Friday, November 3, 2017

Letter from Alenara

A curious item.  The problem as i see it is that having other life knowledge is terribly unhelpful if you are then unable to master the special language used by your present community.  From what i have seen of her efforts, this is a real problem.

Recall that she knows particle physics in terms of her other life.  I know particle physics because i have completely created it informed by expanding mathematics at its foundations.  She would absolutely have to follow my path and work to rewire her physical brain to support her communication.  This has not happened.

Her difficulty lies in the actual knowing.  Hardly conducive to mastering euclidean geometry which leads to a prepared physical brain. without that you are unable to express the correct words useful to communicate. If we are lucky she will be able to share mind to mind...

Letter from Alenara

When President Reagan told the United Nations, “Are there not already aliens among us?” Was he talking about people like Alenara?

Alenara a lady who lives in Sweden writes, “I would like to tell you that I have arrived, here on Earth and I am an alien incarnation, and I come from another world. I am sure you are open to contact. 

There is much life in the outer space, and some of us come here! Life on earth has us come here in subtle forms; many of us – alien visitors – work on improvement for earth and for life here, without ever letting others know of our presence! 

I am however planning to be one of us who change the world. And do so openly. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Amherana Kha’re (how you spell my name depends on the pronunciation). Some time ago, I was living on my planet, in my home world. I can show you which star to look at in the night sky! 

My home world is named Telmaar. We have only sent two individuals from our world to earth. It is I, and another. I know all about my companion, and will tell you about him, his whereabouts, his life mission, and we can even locate him if this is desired. I am a scientist. At home I worked with collecting all known science, the universal truth, that is, what is true science in spite of any beings interpreting or perceiving it in their own ways. This information was stored in a kind of libraries of ours, and I worked there, processing the information. I was in equivalent of earth years more than 370 years. Our average life span on that planet is equivalent of 1200 years. Persons of up to 200 years are considered adolescent by our people, in our world. I am sent here to work with science.”

In 1962, I was in proximity of planet Earth. We could hear radio broadcasts from earth, in our spaceship. I remember looking down toward the blue planet earth, wondering when my eyes would once look up from there below. It would last until 1980 when my suitable incarnation would be found.

 I remember the summer of 1982, traveling out of my body, in Sweden, watching the green birch trees, mountains and forests. October 1982, I was born. My life here has been difficult. At age 5, old enough to speak, I told people about immortality. One of the first things I ever said was “I am 300 years old.” My family did their best to suppress these aspects of me. I was always able to remember who I was. 

I have had contact with otherworldly (alien) people all this life. They helped me learn and remember science, and enhanced my telepathic and extrasensory perception. Today I am able to see all molecules, atoms, electrons, electrical and magnetic fields, gravity, and more. Facing any object or situation, I sense all information of it such as a person’s health status, his emotions, thoughts and dreams. I have incredible knowledge in chemistry, physics, and any other aspect of science that is not yet known here on earth. It is knowledge I have with me, from my home world.

[ this curiously make sense to me.  as my knowledge improves the ability to visualize improves. - arclein]

I can manifest atoms and soon also larger objects and am learning to gain back my abilities and knowledge as I had prior to my incarnation. On my home world, we do not eat solid foods, our bodies are manifested in ways that I am learning to now apply to my human being, and go periods without eating or drinking, gaining incredible health and bodily rejuvenation. I am an alien manifestation. I am here for you, whenever you need to have contact. I can let you meet my alien contacts; they will gladly show you spaceships (UFOs) if we go together. I can heal any illness or bodily discomfort that you might have. Rejuvenation is here for you. Any science you ask for is yours. We are here for you. Much love, Lenora, and the people of Telmaar

Editor’s Note: I have interviewed Alenara and found her to be a remarkable lady who speaks six languages. We are skeptical of her claims, but feel it is only fair to test and learn more about her alien contacts and to her ability to prove her claims. I’m convinced she believes what she tells us. I have pointed out to her that remarkable claims require remarkable proof, and she states she is up to the test.

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