Thursday, July 1, 2021

Elongated Head DNA Discovery… Interplanetary Beings or Another Species of Humans?

This is an important update.  The type is shown to be global in distribution.  Better it arose at the end of the Ice Age around 12,500 years ago.  They are also associated with the global advent of agriculture in particular which took place magically in a dozen or so locates..

We discover that they are all hybrids on human females and that the male dna is unknown. The same may well hold true for the Sasquatch or Sami people.

We do have an ongoing narritive of advanced intervention assisting our development.

There is much we still fail to fully access and all this says as much.

Again Agknathen introduced the so called sun god.  Instead he introduced accessing the inner sun. This is quite a different concept that i personally have experienced.

Then he was represented as an elongigated skull being.

Elongated Head DNA Discovery… Interplanetary Beings or Another Species of Humans?

Genetic material taken from elongated heads found in Peru, as analyzed by Nassim Haramein’s team, indicate an otherworldly origin. Our team of experts connect the dots between the locations of pyramids around the world and the discovery of elongated skulls. These people, who appear to be from an advanced culture, would have been revered as gods to the human civilizations rising from aftermath of a great calamity. Plus, their mitochondrial DNA shows these people had mothers who herald from the Middle East, but the fathers’ lines cannot be traced to any know DNA on the planet. Could this be evidence proving that advanced beings from another world came to usher in a new form of consciousness and to guide the earliest of civilizations to fruition? Follow the link to Decipher the Code of Our Origins 


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