Saturday, July 13, 2019

Communion of SE Asia

A natural political and economic counterweight to the bogeyman of CCP Chinese Hegomony which is presently a real and existential threat thanks to the ongoing existence of the hegemonic CCP is the already established State of India and what is a putative common wealth or political communion of SE Asia.

Surprisingly such a communion of SE Asia would share amazing natural water based internal communication that makes it profoundly defensible as a political and imperial entity.  

The population is also similar to that of both India and China.

Economically the elimination of poverty in conjunction with a common currency would rapidly empower such a natural Imperium.

The rise of such an entity in the face of Chinese ambitions would chill those ambitions and allow a common development of the South Chinese shelf for fisheries enhancement.

Southeast Asia is made up of 11 countries. Here is a short highlight video featuring them: Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, East Timor, Laos, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Burma and Thailand.  The population exceeds 600,000,000

 add in

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia  as well and we get another 200,000,000. 

Both China and India claim populations of around 1,300,000,000.   I suspect that China is lying.  The demographics of the one child policy should produce a population decline that should be well underway.  That policy has now abated, but was real enough.

There should not be enough mothers to sustain present levels.

My key point though is that both India and China demand a massive investment in rail and road in order to prosper.  This is much less true for SE Asia were road is often enough in the early stage and every thing moves by water.. 

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