Friday, November 3, 2017

Human Sexuality and Communication

This obviously is a difficult issue and an unwelcome one.  Yet it must be addressed in context of advancing modernity which has already spawned an array of less welcome experimentation and plenty of social tension.

First though, we all come out of past dispensations that were less than satisfactory.  The easy solution was to marry of the girls as soon as possible and hope for the best.  This ensured two very young people would likely handle their sexual issues without bothering the rest.  Marriage was additionally relied on to allow economic accumulation necessary for agriculture.

More primitive societies established a rite of passage protocol that usually evolved into a system of bonding for perhaps only four years to produce a child  combined with ample shared sexuality.  As sexuality waned elders emerged or lived to guide these societies.

I think we all know this. Can we construct something better?  Perhaps.

First we need to separate sexuality itself from social communication.  I say this because all the problems are not sexual but of social communication.  Proof of that comes directly from the rest of the animal kingdom itself.  Just how often do the herd of females intervene to stop a fight between two rutting males?  It is simply not possible.

It is my contention that the intervention of social communication in order to 'manage' sexuality is our central human problem.  Even pure prostitution which at least eliminates most of the communication in exchange for one sided sexual release is not entirely devoid of all this.  In fact prostitution is caused solely by the limitations of social communications.

Even when sexuality has historically been arguably handled better, it has still entailed a great deal of social communication.

This begs the real question.  Can we do without the social communication component even briefly in order to simply first resolve sexual tensions?  I suspect that reversing the process can surely allow superior social communication as well.  At least it is a largely untried protocol.

The central aspect or meme is the elimination of communication while also establishing trust for all participants.  This can be done easily enough and even done crudely, once all parties understand the core principle.  Rather practically,  a communal event can be operated and followed up with a mixer allowing the folks to then actually meet free of an excess of sexual tension.

This obviously can be run perhaps as a club facility with built in oversight and testing and everything necessary to ensure safety and trust.  In fact the safety and trust needs can be institutionalized in some manner and the physical practicalities limited to a specific methodology that eliminates the actual need for significant communication.

I am going to leave it here and simply let the meme go out there to see what flows back.  I do think that this could be made to work and succeed in engaging the majority of the adult population as needed.  Present practice actually fails to engage that majority and simply overcoming that issue would be helpful. 

Similar methods also need to be addressed to the training of youth as ac separate problem as well, but first we need to figure out adult protocols.

I do not know if this can work, but it is one starting point.  It needs to evolve into a natural aspect of the natural community and allowed to stage upward through some form of larger communal facility as well.There are many subtleties here...

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