Saturday, November 25, 2017

Global Triumperate to Wage Peace

Again in listening to Robert Steele we got his interpretation of what is happenng between Trump Putin and Xi.  Essentially it is a simple repeat of the Kenneday, Kruschev arrangement made during the Bay of Pigs.

It boiled down to we will trust each other and work to keep our beauraucacies from starting a war.  It never got implimented before Keneday's death.

Needless to say this is a revolution. We have a partnership in place who will now remove other nuclear adventurers.  They also will suppress war.  They certainly have the means.

I also expect to see the faux British Raj to be also drawn into this virtuous circle.  It will take little.
it must take a while to see all this emerge. Yet all sticking points can be overcome.

The NWO will be replaced by the global communion of nation states.

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