Monday, September 19, 2016

Worship and Spiritualism

I have reached a point in my deliberations in which it has become possible to address what we mean by these words with some clarity.  Discussing the history is pointless as all have been exposed to the concepts from multiple historic contexts and this is actually much of the origin of most of our confusion.

What we have discovered is that the world of spirit is physically as real as my hand.  This is huge simply because it represents a complete rejection of the whole mystical agenda of spiritualism in which intangible claims are made about intangible figments of the imagination.  What we now have is a conforming spiritual structure that can be successfully sketched and also tested.

Conjecture 1:       Every living cell is managed by an individual processor built out of a scaffolding of Dark Matter or my Second Tier of Matter or almost neutral bound electron pairs along with a binding of two dimensional photon strips forming Mobius strips able to store number to astronomical values.

This is a huge idea and it provides the whole framework of life itself. Yet it is all very mechanical and plausibly self creating as well and is driven by natural logic actuated by the sixth operator to act against entropy.  All life's chemistry is ordered by this processor encoding electrons associated with atoms on an ongoing basis.

Conjecture 2:       Rather obviously this allows for networked bodies that ultimately drive large complex lifeforms and form their own super identity.  These emergent super identities operate in the third tier of matter and experience it.  They constantly adjust and evolve in response to changes in the environment as a matter of course but progress has been slow.

Conjecture 3:       In order to conserve knowledge these emergent spirits return to the spirit existence and then return to the physical third tier in a fresh housing.  In order to gain critical mass, these emergent spirit bodies naturally clone and  then empower many separate third tier individuals during each lifetime...  This has been going on for millions of years in terms of our sense of time.

Thus an emergent spirit can be the spirit of the dandelions and that means empowering millions of dandelions.  Once as much awareness as possible has been gained  then that spirit can transition to another form of entity as well leaving room for another occupant.


Conjecture 4:       All spirit life thus evolves and grows into its culmination as human life forms as we understand it.  Humanity is the ultimate goal but the natural condensation from single cells through millions of related plants through thousands of related animals through a human existence and by the application of aspects allows it all to work efficiently.

It is important to understand that we all typically live now on earth in the form of thirty individual aspects of ourselves.  Our Aspects are all born at much the same time but will typically die at different times.  Once all have then passed all aspects will then be integrated to fully absorb the life experiences and its lessons.  At that point we are all ready to go again.

As posted before, the critical idea is that we are spirit with many of millions of times more information density possible than our physical bodies need.

Conjecture 5:        From this it is natural to posit a super mind representing all life on earth but lacking the capacity to act except through its agents such as ourselves.  I can go further and observe that such a super mind will be driven by natural logic and my previously noted sixth operator. Thus GOD is a positive state of being for all life on Earth and largely expresses itself in our natural evolution than any other specific act. This leads to the spirit population managing a brief aimed at improving outcomes for those experiencing third tier existence.

Thus we all have Earth angels advising us  and other spirits  protecting us on an ongoing basis.  These are often not listened to.  Earth angels are advanced human spirits and there are five reported levels of recognition in the world of spirit to draw from that we know about.  Spirits do not sit idle when waiting to return for additional third tier experience.  They generally work to serve and assist us and much of it is quite magical in terms of probabilities.

The super mind empowers advancing human spirits to help advance spirits working on Earth...

Conjecture 6: .   This produces a rich architecture for our Earth based spirit population.  Similar populations have emerged on all other large planets and stars as well and that includes almost all planets if Swedenborg got it right. I bring this up because development of my cloud Cosmology naturally leads to hollow planets and stars as well to provide suitable environments to produce spirit life at least.  What i am suggesting here is that the picture can be much larger than we want to imagine...

The role of worship.

After saying all that, the question to really ask is what is there to worship?  We have our individual spirits tasked with the task of advising and helping us provided we ask.  If worship were to be narrowly confined to the process of asking, then we are well equipped although few understand that.

The problem is that we must ask for appropriate advice.  There are evil spirits as well.  Again these are flawed human spirits still  playing mischief.  Asking for selfish ends opens access to that type of advice.  At least that is simple way of putting it.   You must develop a refined sense of what is right and what is wrong in order to ask properly and that sounds like you will ask to provide service to others rather than your own intentions.  Yet personal intentions are often responded to.

This is actually great power and if you choose an evil path you will evolve into an evil spirit.  Thus the true dichotomy of free will and its potential danger to an individual.

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