Thursday, July 17, 2014

Enigma Man: Another Hominid Species Lived Amongst Us

We remain on the track of the Asian Wild Man. This primate is part of the ancestral lineage but otherwise unidentified in our present environment. It is plausible that such a wild man mated with a human to produce the so called mythical Bigfoot.

The actual human lineage remains far more open than any of us really understand. After all, our core lineage likely began as a boar primate hybrid that bred true and back bred into the maternal primate lineage. Add in deliberate modification 200,000 years ago and away we go. All this could have happened at much the same time or not. Either way the resultant offspring were our ancestors.

These ancestors rolled out under guidance until 45,000 years ago. After that or even well before, breeding with Neanderthals became possible as they where of the same stock. These radical ideas are out there and nothing blocks any of it.

What we do know is that there is a likely wild man out there in Asia that we know little about except that they did interbreed.

Enigma Man: Another Hominid Species Lived Amongst Us

A new documentary, Enigma Man, to be first broadcast in Australia on June 24, 2014, will highlight the discoveries made in analyzing the fossils of the Red Deer Cave People.

With Enigma Man we follow the groundbreaking research of Aussie paleoanthropologist Darren Curnoe and his Chinese colleague, paleontologist Ji Xueping.

Their study of ancient human remains found in a remote cave in South-west China looks at the idea there may have been another species of human existing alongside our ancestors as recently as 11,000 – 14,000 years ago.

Dubbed the ‘‘Red Deer Cave people’’, these ancient people, or, more precisely, their remains – so similar, yet so physically different from us – are much, much younger than our Neanderthal relatives, posing some seriously interesting questions. Were they really another human species? And if so, what happened to them? Why did they die out? How did they live? And what were their interactions with our own early relatives?

Earlier reconstructions of what these peoples looked like have given way to new reconstructions.

We were not alone. Another has been found. Are we alone now? Are the Enigma people still among us? If rediscovered, how would that first interview with an anthropologist go? Is this photo below a hint of a possible future?

We are not alone. If there is any truth to the testimony of eyewitnesses worldwide, we appear to live amid a variety of humanlike and apelike creatures whose existence has been largely ignored, forgotten, or denied, at least in recent history. Despite the crowding of the earth’s surface with our species and the encroachment of Homo Sapiens into the mountains, wildernesses, and wild places around the world, there is apparently ample room left over for our elusive cousins to hide. The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, by Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe (rev. new edition 2006).

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