Friday, September 23, 2016

Mountain Lion in Guy's Face

This is interesting.  A lion is an ambush hunter mostly.  This looks to be a case of confrontation and stare down.  Certainly enough to send the observe up a tree.

I am more concerned by the lack of fear.  We have not been serious about hunting apex predators for a couple of generations.  That leads to a serious increase in direct confrontation.  That is not a good plan.  It is far better that they avoid us.

This will start to be a serious problem.  Young children are terribly vulnerable to both cougars and wolves who normally avoid adults.  Coyotes are also a potential threat to the very small.

I have walked fearlessly in the woods for years but remain conscious of just how blind we are.  A cougar can sit in a handy tree apron and watch you go by ten feet away


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