Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Clinton Foundation

 The political season is now in full heat and we have here a timely item on the Clinton foundation.  It is my expectation that any such review will discover a well set up operation that is protected by ample legal work.  That is simply because the Clintons have planned for this run for years and must run it as clean as Caesar's Wife.

At the same time i expect that Trump will have no end of trouble transitioning from private to public life.  That is why he should not release his taxes until he is elected.  Just how do you explain a billion dollar depreciation reserve that allows you to owe no taxers to ma and pa Kettle?  Yet his business demands just that.

What this means is that both candidates will continue to absorb cheap shots from the media.  This campaign is not about defending thirty years of curious business dealing which would confound every human being on earth and ignores luck and salesmanship.  And yes, some of the Clinton choices do not pass the smell test, but it is the nature of such dealings that they will never be documented anyway.

In the meantime read here what you are expected to know. Smoking guns unfortunately require the skills of Inspector Clouseau..-.

What the media doesn't know about the Clinton Foundation could sink the Titanic

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