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The Battle for Your Soul








Investigating Swedenborg and spirituality is impossible without accepting that Spirit and Soul exists.  We have arrived at the same place from theoretical grounds but the empirical data provided by both Swedenborg and other successful observers has filled us in on the evolution of the spiritual plane of existence.  It does not just exist but has also evolved in a profoundly human manner and looks much like an expected bell curve based on the spirit's intentions.

This is the real surprise.  First it is possible to individually confirm the existence of heaven.  Then we have understood that followers of Christ have created a christian afterlife.  Other cultures create culturally specific heavens as well but also live by the same rules in terms of intention.  

At the same time these cultural heavens are now largely converging toward each other, a lot because of the persuasive pressure of Christian doctrine driving other doctrines to actually conform to a similar practice.  This takes time of course, but the modern world is now collapsing time exponentially.  An Afghan villager will not be allowed to ignore modernism forever or even for too long.

At the same time damaged lives of the past have been steadily redeemed through rebirth and new lives.  All this is crashing in upon us now and the vision of the spiritual end-times is gathering flesh before us because of technology.  There is also a sense of critical mass reaching the point in which the veil between the physical and the spiritual is evaporating.

The take home today is that our spiritual inheritance is a human creation that preserves our existence.  Demon or angel are human choices and that makes us both part of the Ubermind but also independent entities.  But we knew that already and we are back around the block one more time.

The Battle for Your Soul
Chapter Three

Paranormal researcher Joshua P. Warren writes, “It sounds silly to think of being literally “battling for our souls.” But this takes on a surprisingly practical twist when you view this in terms of energy consumption. All life can only come from life. Therefore, all spirit is the same substance. This means we are each a particular, individual, temporary, condensation of a collective. Angels and Demons are everlasting energy. Your brain is the current interface between your identity and the whole. This means that, on a spiritual level, demons, humans, and angels are all made of the same thing. However, the particular form one occupies depends on how enlightened one has become to survive. The idea of angels above is a reference to their higher frequencies, and the idea of demons below is a reference to their lower frequencies. Those in the human form occupy a special position between the angels and demons. 
Evil is defined by a complete and absolute self-centered attitude and behavior. An evil being can kill, steal, and violate without any remorse because it has zero consideration for others. Therefore, goodness is just the opposite. Goodness is a pure desire to give and help others. Though it may seem like only an evil attitude will therefore allow you to survive, the irony is that the more you truly give, the more you will be truly rewarded. This is due to a peculiar principle of the universe that seems utterly counter-intuitive, but has been continually reinforced by every major spiritual figure revered throughout human history. Essentially, we all must consume in order to survive. However, there are two ways of doing it. One is to take and take alone. The other is to give, and be rewarded in the long-term by the basic rule that to receive, you must give, and then all will work in harmony. Since we are all made of the same stuff, we can say that demons are humans in lower-frequency form. Because they are takers, their full forms are dense. When glimpsed from time to time, they appear dark because light cannot easily penetrate their forms. They are parasites that will latch onto vulnerable people and drain their energy over time. When this happens, the person becomes agitated, aggressive and illogical, like a scared, wounded animal. The person’s behavior will become self-destructive, and he or she will eventually die by sheer self-neglect or taking unnecessary risks. It is the goal of the demon to feed as long as possible before inevitably killing its victim, just like a deadly, parasitic worm.

Angels, on the other hand, are higher frequency beings that appear much lighter, and can sometimes radiate luminously when seen. They are here to help you. In fact, the angel has evolved to its state via spiritual natural’s election, by acts of charity and giving. The angel’s energy is provided by the universe in return for helping you. Instead of taking all of an individual’s energy, an angel will help a hundred people, knowing that a portion of each person’s energy will symbiotically go back to the angel, sustaining its long life, and the lives of those helped. Therefore, it is in the angel’s self-interest to help you. Though we cannot fully comprehend their highly-advanced ways, it seems they are almost like filters, happily consuming your negative energies because they are advanced and strong enough to properly digest them. Angels are simply waiting there to help you, and you may enlist their assistance at any time to improve your life’s noble wishes. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? But they can’t force their help on you. You must ask sincerely.

Humans are in a very special position. Humans have the chance to become angels or demons. If a human takes on a positive, giving attitude, and is charitable, tolerant, and good, his or her frequency will rise. Once you adopt this attitude, you’ll feel better about yourself. You’ll walk more erect and confidently, smiling and interacting with your fellow humans with warmth and compassion. When you finally die, and the material debris of your body falls away, the spiritual frequency you have achieved will determine the realm you are capable of perceiving and entering next. You are therefore creating your next life right now. Hopefully you are making a heaven for yourself, since your current thoughts and attitudes send you onward to the matching place. Angles & Demons beside You / Joshua P. Warren

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