Tuesday, March 7, 2017

New York Times Wiretap Story.

 This is beyond bizarre.   Can the reporter not read his own stories from a month before?  Obviously you cannot go out and claim that the whole case against Trump for Russian contact is based on 'intercepted' communication and then claim that the counter claim of wiretapping is spurious.  That the whole exercise proved nothing is incidental then.

It is not incidental that the New York times knew about the wire tapping.  They are in fact now in possession of evidence or they are fabricating something somewhere.  How do you wish to go down?

There are now plenty of issues arising over the behavior of the Obama Administration in its last days.  What is egregious is the deliberate efforts to cast doubts on the authenticity of Trumps win.  This has given permission for the true believers to continue the pre electorial conflict at a dangerous level.

There is actually only one fly in the ointment and that is that a massive popular vote advantage arose in New York, LA, SF and Chicago, all famously prone to vote stuffing.  This provide a popular vote advantage to the losers.  If major fraud did occur, then it also happened back in 2012 as well and plausibly in 2008 and even further back.  This needs to be thoroughly investigated and also cured.

My point though is that the only legitimate talking point is deeply suspect but also a false issue allowing the losers to excuse their disastrous campaign. The harsh reality is that Trump decisively won while ceding California, New York and Illinois. He is the legitimate president and he has been elected to shut down the present political apparatus and to rebuild it to operate properly.  Thus he is at war first with internal enemies and it appears he is slowly grinding it out...

It's Official! The New York Times Has Just Been Exposed and No One Saw This Coming


Please share and expose the New York Times! In January, the New York Times confirmed in a report that President Trump's campaign was the subject of wiretaps that were being provided to the White House. The Times is now claiming that there is no evidence to support President Trump's claim of Wiretapping. Lidblog reported: On January 19th and 20th 2017, The NY Times reported that wiretaps of people on the Trump team were passed along to the Obama White House, one of the story’s authors was Michael S. Schmidt. On Saturday that same Michael S. Schmidt was one of the reporters who wrote the story, “Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones.” That’s right, the same NY Times reporter who was one of the sources for the President’s claim, said that there was no evidence for the claim. The first story by Mr. Schmidt appeared on the NY Times website the evening of January 19, 2017 and appeared on the front page of the paper the morning of Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017: 

On Saturday, the day the POTUS tweeted that he was wiretapped, the NY Times claimed President Trump had no evidence. If you look at the bi-line of the story, you will see the same Michael S. Schmidt: This is the ultimate in liberal media bias. In January Michael S. Schmidt perpetuated the rumor that team Trump had Russian connections, and to support his point he said that Trump’s people were wiretapped. However when President Trump claimed his people were wiretapped, the same guy, Michael S. Schmidt said there was no evidence.

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