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Pterosaur Sighting in Georgia

Another recent pterosaur sighting in the Eastern USA a few days back is reported. As mentioned, what is happening, is that witnesses are now locating internet sites able to report what they saw and in the process we are beginning to build a body of work. It will take some time but sooner or later this will become as well organized as the BFRO were the witnesses are reinterviewed and in the process have their credibility established.

This witness has not been questioned yet as to apparent size, nor has the son.

What is slowly emerging is basic confirmation that these creatures do exist. There is even a photo out there in which a group of hunters are showing of a trophy and it comes from long before it could be photo shopped. So we are going from one report that could be dismissed plausibly to were several reports are now extant and plausibly a mass of reports are out there just waiting for publicity to draw them in.

As posted in the past, the key to all this is to understand that all such creatures are nocturnal feeders and are normally very shy of humanity, although that may be now changing since we no longer have millions of teenage boys out there with a hunting rifle as we did up to the 1950's.

Pterosaur Sightings in Georgia

On Wednesday, July 18, 2012, a lady was driving with her two sons on Highway 27, in Franklin, Georgia, around 8:15 a.m., when they saw what she called a “flying dinosaur.” In her email to me, she said, “I was so shocked at what I was seeing I started yelling to my sons to look up look up. I ask my oldest ‘do you see what I’m seeing?’ and he goes ‘Wow!’”

The lady’s son told his mother that it looked like a “pterodactyl.”

I asked the lady some questions:

Q: Did it have a tail?

A: Yes it it had a tail, a long one.

Q: Was the creature flapping its wings or just gliding?

A: It was just gliding across [the] road . . .

Q: About how high off the ground was the creature?

A: I can’t really say how high but low enough that I knew it wasn’t a big bird.

More Sightings Near Winder, Georgia (recent post)

. . . about a year and a half ago, maybe a little more, I saw what I believe to be the same animal from directly below, traveling fast . . . The tail is what riveted me, you could see the shape on the end . . . it stuck straight out.

A Modern Pterosaur in Georgia (older post)

Those two flying creatures might be of a rare species, normally nocturnal but temporarily displaced by a storm, perhaps a pair flying in daylight out of necessity. If they are nocturnal, Georgia certainly has many places for creatures to hide while sleeping in daylight.

Thanks to Jonathan Whitcomb - Live Pterosaur

Live Pterosaurs in America: Not extinct, flying creatures of cryptozoology that some call pterodactyls or flying dinosaurs or prehistoric birds

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