Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stevia Counters Addiction of Cigarettes and Alcohol

This is a completely unexpected finding and obviously blocks the biological chain in addiction for both cigarettes and alcohol and by inference, likely anything else. That alone is a good rrason to have some of this new herb in your garden.

We already know that it provides a valuable sweetener that is slowly been worked into the market by the big players. A long time ago I called for just that in order to wean us off our dangerous sugar addiction. I never thought for a second that it could be effective for addictions per se.

This is wonderful news and the alternate crowd will find a way to deliver it easily.

This Miracle Herb Will Help You Quit Smoking !

May 20, 2014 02:29 AM.

Stevia, a healing herb, “kills” the need for nicotine and also melts pounds, and the best about it is that you can cultivate it in your home.

Stevia not only reduces high blood pressure and cures throat inflammation, it is also a good ally in the fight against chronic fatigue.

The latest clinic research conducted in the USA show that this herb gives excellent results if you want to reduce the need for both cigarettes and alcohol. Stevia is also known as a natural sweetener and an amazing substitute for sugar. So, with a single shot you can kill 10 flies, or problems.

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