Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Texas School ‘Cures’ ADHD With One Change

Could it really be this easy and worse, have we really never done comparative studies ever??  From the bits and pieces now been done, i have to say it has always been about administrative convenience and top down thinking.

Add in inspired nutrition  and meditation and it all becomes much better.

This is still doing the obvious and making sure it works and why do we need to be told?  Did an administrative shift decades ago create generations of students unable to properly concentrate that then promoted a chemical protocol to solve the faux problem?

Of course it boils down to just that. No one ever did studies to find out back in the day.

It makes total sense.  your effective concentrated attention span is about thirty minutes max.  And what you cannot do is instantly shift gears and then jump into another subject without a substantive break.  Even shaking your hands out is a break.
Texas School ‘Cures’ ADHD With One Change 


March 10, 2017 


ADD and ADHD are both constantly touted by parents and teachers as the reasoning behind why children are unable to focus. And often times, the “cure” seems to be a slew of pharmaceutical medications that numb the children to their surroundings.

Rarely is the cure ever to cut down on sugar or to consider that a child’s brain and focus simply isn’t fully developed. And never has the cure been enacting a program that extends the amount of time kids have recess.

Could the answer to better test scores, behavior, and attention be as simple as play?

The Eagle Mountain Elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas has been giving their children two 15-minute recess breaks every morning and two breaks every afternoon. These breaks cut into classroom time and kids are encouraged to play. And guess what? It is working.

Kids are now able to focus better and there is less fidgeting.

So then are we mishandling ADD and ADHD diagnoses? It would seem pharma’s found a wonderful revenue stream with an “ailment” that can often be cured with proper diet and more activity time.

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