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Hydrogen Medicine – Combining Oxygen with Hydrogen and CO2

I want to note that H3O3 remains unknown in its helix form.  Yet it carries the totality of water borne oxygen and fundamental to all aquatic life.  Imagine three OH linked in a circle sharing the hydrogen.

I made this particular discovery twenty years ago upon investigating a biologically enriched oxygen water.  The molecule nicely stacks as well forming those ice needs easily seen in pond water.

I estimate the the sea contains between one to five percent of this molecule.  It is unstable much over the five percent.  Obviously this molecule is valuable to support human healing and can save lives and accelerate healing for burn victims as well.  We combined it with a gel to test.

The fact is that oxygen and hydrogen therapies are the foundation of real healing.
Hydrogen Medicine – Combining Oxygen with Hydrogen and CO2

Published on October 24, 2017

This is actually a more personal communication than a regular essay. Last time I communicated like this was back in July when I shared more about my personal and spiritual life and about finishing Sanctuary. We now even have a bridge to cross the river but no rain so very little water and we have fires running across the chepada like in many other parts of the world. At the time I was trying my best to slow down.

Now it is if I was on speed in term of inner intensity writing my new book on Hydrogen Medicine. 

Can hardly wait to share it with you. The conclusions reached are startling and will change the face of medicine everywhere. I give myself one month maximum to finish it.

This book will deal with H2, O2, CO2, H2O, O3 (Ozone) and even singlet oxygen, which is a temporary state of highly energized oxygen. Notice that carbon is included. For a fuller protocol all we have to do is add sulfur, magnesium, iodine, selenium, potassium and sodium. Then we have the main ingredients necessary for life.

Together they make a form of medicine that will run pharmaceutical companies into the ground not only because they are effective but also because they are safe. Every physiological process use most of these elements so our lives can be enhanced and brought back to health by employing them as medicines.

This book will offer a quantum leap, not only because it will be informing, in plain language everything about the new world of Hydrogen Medicine, but also because it brings in incredibly important information about new oxygen therapies and well hidden information about the value and necessity of paying attention to CO2 concentrations in the blood.

At the end of the introduction chapter I say that all the information that is coming into awareness about hydrogen it is leading us to the conclusion that it holds the highest medical priority meaning hydrogen water and hydrogen gas should be the first things prescribed by doctors.3

Hard research is showing that hydrogen is the medicine of the future that has arrived today. Every doctor and healthcare practitioner should sit up and take notice. Certainly every patient with a serious disease, all intensive care patients, and even beauty specialists because the skin benefits greatly with continued hydrogen treatments, should dial up hydrogen inhalation and hydrogen water. They belong in first place in any medical, health and life-extension protocol.

I encourage all my readers to jump on this starting with the Virtual Reaction tablets, what I have been using after trying out many, but now I am studying the inhalation area, the companies involved and the equipment available. All very interesting and will present in the book all the options so people can make a wise choice.

Anyone who cannot wait because they have an emergency situation and need to get an inhaler right away they can contact my staff at and arrange a 15 minute free consultation and will give the latest on inhalers. Really if you are anywhere near deaths door you are going to want a hydrogen inhaler like in yesterday. The kind of people I am imagining about here would be in an urgent enough situations to have to have next day delivery on the tablets for immediate initiation of the therapy during the short waiting period to talk to me and then order, ship and receive an inhaler.

(Dear readers please note that for the tablets if you use my code MARSIR you will receive 10 percent off not only on the tablets but on the inhalers if you chose to go with Vital Reaction models.)

If you are in need of the free consultation my staff will send you a form to fill out so I have some idea of your situation so I can make the best recommendations.)

It is an exciting time and I really thought I had had it with writing more books. But here I am again and this one will hit the ball out of the park.

The Sun is a main-sequence star, and thus generates its energy by nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. In its core, the Sun fuses 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second. Of course it is not that simple. However the point is that hydrogen gives life to our sun and all suns leading to the spreading of light all over the universe.

That is through a good telescope with the star in the middle being the closest one. In reality there is no darkness in space it is so full of light we cannot see it—it is black. If we could see it, it would burn our eyes out. And we are that light; you are the light of this world. We absorb light and reradiate like stars and hydrogen is always there at the heart of it all.

Hydrogen gives birth to light and heat in the universe and it can give light and heat and life force to you not only in a moment of great need but in any attempt to prolong life and heal from chronic disease. I will launch a special site ASAP entitled for that will be my goal. Would love to build an army of people who like drug detail men from pharmaceutical companies knock on doctors’ doors but my imaginary army would be knocking presenting Hydrogen Medicine in the form of water and gas with all the information present in the book.

Importantly we have to conclude that nothing will cool down the fires of inflammation and cellular irritation faster than high dosages of hydrogen gas and hydrogen infused water. Because we can define cancer as an inflammation this is more than useful. In reality we can employ an army of anti-inflammatory therapies to win our battle against cancer but it is proving out that molecular hydrogen is the first thing we should reach for.

The three primary gasses can be applied in all dire medical situations. Oxygen remains the most prescribed medicine in hospitals yet little to no attention are paid on carbon dioxide (bicarbonates) and in the West little to no attention is paid to Hydrogen. In Japan and China it is a totally different story.

The question is being asked in the mainstream: How to Keep Long-Term Care From Bankrupting Us. Another is, How Can We Keep People Out of Nursing Homes? The strongest, safest, most effective and cost effective answer is hydrogen best delivered in both gaseous and aqueous forms simultaneously. It will prove to be miraculous as long as you pay attention to a few other important details.

Hard to all believe how bad and expensive and dangerous the practice of modern medicine has gotten but with hydrogen the story is going to be wonderful and certainly exciting. We read new research coming out every day. We find out that hydrogen probably stimulates stem cells[1] and that it is a treatment for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.[2] Certainly for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases as you shall see in this book.

The more difficult or dire the medical circumstance the more helpful hydrogen will be.

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