Friday, July 4, 2014

Russia's Popigai Meteor Crash Linked to Eocene Mass Extinction

illustration of asteroid slamming into earth




 We should no longer be too surprised.  In fact, it is way more reasonable to start with a major impact as causation.   It provides the immediate energy and after effects that any other process simply cannot.  Life itself is amazingly capable of working around even a real disaster.

 After all, the Pleistocene Nonconformity ended the Ice Age over twelve thousand years ago.  We have plenty of evidence that the menagerie itself though clearly decimated did manage to hang out in spots all over for thousands of years.  We have Mammoths into historical times on remote islands in

It is becoming clear that extinction needs a geological event that seriously alters climate as well.  Even then there will be Refugio able to hold survivors.

The Eocene did see a sharp worsening of the climate.  We just do not understand all the details yet.

Russia's Popigai Meteor Crash Linked to Mass Extinction

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