the deep state demons and their grisly plans for Humanity’s demise.

In Juan’s telling, it is not Humanity that will expire, but the demons themselves and by the very devices they used to enslave Humanity: Infiltration, spying, using our own Military against us, Big Tech, the false Mockingbird MSM narratives, etc.

The Q-Team flip of every deep state device used against Humanity echoes the events in The Book of Esther: Haman’s death on his own petard on the Purim day and later, the death of his 10 sons on the Purge day and God’s deliverance of the Jews.

We are, on Earth, in the time of the flip. It officially began with the Covid lockdown last March 2020 but actually, an active war with the deep state demons has been going on in the deep background since the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963.


KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, by Juan O Savin, page 12

“When we look at the “Q” project in light of what’s happening in our country right now, we have to remember that the central focal point of the whole operation is to reverse the effects of a coup that occurred at the killing of President Kennedy.”

Memorandum… Regarding Disclosure of Information in Certain Records Related to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 10-22-21

“Any information currently withheld from public disclosure that agencies have not proposed for continued postponement shall be reviewed by NARA before December 15, 2021, & shall be publicly released on that date. Out of respect for the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, such release shall not occur before December 15, 2021.”

“At the time of his death, Special Forces had doubled in size.. Jacqueline Kennedy requested Special Forces in the honor guard for President Kennedy’s funeral..

Green Berets stayed with the casket all the way to the grave & remained on guard after the Kennedy family had left.

Then, in an act that symbolized all JFK had done for Special Forces, one of them left his beret
right next to the eternal flame.”


From that mournful day for America and the world, President Kennedy’s Q Team (& Special Forces) have been hard at it planning & then implementing the Plan for the forever demise of the deep state demons from existence.

“This is a war for Creation.
Milky Way.
Solar System.
This is THE war.
If we don’t prevail here, we’re done.
This is absolutely as real as it gets.
It’s horrific.
This has been going on for a very long time
Gene Decode 3-17-21

than most people fully grasp yet
Juan O Savin 12-1-20

Waves of enlightened souls volunteered & came to Earth to be, hold & shine God’s light and to help bring about this day when the demons get their Divine retribution and we ascend home to Celestial fields.

Dolores Cannon said the Lightworker waves began after the Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945 respectively. She further said that those born right after WW2 into the 1950’s and early 1960’s had the heaviest lift regards lifting the frequencies.

↑ Section from the Q Great Awakening Map



Page 5

As I gave this presentation on Patriot Production’s social media channel on April 15th of 2020, not many noticed what happened with the financial institutions during this recent Covid-19 event. President Trump moved the private banking cartel’s Federal Reserve, back under U.S. Treasury authority, where the Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, is answerable only to the president of the United States.

Page 20

In these past few months we’ve had the Covid-19 shutdown that some have complained about being too hard and long, and they haven’t really understood why it’s been happening.

Well, you are watching an extremely important and epic reversal. We are in this flip, or boomerang, moment. It’s a biblical Haman-type point in time, like when the Jewish people were saved from a planned surprise destruction at Haman’s hands.

That evil guy ended up being executed on the same petard (device) he had built as part of his attempt to genocide all Jews. Sound familiar?

And that time is now celebrated each year by the Jewish people, as Purim. You can find my telling of that important history online at some video-sharing platforms.

Just as the evil Haman ended up “hoisted on his own petard,” today too, we have been flipping our situation. We’re taking control of the way our country functions, as well as other corrupt systems out into the rest of the world, including the U.S. dollar-reserve monetary system. In the midst of this Covid-19 crisis and the riots, we are grabbing back the controls; retaking the helm of our nation as we shut out and close down these various players.


Juan O Savin & David Nino Rodriguez, “A Domino Will Fall.”

6:06 Juan O Savin: The Book of Esther has 2 events in it:

One is the day that Haman was hung on his own petard when Esther announced to the King that she was under a threat of death because of Haman’s decree having all Jews to be killed on this certain day throughout the kingdom. He [the king] didn’t know about it, he’s a drunk & had no clue this was coming. I did 5 and a half hours & 2 shows on the Esther story a couple years back & said it would be like this time right now.


Juan O Savin / The Book of Esther / Patriots Purim 11-9-20

Juan O Savin – Titanic reversals & the deep state’s Purim disaster! Deep State Purim boomerang #q142


6:33 Juan O Savin: The second event is actually the bigger event. The first one is what most people know about, Haman being hung on his own petard, but the second event, the actual Purge day occurred at the other end of the year, that’s when Mordecai & the Jews were allowed to create a defense & alliances to protect themselves from the onslaught of Haman’s 10 sons & all the people they had aligned against them. And that’s when they had it out.

7:07 Sometimes, like President Trump says, sometimes you gotta just let em fight it out. That’s exactly what’s coming.

David Nino Rodriguez: When you say it’s coming, are you saying it’s following that type of calendar?

7:32 Juan O Savin: Well, in a normal Esther-type scenario that’s this purge, this flip, this reversal moment that’s something separate from a classic Biblical narrative, you know, a reversal of fortune.

7:55 It’s just that this particular time in history it’s overlapping with what’s going on in the world with our shutdown of the country & much of the world, in this little scheduled event that people put together against us.

8:18 That started on March 15, 2020 when you closed up Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado

& has continued & it will continue until next Spring in this 2-year Jubilee Period.


North American Aerospace Defense Command

Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station


[2-year Jubilee March 2020 → March 2022]

8:31 Juan O Savin: In the Biblical narrative, every 7th year was a rest year, just like the 7th day of the week was a rest, dedicated to God. Every 7th 7-year period, every 7th week of years, it was a 2-year rest. That was called the Jubilee year or the 50th year. So you had the 49th year rest & the 50th year rest.

9:11 The symbology isn’t perfect. A lot of people want it to be too rigid in applying stuff. But there’s a certain symbology, there’s an overlap. It just helps us to put some of these things into a context that we can see and understand. So putting the events of the last year and a half in the context of a 2-years Jubilee helps people to make sense of it.

9:43 DNR: Is March [‘22] going to be a time where things pick up or slow down?

9:45 Juan O Savin: Well, it’s all the way up till March. We’re about to experience the beginning of the flip. It’s like a tide changing direction.

10:00 DNR: When you say flip, is that when the White Hats start making moves?

10:02 Juan O Savin: We’ve been making moves all along. It’s just that there is a specific event when that occurs very shortly here now, not months away.

10:20 DNR: Yes, it’s a marker that I’m holding very tight to my heart. I’m not going to say anything.

10:25 Juan O Savin: It won’t be real until that event for many people. But that event is so stark & so precise that then people will understand that the other side can be gotten & is about to ALLLLLLLLL be taken down.

10:44 SO IT’S THAT FIRST DOMINO. If you’ve ever watched these huge Domino things that people assemble & put in place. Literally over the last year & a half you could make the argument, even in the last 5-years you could make the case, that somebody’s been putting together huge groups of dominos.

11:06 And what’s interesting is that you’ll see one section go down, then the last domino hits a little line to another section somewhere else that starts that group that’s all going out over there, then another weird little thing will happen & all of a sudden it hits another group & another set of dominos all go down.

11:24 A lot of people are of the opinion it’s all over in a day. It’s just not the case here. This is going to go over months. But you’ll have a group of dominos go down & then another group of dominos that go down.

11:48 DNR: At least it will be a morale boost for Patriots to see the first domino go down.

11:53 Juan O Savin: It will certainly be a morale boost. It’s not just a feel-good thing It’s a very precise marker within that group of markers that goes down pretty quickly. It’s an indicator to everybody that the war’s on but we’re on the winning team.

12:18 And then you’re gonna have winning here, winning there, winning somewhere else. And all of those things happen over these remaining months till March in a very dramatic fashion is my belief, way of viewing it, reading the tea leaves, if you will.

12:42 DNR: It begins shortly & will go through March.

12:45 Juan O Savin: It will go on actually for a few years but the most intense precise period goes on through March. And there’s a lot of dramas in there.

13:00 I’ve said in shows with you & others in the last year and a half we would have a Cuban Missile Crisis type event & before that a Bay of Pigs type event.

Well, the Bay of Pig incident was when you had people on the ground & we didn’t send support & many of them were captured & killed & it was very embarrassing to America.


Bay of Pigs, April 17, 1961 / John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum


Juan O Savin: The situation is not exactly the same, It’s just that the impact mentally into America & into the world is similar. Don’t try to be exactingly precise. I’m just trying to get you in a mental zone. It’ll feel similar to the public.

13:57 We had that with Afghanistan. People left on the ground. Stuff didn’t get done the way it was supposed to, it was embarrassing to America.

DNR: So the Bay of Pigs was Afghanistan. Would you say The Cuban Missile Crisis could be China & Taiwan?

14:07 Juan O Savin: That’s exactly what I would say.


10-16-21 Juan O Savin & Roseanne Barr “Red Sea Moment”

23:40 Juan O Savin: It’s like in Proverbs saying, “He who builds a pit for his neighbor, will himself fall into it.”

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it,
& a stone will come back on him
who starts it rolling.”
Proverbs 26 : 27 [NIV]

Roseanne: Boy, isn’t that the truth.

23:50 Juan O Savin: Haman died by a device of his own making that he had intended for the other guy [Mordecai.]

And that’s actually the part of the story that most people don’t understand from the Red Sea moment. Most people have never considered what the Red Sea was really all about & that’s what I wanted to share with your folks today.

24:10 See we have this Red October & most of the people listening to us, Roseanne, are of the opinion that all this Red, all this ‘Danger Danger Danger, Will Robinson, this is the end, it’s all over, we’ve been painted into a corner’—is intended for us.

That’s not really what the story ends up telling us.

24:39 Juan O Savin: When Moses brought the people out there to the Red Sea, it wasn’t fully just Moses that brought them there.

They had this incredible miracle that happened after the last plague on Egypt.

24:55 You remember what the last plague was? The first-born of all of Egypt died when the Angel of Death passed over the city. The Israelites were spared because they were told to put the blood of a lamb on the lintel and the doorposts, which is the top and the sides of the door to every house in the land of the tribes of Israel.

25:26 So the Death Angel, when it saw the blood of the lamb on the doorpost and the lintel, passed over that home & went on to the next one & the next one. So all those that didn’t have the blood of the lamb which is symbolic of Christ & the sacrifice to come, the Death Angel would take the first-born of the household.


12 For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night
& will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt,
both man & beast & against all the gods of Egypt
I will execute judgment.
I am the Lord.
13 The blood shall be to you for a sign on the houses where you are.
And when I see the blood, I will pass over you,
& the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you
when I smite the land of Egypt.
Exodus 12 : 12, 13 [KJV]


25:47 Juan O Savin: So all across Egypt there was mourning & wailing from the youngest to the oldest, grandparents, children, teenagers, wherever the first-born was, was gone.

26:02 God says, “Vengeance is mine, thus saith the Lord.” There’s justice & there’s vengeance. God doesn’t call on us to do vengeance. He does vengeance.

26:11 And the vengeance there was in part due to the fact that the very beginning of Moses’ whole journey in this world, was that Pharaoh, at the time that Moses was to be born, had decreed that these children, that the Jews, at that time they were called the Israelites, the slaves, the sons & daughters, children of Israel.

26:44 Abraham, Isaac & Jacob were these forefathers, & Jacob in this journey that he was taking around the land, in this pilgrimage, he turned to God & had a salvation moment, if you will, & God changed his name from Jacob to Israel & then the nation of Israel are called Israelites, with this new name that God gave to Jacob as a child of promise.

27:21 The Israelite, the children of Jacob, had become extremely numerous in the land of Egypt. The early early history has to include, in Egypt, how did they get there?

They had this brother. Jacob had 12 sons. The youngest son, Joseph, he had a dream when he was little. And in this dream he saw himself ruling over the rest of the brothers. The brothers got jealous. They got mad.

I referred to it in the movie, The Called: Who is this dreamer? Let us cast him in a pit & we’ll put some blood on his cloak & pretend that he was killed by wild animals & take it back to our father & be done with this “dreamer” who thinks “He’s” going to rule over “Us!”

“Here comes that dreamer!” they said to each other.
“Come now, let’s kill him & throw him into
one of these cisterns
& say that a ferocious animal devoured him.
Then we’ll see what comes of his dreams.”
Genesis 37 : 19, 20 [NIV]

28:24 Then they sold Joseph to a caravan, they didn’t want the blood of Joseph on their hands, so instead of killing him, the sell him for money, kind of like Judas & his 30 pieces of silver. They sell their brother for money to a caravan that’s traveling by headed for Egypt & Joseph becomes a slave in Egypt by his own brothers’ hands.

28:50 They take his coat of many colors, which was indicative of ruling. And BTW, each of the tribes of Israel has a different jewel that denotes them, and they’re on the priests garments, etc.

Well that coat of many colors had had the colors of each of the tribes, of each of the sons of Jacob.

Roseanne: Right. He was a big multi-tribal priest.

29:20 Juan O Savin: So they have that coat of many colors. They splatter this blood from a beast on it. Say that it’s Joseph’s & take it back to Jacob their dad, Israel, & he’s in horrible pain & mourning because his favorite son has been killed by animals it disturbs him the rest of his life.

All this time while he thinks that Joseph is dead, the brothers are done with him & he’s gone. Joseph finds himself in Egypt as a slave.

[Discussion about Joseph in Egypt, his dreams & forecasting that there will be 7-years of feast then 7-years of famine, the Pharaoh listens to him…]

32:49 Juan O Savin: Joseph becomes the second most powerful man in the world, at that time. So Joseph presides over storing up the grain, setting aside everything. When the famine hits, Jacob’s family is starving to death, they take some of their wealth, Jacob sends some of his sons down to Egypt, they show up & Joseph recognizes them… all sorts of events happen.

33:24 Ultimately, Jacob & his family move to Egypt under Joseph’s protection, which is exactly what happened in Joseph’s dream. Now he rules over his brother’s in Egypt.

33:30 From that point the children of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob show up. The best guess is 66 of em, or 77, depends on who’s writing the book. Then from that small number, the 12 sons of Jacob become the Nation of Israel, the Nation of Jacob whose name was turned into Israel.

Then they begin to proliferate. Over a 400 year period, they become 2.4 million people. About 600k men, 600k women, 2 kids each. In that very short period, they’ve become the Nation of Israel.

But because their number was so great the Pharaoh & his advisors are looking out at this huge number of people & they’ve become enslaved in Egypt, under the crown, if you will, under Pharaoh.

35:00 They were becoming so numerous that Pharaoh’s advisors are going, “You know, if they decide they don’t want to be slaves anymore there’s so many of em, they could take us out. We need to thin the herd a bit.”

35:15 Sound familiar, anybody? “There’s so many of em we need to cut their numbers radically.”

35: 27 Juan O Savin: So they go out & decide to do a baby killing. Too many Israelites? We want to kill all the babies… They advise Pharaoh to have all the babies killed 2-years & younger.

Roseanne: Males.

36:11 Juan O Savin: In this period Moses’ mom is pregnant, she tends the women at Pharaoh’s court, she’s a slave girl in Pharaoh’s court. Knowing that her baby’s going to be killed If they think she’s had the baby, she places Moses in a basket made of wreaths & sets him adrift in this slow moving part of the sea in the Nile.

He’s floating down the sea through the reeds at a very slow pace. She probably set him adrift in the night so nobody could see this. She’s living up river from where Pharaoh’s harem house is located.

37:13 Roseanne: This is another one of those times when we have totally different teachings & understanding about this. I’m totally cool with your telling.

37:25 Juan O Savin: Yeah & I want to hear your side. So she goes to work, here comes the basket down the river, nudges Pharaoh’s daughter, she sees the basket, goes out & grabs it & discovers the child in it, knows it’s one of the children of the Egyptian women that are under threat of death.

37:51 Moses is saved through the water. This is symbolic of Baptism. A watery death. Baptism is symbolic of being born through death or drowning in this basket of wreaths.

Actress Nina Foch, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Cecil B. DeMille, 1956

38:10 Juan O Savin: He’s raised by Pharaoh’s daughter in Pharaoh’s court to be a Pharaoh; raised side by side with the man, who at that time is also a child, who does become Pharaoh.

So the Pharaoh who is chasing him down going to the Red Sea was raised as a brother to Moses
in Pharaoh’s house, in Pharaoh’s courts & knows all the tricks, knows all the strategy, is a Military strategist, an Economic strategist.

This family of Jacob, known as Israel & Joseph who had preserved Egypt through the famine
& made it wealthier than ever & then the people had become slaves.

That’s a synopsis of how we got to this moment where the people are slaves in Egypt. But I want to hear your angle on that too.

39:09 Roseanne: Mine’s from the Torah & it was Moses’ sister, Miriam, who was the protagonist of the whole story. That I’ll tell another time. It’s very deep & real different from yours.

It was she who was Pharaoh’s daughter’s handmaiden & also her advisor & very best friend. At that time, like now, I’m really close with my assistants. She is the one who brought Moses to Pharaoh’s daughter, said, I found this baby, knowing it was her brother.


Weekly Torah: Shemot in a Nutshell, Exodus 1:1 – 6 : 1

“…A child is born to Yocheved, the daughter of Levi, and her husband, Amram, and placed in a basket on the river, while the baby’s sister, Miriam, stands watch from afar. Pharaoh’s daughter discovers the boy, raises him as her son, and names him Moses.”


Roseanne: Whatever words were exchanged, they agreed to raise the baby in the family. That’s who was Moses’ teacher—was his sister. He doesn’t find that out till way later.

We learn that the true hidden hero of the whole story is Jethro, Nethro. Torah has a lot to say about Nethro & what he taught Moses after Moses retreated from Egypt to get his head straight of what he felt his real contribution to the history was going to be. Treated to the common people to soak in some common sense.

41:00 Juan O Savin: Jethro, I agree with you, people don’t fully grasp the genius of Jethro in Moses’ education. Moses was educated in Pharaoh’s court so he knew all of the magician’s tricks.

41:18 When he came to Egypt with this mission from God to free God’s people from slavery & take them to the land that had been promised to Abraham, Isaac & Jacob during Abraham’s sojourning, when he came to Egypt & Pharaoh’s challenging him, “Who sent you?” Moses replies, “I AM sent me. Because God told me if anyone asks who sent me tell them I AM.” I AM that I AM.

BTW, the devil wants to be as God. He doesn’t want to be greater than God because there is nothing, no one greater than God. The devil only aspires to be as great as God so God says, “I AM” the devil says “I will that I AM” as an act of will “Will I AM.” That’s this challenge to God’s supremacy.

42:27 What’s interesting about Moses is he’s raised in Pharaoh’s court with all of the skills to be a Pharaoh. The same advisors, the same teachers. But he also has this other additional teacher, Miriam & I agree with you on that, explaining these things to him.

42:50 BTW, Moses’ mother was brought in as a wet-nurse so he was nursed by his own mother.

When Moses realizing that he’s actually one of the children of Jacob, that he’s an Israelite, they weren’t called Jews at that time, they were Israelites, when he realizes that & then he sees some of the treatment of the Israelites by these Egyptian taskmasters, one of them so upset him & offended him that he killed him.

43:29 That became the basis for having to send Moses into exile. Not put to death, but spared because he was raised as a Pharaoh……

52:52 Joseph also recorded the wanderings of Abraham, we see it in The Books of Moses… the wanderings of Abraham… who was called by God & sent into this far off land, which was becoming Canaan-land & everywhere Abraham set the sole of his foot was to be given his children & this was when Abraham was childless…


12 The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

2 “I will make you into a great nation,
and I will bless you;
I will make your name great,
and you will be a blessing.
3 I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.”

4 So Abram went, as the Lord had told him… they set out for the land of Canaan, and they arrived there.

7 The Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land…”

Genesis 12: 1 → 7 [NIV]


54:15 Joseph recorded this whole family history & he said, “OK someday we’re going back where our great grandfather wandered the land of Canaan. We’re going to possess that land, it’s our gift from God & when you go, when this happens, when this people become a nation, because Joseph had dreams, he could see things… Joseph saw what would happen out into the future…

Roseanne: He was a seer.

Juan O Savin: He was a seer… Joseph saw the future, saw a day when people would leave Egypt & go where God had always intended them to go, not to take over Egypt, & own Egypt, going from slave to master, but to a land God had already promised to em & he tell em, “When you go you gotta take my bones.”

56:08 So all these Pharaohs wanted their bones buried preserved, mummified, but Joseph didn’t actually become an Egyptian, he still counted his history as a child of Abraham. And wanted even his bones to be taken from this land of the occult, land of slavery, to a land where children would be free & grow & do what God had intended for em.

56:54 Roseanne: Isn’t it simple like that? The occult is slavery. Freedom is a belief in our connection to God only. It isn’t a connection to a feudal system on Earth.


Thomas Paine, The Crisis, December 23, 1776

“These are the times that try men’s souls…
Not a man lives on the continent but fully believes
that a separation must some time or other
finally take place,
and a generous parent should have said,
“If there must be trouble,
let it be in my day,
that my child may have peace;”
and this single reflection, well applied,
is sufficient to awaken every man to duty.”


57:22 Juan O Savin: If you’re in slavery are you beholden to God in Heaven? Or are you under the thumbs of some man? Some created being? If you’re in the control of satan himself? Are you under the control of God or the control of some other entity? At the whim & the will. Are you steered away from God’s intended direction for your life.

57:50 Roseanne: You’re under the command & control of some BS political system on Earth that has money in it.

58:00 Juan O Savin: Well, where is your life energy going? Here in American right now, if you work your 9-5 job 6 or 7 days a week anymore & your wife & kids all do the same, their labors are converted to dollars. Then you can take your dollars & go out & buy things you need to live but after a piece is taken out in the taxes.

58:39 BTW, go look at any dollar bill $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 dollar bill. Every last one of them. What’s all through that currency?

It’s the images, the imprints, the brands of the occult including Egypt. The pyramids, the eagles, all the different branding & its occult branding, the owls, frogs, everything.

All of that branding, why is that on your money? What does that have to do with being an American?


Your energies are turned into THEIR purposes.
Your energies are converted into something as an intermediary
& then a portion of its given back to you.

59:42 Roseanne: When they say the almighty dollar they ain’t lyin’.

59:47: Juan O Savin: That’s true. And it’s not the God-almighty dollar. It’s a God but it’s not THE God.

1:00:01 That’s one of the things going Red here right now in the currency markets, BTW, that most people don’t see. The paper bill is a promise of return it’s not a guarantee, it has no actual substance other than promise.

Most of the dollars most people have aren’t even paper. They’re dots and tittles in a computer program somewhere. What happens in that kind of currency is eventually it goes down to the value of whatever its printed on. Well if it’s paper, it’s 4 or 5 cents per bill. But if it’s dots and tittles on the computer screen It can go down to the value of dots & tittles on a computer screen where it’s not even worth the paper it’s printed on.

1:05:01 There’s a miracle that occurs as the people are assembling & the Egyptians have to pay off the Israelites to leave Egypt. “Get away from us & take your plagues with you.”

So they take all of their treasure. All of their weapons, swords, knives & shields. The children of Israel didn’t just leave with gold from those that they had served, they left with weapons.
+ all the wealth of Egypt.

That was payback recompense for all the years of slavery. The gold & precious things of Egypt
that were bestowed on the children of Israel was what they had earned in the 400 years of slavery. They weren’t stealing anything. It was reparations. It was a war type condition because they’d killed the children of Israel that was how Moses was born in the midst of a massacre & was saved through a blood massacre of children through that watery grave & basket & raised in Pharaoh’s court.


9-29-21 Juan O Savin

“President Trump has been very clear all along
that we’re going to be going after ten trillion dollars or more
in damages against China for their mischief
& anybody else that was involved
with messing with our vote here in America.
For messing with us on the [vaccine] shot stuff.
Did somebody attack us with a biological weapon?
President Trump has been very clear—he’s called it the China virus
& we’re going to go get damages.
Is it ten trillion for the biological warfare.
Another ten trillion for the vote warfare.
Another ten trillion for the trade/economic/currency warfare.
We’re going to seek reparations.
Reparations are something you demand
as retribution repayment for the cost of war.
President Trump has been very clear.
We are at war.
This is a wartime condition.”


1:06:53 Juan O Savin: But when God had all the people assembled to leave Egypt. What appeared at that time? A miracle happened that was astonishing. There was a huge cloud like a pillar by day that went up into the Heavens. It was like a tornado. And by night it was a pillar of fire. A tornado of fire. And it went ahead of the people, like a guiding light. Go this way.

You also had vipers, snakes in that area, so this pillar by night kept the snakes away. This pillar of smoke or cloud by day to protect them from the heat & pillar by night providing warmth & also the light & it led the way for the people. When it went, it didn’t go straight towards Canaan land.

1:12:13 When the children of Israel left Egypt they were strong because of all of their labors under these harsh task masters.

They left Egypt with all of these goods
All of these possessions
All of this armory.
They didn’t have the training to use it.
They didn’t have the mentality to use it.
They had the basis for wealth.
They had the basis for strength.
They didn’t have the mind or the training to be strong.
This journey, this long path out of Egypt
was about getting them to come together
to work together & think together & all that.
That was the route God was taking the children of Israel on.

1:13:49 And that’s this moment when we talk Red October, we as a Nation are in. After all these trials & tribulations of the last year and a half & the dramas, this fight that we’re in.

Now here we are at this Red Sea moment as a nation as a world. You have a lot of Americans that have a mindset that it’s all over…

1:35: 19 Roseanne: How did we lose our way as horribly as we’ve lost it? How did we get here?


1:35:49 What’s happened in our current age right now is the government has gotten out of step. The people in power have made it a captured operation to do their will from a globalist perspective. Not the will of the people but the will of those who have captured control of the government.

1:36:14 So this moment we’re in this Red Sea moment, if I were going to say what’s the direction that America’s about to go, here in this Red October?

We’re backed up against the Red Sea it’s blocking us.

Is it blocking us to our demise where we now get mowed down
by Pharaoh’s chariots
by Pharaoh’s mandates
by Pharaoh’s rule
by Pharaoh’s technology?

1:36:47 Do we get mowed down like a chainsaw? Does it just come through our ranks? Or is this the moment…

The interesting thing about Moses was he was really Commander-in-Chief, he wasn’t Pharaoh. He had been in Pharaoh’s court. He was raised to be Pharaoh but the Pharaoh that was chasing them down was raised side-by-side with Moses. They were both raised in Pharaoh’s court. They both knew the magicians tricks.

1:37:20 When Pharaoh’s advisors threw down their staffs & they became snakes that was magic, that was illusion.

When Moses saw the trick, he’d been raised in the court but he took it to the next level. He threw down his staff & his snake ate all the other snakes of Pharaoh’s advisors so they didn’t have a staff.

A staff was considered a symbol of rule. So if you had a staff if it was marked correctly & you waved your staff walking around Egypt everybody knew, “Oh my gosh.” It’s like a symbol of rank on your uniform & you got instant respect because of your staff.

When Pharaoh had his advisors throw down their staffs & they became snakes, & Moses’ staff became a snake & ate all their snakes it ate their symbols of power.

It was like pulling the stripes off of your command there right in front of him. Like breaking the sword on the deck of the Missouri & embarrassed them all & they didn’t have their sign of power & position.

1:38:41 Moses is out there at the edge of the sea & the people are out there screaming at him

like he’s brought them there to be killed. Once he understands what he’s supposed to do, once his mind’s cleared, God says to him:

“Why are you crying out to me? You’re here at edge of the Red Sea.
The Promised Land’s over there.
The obstacle for you isn’t the Egyptians it’s the Sea.
Command the sea to part.
Command this mountain out of the way.”

And the sea becomes mountains to either side, they pass through this mountain of sea & then it collapses in on the Egyptians.

1:39:14 The very thing that’s intended for us right now here in America, this Red Sea moment

with the collapse of the Economy, the collapse of the Stock Market, the loss of your future retirement savings, with Inflation going to the Moon, with Red China threatening war over Taiwan, every kind of disaster, all the gages moving into the Red Zone.

1:39:41 This moment isn’t actually, it might look to the President, to the Pharaoh, like they’ve got us cornered & they’re going to take us all out expire here shortly in this chainsaw of shots, it might look that way, but the reality is this is NOT OUR annihilation moment.

1:40:10 God, through Moses told the people: “All those people chasing you down right now on those chariots? Not one of them will you ever see again after this day.”

1:40:25 And then Moses turns to the sea raises his staff, it parts, they pass through it, the sea collapses in on em & all of them die.

“The entire army of Pharaoh
that had followed the Israelites into the sea —
Not one of them survived.”
~ Exodus 14 : 28

1:40:36 Juan O Savin: This moment for America is that kind of a moment. You’re going to see that the very thing that was the obstacle it collapses on them.


1:40:52 This event, the people that are listening to you Roseanne, are here for a reason. The people that are part of this conversation right now. The word to them is, “Don’t be screaming, crying & moaning against Moses. It was God that brought us here. God that made us come to this moment at the edge of the Red Sea FOR THIS EXACT TIME YOU WERE CREATED TO GO TAKE THE POSSESSION. THERE’S A BRIGHT DAY AHEAD

1:41:22 Juan O Savin: There’s gonna be Nuremberg type trials for those people that tried to destroy us as a Nation with this concocted moment. But it’s like a Jubilee moment.

1:41:42 In 1917 the land was set aside for Israel, in the Balfour Declaration between Lord Rothschild & Balfour. Then in 1967, 50 years later, the Jubilee year, Jerusalem was returned to the people in the 1967 6-day war.

1:42:02 This is the same thing here for America. We’re in this war that was thrust upon us, we didn’t ask for it, we didn’t look for it, but we won’t shirk away from it.

1:42:13 We’re going to have this engagement. But the way we’re going to have it is by God. We’re going through the Red Sea & we’re going to live & we’re going to live another day & those that are pursuing us will not. That’s this Red Sea moment.

1:42:35 Roseanne: Well it seems that way. I was thinking about the Purim boomerang thing.

1:43:02 Juan O Savin: The boomerang is (I love using that term BTW, I got that from you,) the boomerang is all those people that intended to take out Trump, all of their machinations, all their alliances, which were China-sided, are about to be exposed & are being exposed & they will fall into the pit that they dug.

1:44:20 Roseanne: Purim is the Halloween of Judaism.

1:44:39 Juan O Savin: When you said that, that was so cool. What’s the whole deal, we talk about this Esther moment, this boomerang, this flip.

The Purge Day was still way off in the future. The actual combat…

1:47:01 When Haman’s 10 sons came to attack Israel on the Purim Purge day, in the telling of the story, in Jewish households, they go through this Purim moment every year it’s said that Haman’s 10 sons all died in the same breath on the Purim day.

1:47:36 That Purim day is this Halloween Day. In the Catholic Church, All Saints Day is November 1st. All Souls Day is November 2nd & on the #s those are also relevant.

11 is the number of war, the number of discord so 1.11 or 11.1 or 111 is this war number. 11.2 or 2 x 11 = 22 there’s all sorts of symbology involved in that & that’s the split.

And on All Souls Day that’s the day when the divide comes those souls are sent to Hell or to Heaven depending on their actions all through this life that’s the judgement day if you will.

1:48:31 Roseanne: And 11.3 in the Law of War is the day when the Sovereign power gets to kick out the Occupying power & it’s also my birthday. I said last year I think you know what to give me on Election Day. I was bummed out they prevented me from having my Birthday present but I’m still going to get it, just a little later, like Esther.

1:49:15 Juan O Savin: In the occult, the way that they prepare victims for sacrifice is by terrorizing them, by adrenalizing them cuz they drink the blood. So they adrenalize them & then drink the blood & it makes the blood give them certain effects, like a high so they take days doing that.

In this reversal, in this boomerang, watch what happens & think about that as these people who have been terrorizing the country, terrorizing the world by their actions, that which they dug for everyone else turns back on them in the timing & the days there’s going to be some symbology there.

1:50:18 Juan O Savin: BTW that 11.3 [Election Day]When was the reversal on that? 3.11 [President Trump was sworn in as Commander-in-Chief by the Military.] Stand by, enjoy the show.What you’ll learn down the road is going to be amazing.

1:51:54 Juan O Savin: Well again, there’s this baptism, passing through what is symbolic of death with the water, the symbology of going back to Noah & the flood& even the pre-Adamic periodwhere there was a flood before Adamwhere there was civilization on Earthbut they were the pre-Adamites, some prior civilization, & that’s where we go into Plato’s Discoursesabout that era it’s a harder conversation to get into but it’s very interesting…

1:52:43 Juan O Savin: When God gave the Rainbow it was because there had been a cloud or a dew pattern over the whole Earth it wasn’t weather like we have today & the Earth was watered by a mist that came up morning & evening, a dew, & then after the flood you had a weather pattern with clouds & that’s when the Rainbow was brought in & then God promised he would never again destroy the Earth by water.

It was a promise not just to Mankind, not just to Noah, but to all living things. God made the promise to all living things that he would never destroy the Earth by flood again.

But there’s this passing through the water that is symbolic of through the hands of death & surviving that’s this Red Sea thing.

1:53:45 That’s what we’re coming to for America, we’re right up against the Red Sea but everything they had planned against us, everything in this moment that was intended for our destruction is in fact going to boomerang, to be a reversal, to be a flip & will come on those who intended ill against God’s people.

And we as God’s people, as this nation, under some Divine hand, even if our detractors don’t see it & don’t understand it & think that they can get a hold of us those of us that are looking to God for our salvation who understand our heritage as a people.

1:54:29 The pilgrims that came here to seek a place where they could worship God freely & not be under the hand of these blood-right-to-rule-Cainites. They might not believe that we’re still here God’s about to show them.

1:54:51 I believe, after this, this Death Angel that’s hovering over America & the world with the fallout from this shot & the damage from this shot that new technologies, technologies that actually ALREADY EXIST will be allowed to come to the fore, come to fruition to help with the repair of the heart muscles, repair of the lung muscles, repair in dissolving of the clots that were intended against his people.

Juan O Savin: That there is going to be an amazing revival in America & a turning towards God in the aftermath of this Jubilee Year which ends next March [‘22] ←—<<<

1:55:40 We will regain control of the country. The end won’t be for everyone there’s losses along the way & it’s horrible. But those of us that keep our eyes on God stay pure, including in the blood [no vax,] will be part of the Revolution the pushback against those that would bring us back into slavery or keep us in slavery — to free our country, to worship God, to be his servants & make this place the Promised Land it was always intended to be.

1:56:31 Reagan in his speech, A Time For Choosing, which was really the beginning of his Political career, 1964, an amazing speech. He talked about the Cuban who’d come here to escape Communism & Castro. There was a conversation happening & people were talking about the Communist-ization of America this Red tide that was taking over America back in that era. And the Cuban turns to the others & he says, “But you don’t understand, when I came here from Cuba at least I had some place to go, to escape Communism to escape the slavery of that Communistic rule. If America falls, where can we go?”

A Time For Choosing, Ronald Reagan, October 27, 1964

1:57:20 Juan O Savin: And that’s why we as a people have to pushback, stand when we get to the other side of the sea all this that was intended against us, Nuremberg trials against those that tried to take us out.

We will survive this.
We will move forward.
We will be the shining light to the world.
We will do what God intended us to do.
The road is not going to be easy even after this Jubilee year.
We have work to do.
But we will survive this, God please in your Heaven,
hear our prayer.


10-20-21 Juan O Savin, Flyover Conservatives
“That’s what this moment is all about.
Moses was following God’s commands.
God gave Moses the necessary tools.
God gave his people,
even when they were in slavery,
the information they needed
to know where they were supposed to go
& was leading them to the Promised Land.
They had it in their history,
We have all those people that went before.
We’re moving forward.
God has opened the way before us.
Don’t complain.

Watch the video here.

‘I am the Lord, & I will bring you out
from under the burdens of the Egyptians,
& I will rid you out from their bondage,
& I will redeem you with an outstretched arm
& with great judgments.”
Exodus 6 : 6


1:58:08 Juan O Savin: And with that, Roseanne, let’s say a prayer together before we end.

Father God, we thank you for all of your blessings,
we thank you for your protections
we thank you for your fire by night
& your cloud of pillar by day to protect us.
We ask you for Divine Guidance in the path ahead
to understand how to proceed forward
to choose life over death
to choose justice over evil
& to fulfill, according to your command,
your wishes, you directive
this direction for America to be prosperous
to be a light to the world
to proliferate
to have children & children & children & children & children
that worship you
& look to you
& are a blessing to you & to the world.
We ask you for protection in this exact moment
& we ask you for guidance for our leader & leaders
as we look,
not to our enemy & their destructive power
but to your blessing, the dividing of the sea
the dry ground
& the ability for us to pass through this crisis in one piece
& survive to the other side
& the destruction of those who sought evil against us.
I thank you for Roseanne
& for her friendship & for her insights,
& I ask you to bless her & give her long long life
where we get many more of these conversations.

1:59:41 Roseanne: Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I say Amen.
For you, I thank God for you too as a good friend
& a shining light who we all look to.
We look to you.
Thank you for the answers you’ve given so many of us.
We look to you.

2:00:06 I wanted to say about the Purim thing. Cut to right after the Nuremberg laws you talked about. When they killed Haman’s 10 sons cut to Nuremberg—10 Nazis were hung & Julius Streicher was one of em. As he approached his death, it’s in the papers, you can Google it, he yelled out, “Purim-fest 1948.”

So I don’t have any doubt that God is here, in control, & will again bring us a Purim-fest for America because this is the place people fled to & is still the place where people flee to & it must remain.

And that Government Of, By & For the People must remain.

So Amen to all that.

Shabbat Shalom tonight.


“On 1 October 1946, after 216 court sessions, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg delivered its verdicts sentencing the leaders of the Nazi party to death by hanging.

The author of the following account, Kingsbury Smith of the International News Service, was chosen by lot to represent the American press at the execution of ten of those leaders.

NurembergGaol, Germany

16 October 1946

International News Service

…Julius Streicher made his melodramatic appearance at 2:12 a.m.

While his manacles were being removed and his bare hands bound, this ugly, dwarfish little man, wearing a threadbare suit and a well-worn bluish shirt buttoned to the neck but without a tie (he was notorious during his days of power for his flashy dress), glanced at the three wooden scaffolds rising menacingly in front of him. Then he glanced around the room, his eyes resting momentarily upon the small group of witnesses. By this time, his hands were tied securely behind his back. Two guards, one on each arm, directed him to Number One gallows on the left of the entrance. He walked steadily the six feet to the first wooden step but his face was twitching.

As the guards stopped him at the bottom of the steps for identification formality he uttered his piercing scream: ‘Heil Hitler!’

The shriek sent a shiver down my back.

As its echo died away an American colonel standing by the steps said sharply, ‘Ask the man his name.’ In response to the interpreter’s query Streicher shouted, ‘You know my name well.’

The interpreter repeated his request and the condemned man yelled, ‘Julius Streicher.’

As he reached the platform Streicher cried out, ‘Now it goes to G-d.’ He was pushed the last two steps to the mortal spot beneath the hangman’s rope. The rope was being held back against a wooden rail by the hangman.

Streicher was swung suddenly to face the witnesses and glared at them.

Suddenly he screamed, ‘Purim Fest 1946.’

[Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated in the spring, commemorating the execution of Haman, ancient persecutor of the Jews described in the Old Testament]…

Streicher had been a Nazi since early in the movement’s history. He was the editor and publisher of the anti-Semitic newspaper “Das Strummer.”

In May of 1924 Streicher wrote and published an article on Purim titled “Das Purimfest” (The Festival of Purim).

In order to publish his vitriolic attack Streicher must have had a good deal of knowledge about Jewish thought and practice. However we can only speculate to what extent he was aware of the remarkable parallels between Haman and his own execution. However, they are indeed striking…

Nuremberg Defendants, list

Streicher & Hitler, German Day, Nuremberg


2:01:34 Juan O Savin: Roseanne I love ya. You’ve got the travel restrictions that make it so hard to get over there. Nobody knows this but by the time this is out it probably will be public knowledge. We have an airing date for THE SOUND OF FREEDOM. I’m not going to give it out… it is in February [‘22]

2:02:09 Roseanne: People need to see that movie It’s going to blow everybody’s mind. Talk about people finally getting the truth & crossing over to the other side I can’t wait till people see it cuz it’s part of splitting the consciousness open that allows us to get to the other side.

2:02:32 Juan O Savin: Well it’s coming at a very precise date that is intended to be there as a lot of these revelations are coming forward. I think it’s very important now that we have a General Release date for the SOUND OF FREEDOM.

BTW, anybody who says you can buy the movie online that’s a scam, you can see the trailer, but you can’t see it online. Real movie theatres. Very widely released. Large large number of movie theatres. I think it’s going to be the biggest movie in history.

Roseanne: OMG I would love that. We will have to put our minds to making that happen. That’s cool.

Juan O Savin: We’ll work more on that when we get closer… Roseanne, love ya. Look forward to talking again. Let’s do this more often. I just appreciate you coming on & doing this together.


End Kat Transcription

With blessings of Peace, Health, Abundance & Happiness unceasing,

This is Kat,

Over & out



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