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The Rising Tide Against Muslim Immigrants

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 I am sorry, but immigration presumes general assimilation and some sort of a nod to the old sod.  Islam refuses to tolerate any such thing at the point of tolerating murder.  The natural result is blow back.

Without active assimilation that blow back will happen.   Had a group of recent German immigrants in 1947 started organizing a Nazi cell and began inflaming against the Jews, just what do you think our response would have been?

We are on the verge of de - Islamification of Muslim women and forced conversion to Christianity as general policy and the possible removal of Islamic men as incorrigible to desert work camps or their home country while they sort out what it means to live in a civil society.  It needs to be done actross the western world and for that matter everywhere.

A religion that actively rationalizes murder is no religion at all as it specifically removes by force free will.  It is a male dominated paganization of religion that honors men only and ignores women except as cattle.  That most individuals retain the values of civilization does not change this at all.

The counter movement will gather steam and erupt soon enough as one outrage follows outrage.

The Rising Tide against Muslim Immigrants

The French resort of Cannes has banned full-body, head-covering swimsuits from its beaches, citing security reasons — a measure some are decrying as a discriminatory anti-Muslim move that only worsens religious tensions. Conservative party leaders in Germany are proposing a ban on burqas and other restrictions on Muslims living in their country, in a bid they say will increase safety.

However, France’s highest administrative court has stopped a town in France from banning the wearing of the burkini, a ruling expected to set a precedent across the country. The court said that the ban “seriously, and clearly illegally, breached the fundamental freedoms to come and go, the freedom of beliefs and individual freedom.”

“The effect on society [of the burkini ban] is disastrous,” worries Michel Tubiana, president of the Human Rights League, a century-old watchdog. “It radicalizes both sides, it raises tensions and it encourages isolationism in the Muslim community.”

It also plays into the hands of extremists, argues Yasser Louati, a civil liberties activist especially concerned by Islamophobia. “ISIS terror attacks are designed to have governments crack down on fundamental liberties,” he says. “They are looking to make it impossible for Muslims and non-Muslims to live peacefully together in the West.”

The Christian Science Monitor writes, “France should be finding ways to encourage symbols of Muslims’ integration into France’s diverse society, not banning a symbol like a bathing garment. The moral strength of Europe in countering extremist groups lies in honoring, not hindering, religious liberties of individuals rather than imposing social conformity. If anything, France should be finding ways to encourage symbols of Muslims’ integration into France’s diverse society, not banning a symbol like a bathing garment.” Only problem is that Muslims have no intention of integrating.

Muslim designer Tala Raassi writes, “As a Muslim woman, I have been as captivated as much as the rest of the world with the stories in France surrounding the “Burkini” ban. The extreme absurdity of seeing a group of gun-carrying men in uniform, forcing a woman to undress makes me weep for the state of humanity. The idea that such a simple form self- and religious expression could become such a flash point is almost beyond belief. And that it happened in one of the world’s most prominent liberal democracies is horrifying.”

Raassi cries for forcing women to undress but does not weep for all the Muslim husbands that enslave their women to a subservient position to Muslim men. Muslims are the very last people in the world into women`s rights and those who do not want to address this issue honestly are aiding and abetting a return to a darkness in the Western world that is easy to imagine if one takes a trip to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.  We can read a mountain of information about Islam and how the refugee problem is bringing down Europe.

A startling poll released at the end of August by public broadcaster ARD showed 81 percent of Germans support banning the most conservative types of Islamic veils from schools and government institutions. This dramatic shift in sentiment against Islamic ways is not coming from nothing.

It is not just about women’s cloths

This is a hard issue because many issues are coming to a head as terrorist attacks increase. The Times writes, “Anti-immigrant sentiment has surged since last year in many countries, especially as people who entered Europe with the migrant flow are linked to crimes and, in a few cases, attacks planned or inspired by the Islamic State or other radical groups. Neither the prosperous nations of Western and Northern Europe, where the refugees want to settle, nor Turkey, their point of departure for the Continent, are living up to their promises of help.”
Though it is possible for people of different religions to live together, history is lined with constant conflict and war between Muslims and everyone else. People can deny this as much as they like but it does not change the situation. However never before have we seen the conflict and war taken to the beach where people fight it out about what to wear.

Raassi said, “I found a new respect for women who chose to cover themselves in accordance with their religious beliefs. I also respected those who fearlessly wore bikinis.” Her choice of using the word fearlessly is important because white European women are risking rape just walking down the street at the hands of Muslim men as a rape epidemic sweeps across Europe.

Governments today are facing a new level of ancient conflicts that split people along religious fault lines. In Britain, for example  authorities have found the need to house imprisoned Islamist extremists in separate units from other inmates, after a review found that some charismatic convicts were radicalizing the wider Muslim population in prisons.

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Many are rising up against the flow of Refugees

In the States Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has become the latest governor to go on the record in no uncertain terms – telling President Obama his state will not accept any more refugees from Syria in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. The GOP governors of Michigan and Alabama came out with similar statements, and Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he is also closing his state to Syrian refugees. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence also announced they would suspend relocation of Syrian refugees in their states.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced he would also cut off the flow of Syria refugees into his state. By the end 2015 24 of the nation’s 34 Republican governors had pulled the plug on the Syrian refugee program. Kansas is withdrawing from plans to resettle Syrian refugees in the state after the federal government failed to provide security information on them, Republican Governor Sam Brownback said recently.

In Denmark, police ordered the cancellation of all trains to and from Germany in an attempt to thwart migrants. The country’s new center-right government has taken a tough line on immigration, even buying advertising space in Middle Eastern newspapers to dissuade people from travelling to the Nordic country.

The Spector writes, “The West’s movement towards the truth is remarkably slow. We drag ourselves towards it painfully, inch by inch, after each bloody Islamist assault. In France, Britain, Germany, America and nearly every other country in the world it remains government policy to say that any and all attacks carried out in the name of Mohammed have ‘nothing to do with Islam’.

The Spector says that many leaders and their senior advisers in private, “concede that they are telling a lie. The most sympathetic explanation is that they are telling a ‘noble lie’, provoked by a fear that we — the general public — are a lynch mob in waiting.”

The Telegraph said, “The toxic combination of the most prolonged period of economic stagnation and the worst refugee crisis since the end of the Second World War has seen the far-Right surging across the continent, from Athens to Amsterdam and many points in between. Optimists continue to argue that the concerns about the rise of nationalist fringes in Europe are overblown and that the best strategy is still to ignore them.”

Yet Germany is planning to ban EU migrants from most unemployment benefits for five years after their arrival in dramatic response to rightwing populist assaults on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s liberal immigration policies.
Hard Conclusion

Love can save the world only if it’s the smart, militant, hard-edged kind of love that Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., had in mind. Actually even these men were not hard or practical enough and thus Gandhi had to witness millions die as the Muslims and Hindus cut each other’s throats after the British finally left India.

Non-violence is a good idea but according to George Orwell pacifism is pro-Fascist. In a most disturbing video (that generalizes too much about women) an explanation is given why women like Chancellor Merkel and Hilary Clinton are inviting the destruction of their own societies.

The video talks about the kind of women who are inviting alien unassimilable armies of men into the West forcing their countries to use national wealth to sustain a mass of aggressive and hostile Islamic men who have little problem raping their countries women.

Europe is already being torn apart by Islamic terror yet even there the political establishment is not confronting the issues head on so a new breed of politicians is making great strides. Right-wing populism are ascending to power because of the failure on the part of the centralists to defend their populations from wild Muslim men who are human missiles targeted to destroy Western society, women and law.

These videos (part two) are terribly hard to listen to at first, and for me personally, as a devoted believer and practitioner of the Feminine Principle, it is almost impossible to conceive of the need for men to dominate the world. Yet if we allow female political leaders to continue to have their way with incredibly patient Islam, then Muslims will continue to slaughter Christians and Jews and take their women as sexual slaves as they have done throughout Islamic history.  

Women do not have to be as these videos assert they naturally are and of course many are not but way too many are. Perhaps the West deserves to perish under the boot of jihad but real men will assemble themselves and resist as they have done in hundreds of battles against Islamic armies.

However, this time it is different. Islam is invading the West and has already almost taken over several towns in the USA. Dearborn Mich. is one and there are others. Britain has several cities now with Sharia Law controlled zones meaning they are totally controlled by Muslims. There are now hundreds of places in Europe that the police hardly dare enter without massive firepower to protect themselves.    

Mike Snyder is telling Americans, “The nightmare of Islamic terror has been unleashed in this nation, and the things that we are going to see in the years ahead are going to be absolutely unthinkable.”

The war has begun in France, which has a long established Muslim community. After ten gunmen killed 130 people in Paris French police have engaged in a crackdown that has led to thousands of house searches and hundreds of curfew orders, wreaking havoc on the lives of Muslims. “People wake up with 20, 30 police officers bursting into their houses, in many cases people are handcuffed, police point firearms against them.”

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