Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Attempted murder

Here is another clinical case in which  our so called cancer treatments were used.  The writer is a chap i have been in contact with and is one of two men who survived agent orange induced liver cancer whom i know.  I also knew plenty of liver cancer victims as well who are no longer with us.

Without question the first thing all should do is switch to a vegan diet and then go from there.  surgery may still be necessary but if the cancer is in retreat it can be postponed safely.

Then the second thing needed is CBD therapy.  We are still mastering that art but it needs to be said.

All good.

Doc S has left a new comment on your post "The Real Reason Big Pharma Wants to Own the Patent...":

Attempted Murder

Jesse came in this past September. I hardly recognized him. Well, I didn’t recognize him. He used to be a solid, strong, “good ole boy”. About 5’10”, stocky build, probably close to 200 pounds. Not flab either. This boy was tough.

I didn’t recognize him until I talked to him a couple of minutes. It had been about three years since I saw him last. “Oh Jesse, I remember now. What the hell happened”?

He was skin and bones, hardly anything left of him. To talk he had to plug the tube coming out of his neck and you could hardly hear him. He was pale and had that gray cast on him that people close to death get. Probably weighted about 110 pounds. It was quite pitiful to see. This guy used to be solid as a rock and here he was almost dead.

Cancer, the big C.

Yeah, they started the Chemo about a year ago. Burned a hole in his throat with the radiation and now he’s almost dead.

Jessie's a pretty smart boy. That “good ole boy” persona camouflages that. Along about last June he recognized what the Doctors were doing to him so he told them to f__k off and quit their treatment and went “all Natural”. Detoxed the chemo and now he was in here wanting me to correct the structural problems he had acquired going through all those medical procedures.

Jessie has been a patient here for at least 20 years so he knew I successfully eliminated the cancer I had from the Agent Orange crap of Vietnam fame. But structurally he was a mess. His neck was “frozen”. He couldn't turn his head left or right and was locked straight as an arrow. I got to work on him immediately.

He responded favorably immediately. Now two months later he can eat whole food and has put on about ten pounds. That gray cast is gone. He has normal color in his face. His cervical spine is about half way home. He can turn his head left and right and up and down now. He’s going to make it.

Attempted Murder.

Obviously Jesse would be dead now had he continued the orthodox medical treatment of Chemotherapy. But Jesse’s a pretty gutsy guy and recognized his destiny going down that road. So he changed it. He told the “experts” to F__k-off and at first didn’t do anything as his body naturally detoxed the chemicals. Now he’s getting the structural problems corrected. I advised him on diet and a few other things so with all of it combined he’ll probably be back to that Smart-ass, strong, wonderful guy he was before the so-called Cancer laid him low. If he even had the Cancer in the first place. Yes, I’ve seen that all too often.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, shouldn’t these doctors and drug companies be charged with attempted murder?

Jesse would have died in June or July for sure had he continued down that road. He chose another way and is alive thereof because of it. The biggest reason he survived is he stopped poisoning himself.

We all know many people who have gone “natural” instead of the chemo and survived the dreaded big C, Cancer. Should all those people turn around and charge their doctors with Attempted Murder? I think that’s what you’re going to start seeing.

Marijuana is getting legalized all across the board. Why? Not for its recreational use but for its medicinal use. Historically marijuana has been used for centuries as an excellent herbal remedy. And, what do ya know, the scientists are proving it legitimate. It works if that’s the protocol you need.

I’m not advocating lawsuits against your doctor for attempted murder. That’s a seriously dangerous road to go down. Over 50 holistic doctors have mysteriously died the last couple of years trying to go public with cancer cures. I don’t want to be added to that list so I don’t teach it anymore.

But a lawsuit? Attempted murder charge? That’s going to be a very dangerous road to go down also. But the stats are there. The survivors are there. Will it ever happen? I doubt it. The money’s too big. 

The politicians are paid off. It won’t happen.

Besides, people would have to stop worshiping their medical doctor then and we can’t have that now can we???

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