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DNA: The Storm is Upon Us

Read this please.  Allow yourself to imagine seeing the present from the future.  We interpret the present using the past.  This is not necessary even with great evil loose in our world.  Even they will be saved in their own way.

Now imagine Earth Terraformed with a population in excess of one hundred billion.  Now imagine my future self showering love on all of you.  Can your future self do exactly the same?  success will mean loving each and every one.  Ask if you can do this and then work toward this objective.

That is how terraformed terra becomes heaven on earth.  It will be physically real with the prime reality been our unbounded love.

We want to love each other and to be open and free about it. This is coming from your future self.  You will be able to say i love you freely to every man and women you meet as a matter of course and we will all be beautiful.

DNA: The Storm is Upon Us

Operation Disclosure | By PhosLight, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 9, 2021

DNA could be seen as an interdimensional time machine with its own “Wormhole!” DNA acts like tunnels of information being transmitted through the Matrix’s hyperspace that interacts with Lumen, Lux and Flux.

“We are from the future.” by Garrett John gives us one of the most reflective short music video clips available! How many of us have been seeking the Truth outside of convention, fabrication and deception over the Ages! Why must we seek? What have we forgotten? Why have we forgotten? Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Why are we being lied to? Why are they trying to change our mRNA via biological weaponized DNA vaccinations?

We must listen and become aware of the truth behind these valid questions. The answers are stored deep within the stratum of our suppressed memories. We are from the ‘future.’ This world is based on our suppressed memories and DNA associated memory. Our memory is more sophisticated than that of the most maximum computer built today! Our memory loss is not the same as dissociative amnesia, a form of repression due to trauma. We are in the future; we are being repressed by a form of virtual reality technology controlling our DNA associative memories. Nonetheless to date, the attempt to erase the greater truths embedded within our hearts and souls have never been successful. It is our heart and soul that are the true Seekers within this marginalized illusion!

Today there are technologies that can repress and erase an individual’s memories, but they still can’t erase their heart and soul memories. They can even transfer the memories (neuron-patterns) stored within our holographic brains into a computer or a clone’s brain, but not what lies within our hearts and soul. This has all been “Hollywoodized” so you will only associate it with Science Fiction. We are from the future, why do you think Star Trek and Star Wars became considered as one of the most popular and influential television series of all time. Looking back at all of the so called “Sci-Fi” movies, note how many of them are now coming forward as modern-day technology! If I had tried to convince you about “Virtual Reality” technology back in the fifties or sixties, you would have thought me insane, but today, it is being sold at your local gaming shops!

Have you felt like a round peg being forced into a square hole! I also felt that I was constantly being watched, but I didn’t feel paranoid or being physically followed. As a young seeker, I could not shake the feeling that I was from the future! Due to being empathic, I have had to deal with triggered memories by myself. My annoyed mother would question, “Where do you get this stuff from?” Thus, I attempted to keep all of my eccentricity hidden; but this didn’t stop people from stopping and staring at me, or strangers from being rude with disapproving looks. I have lived most of my life choosing one form of remoteness to the next.

I became obsessed with trying to remember what I was supposed to do and how to be common. I sought sanctuary in meditation and started having “bi-location” experiences!! At one point, my inner eye was open and I found myself lying in a darkened room encompassed by some form of technology. Recently, when I saw a “Med-bed”, I immediately associated its design as similar. I couldn’t move as if frozen, yet in my peripheral, I clearly saw a double bank of computers set in a wall lower down to my left from where I was. A male humanoid was monitoring the screens. I became cognizant that someone was standing slightly behind and over me, when suddenly; I telepathically perceived a panicking voice exclaiming, “She’s Awake!!” Instantly the entire vision went blank and I found myself single focused sitting in meditation in this world. This was not an Astral Plane experience. I experienced being in an alternate physical avatar whilst simultaneously sitting in meditation in this world!

As we cut through the veils of consciousness within this Epistle, we need to get a fresh perspective on the vital role DNA plays in creating our reality. We will be looking at how DNA influences our perceptions and behavior patterns. We need to understand and discern the powers of the human heart vs excessive and dispensable ancestral DNA influences.

DNA is the electrodynamic digitized storage unit used as the template for all organic life. It controls and/or influences all of our genetic characteristics, brain/mind functions, talents, and health. It not only makes up our physical characteristics, but also the personality traits that contribute to our choices and mind-sets towards spirituality; religion; good; evil; violence; pacifism; virtue or immorality. In order to grasp the depth of this, we must recognize that DNA is the storehouse of all ancestral behavioral patterns, including all of their dark psychological forces. We shall explore this half of the story before moving on to the victorious solution hidden within the other half of the story.

“Information may be knowledge, but knowledge without wisdom is remiss.” – PhosLight


DNA is the depository of information carried forward from our root cellars. For an easy and obvious overview, simply look at the “Bauer/Rothschild; Gates; Bush; Soros; Rockefeller’s and their nefarious lineages. Hillary Rodham & Bill Clinton’s nefarious behaviors can also be traced back. Hillary’s father was known to be a “tough, prejudiced, brusque, sarcastic, and brutish man.” “There’s a lot of him in Hillary,” said Lisa Caputo, a former White House press aide close to Hillary who knew Mr. Rodham. A Clinton body guard sited “one day she came yelling into the Oval Office and struck the President with a closed fist, giving him a black eye that had to be masked with make-up.” Washington Post Staff Writer David Maraniss wrote: Bill Clinton “was the heroic son in a dysfunctional family.”

Generations of passed down genomes can become deeply conflicted between newly developed higher thinking patterns and ancestral stored patterns. The disregard or attraction to abuse; blood violence and consumption; greed and power have been locked into various lineages. For these entities, this and other inexplicable penchants are coming from their DNA’s storehouse of ancestral roots.

Psychopath and Sociopath are terms used to describe anti-social personality disorders. Mental researchers are in agreement that Psychopathic behaviors are passed down through DNA; whereas Sociopaths are created via serious abuse or neglect during childhood. Many are created via sexual assaults. Psychopaths and Sociopaths share a number of DNA characteristics, including “a lack of remorse or empathy for others; a lack of guilt or ability to take responsibility for their actions; a disregard for laws or social conventions, and an inclination towards violence perpetrated upon others. This reportedly gives the psychopath feelings of a demigod-like power over others, whilst the sociopath may be attempting to regain some sense of power. These people are easily proselytized into satanic cults and heinous crimes against humanity.

The bottom line is that Psychopaths are born and Sociopaths are made. Sociopathic grooming is widespread amongst the young in Hollywood’s and Disney World along with most all of the young pop stars! This is why so many have been easily attracted into satanic organizations. Their satanic signs, tattoos and outrageous behavior tell a story. A growing number have committed suicide or have been repeatedly committed to rehab and therapy centers. A glowing public example of this is Brittany Spears, who was forced under a probate conservator-ship to keep control of her and her fortune. All of these unfortunates are placed under the control of a Sub rosa occult handler. The majority, along with the hard core psychos are now finding their names on the satanic ritual abuse and “Adrenochrome” child blood harvesting lists that are now being exposed! Whether DNA or victimization, the “Law of Attraction” and “Free Will to Choose” cannot be easily dismissed no matter who our favorite movie or pop star is! Yet, perhaps there may be exceptions to this rule; thus, the old adage: “walk in another’s moccasins before making a judge-ment!”

You may ask, “What has this to do with me??” Perhaps more than you know, perhaps not on this demonic level, but on more subtle levels! How do you treat your spouse; your children; defenseless creatures and yourself? Do you blame yourself for things you feel you have no control over? Do you find yourself at odds over life changing decisions? Do you experience an entire choir of voices whispering in your brain when trying to decide on something? More often than not, it is the Village Voices surfacing from your neural patterns. Do you often feel you are of two or more minds about important issues? Do you feel torn in what you are expressing in your life vs what you wish or want to express? This may be due to overbearing ancestral DNA patterns! How many times have you felt self-abhorrence at what came out of your mouth and said, “Oh my God, that sounded just like my mother or…, my father”?

More to the point, I had two very special friends who were married and lived in NZ. Jack’s father was Samoan and his mother was English. His wife, Jill was pure Caucasian, beautiful and extremely high maintenance. Jack suffered two bankrupt-cies before reaching 30 years of age. Jill’s high maintenance demands grew so Jack turned to white-collar crime in an attempt to keep up. Within a short time, he couldn’t take the pressure and committed suicide.

Case Scenario: Jack often confided in me that he longed for a small piece of land where he could raise his three beautiful sons in nature and in peace, but Jill refused to listen. I watched him struggle between his Mother’s English DNA and his Father’s Samoan DNA heritages! The Samoan cultures value family; the land; cultivating crops, livestock and fisheries. English cultures value materialism, privacy, self-industry, business and education.


As the heading implies, we need to begin to understand, accept, and deal with how DNA affects us. DNA is the keeper of volumes of event-timelines. It independently measures spatiotemporal angles, curvatures, distances, and duration’s via an invisible interconnected web of light. Architecture can be classified within a chronology of styles that have been changed during the reset/reboot of new emerging Matrix’s to suit “End Game” winners and their agendas. Some researchers might consider this as a restored “Time Loop.” Refreshed matrix architecture stimulates the virtual internee’s adaptation to their new environment.

Due to this, towards the end of each preceding matrix there is a gradual change in the architecture to jump start the reprogramming of your DNA’s association patterns with the modified incoming backdrop. This stimulates the brain to merge with and recognize the altered data. All proceeding changes need to accommodate the DNA’s retention of past spatiotemporal data along with the emerging new ideas; technology, materials and belief systems. Quantum physics call it the “Observer Affect”. All things are created out of consciousness, digitally or not, which is why it is persistently stated: “It’s all in your mind.” When an observer’s brain has nothing to associate something to, it simply doesn’t exist. This is why the new apparent Controllers need to allow inexplicable prehistorical structures to exist. Their cover claims they were all created “before recorded history.” By doing so, they are also manipulating time-lines.

Consider the more recent incredulous, immense pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses used to construct superstructures; towers, temples, cathedrals and official buildings with ornate decoration during the 13th century up through the early 19th century. They want you to believe they were constructed using primitive hand tools, horses and carts. How was it possible for such feats to be manifested by “non-technical societies still under the antediluvian fist of the Roman Catholic Church? Where did these incredible superstructures come from or were they simply rebooted and refreshed from a former program? Google ancient Cathedrals and Temples from 1100 towards the 1830ies and look at what they want you to believe were built by horse and cart!

LOOK at the photos from around the globe and ask yourself; “Are they hiding embedded secrets from a previously rebooted time-loop in plain sight?” Could architectural revivals show usa see-sawing effect related to entire cultures being taken over by changing dominating power groups during a reset – reboot? Maybe add somewhere “can’t match architecture in this day and age”?

And, there are still NO explanations as to how entire civilizations simply “disappeared!” The Mayans; the Indus Valley Civilization; Angkor Wat; Petra; the Olmec’s; Terra Preta to name just a few. These were highly sophisticated and advanced societies, some more architecturally advanced than we are today, that mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth. Spanish conquistadors wrote home telling of cities made from gold with vast civilizations in the Amazon now hidden and vacant under massive jungle overgrowth. Many of these societies had written language, water and sewage systems, along with agriculture. The Mayan’s invented the #0 a thousand years before the concept ever entered into European minds. Where did they all go? Could they have been developed and aware enough to escape the Matrix reset? All data leads us to conclude that the current Matrix was rebooted approximately two hundred years ago when its 2/D based architectural designs started becoming more “simplified” in their angles, curvatures, squares and rectangles. This was purposely done in preparation for the incoming reboot at that time.

The simpler the design – the simpler the mind – the simpler to control! This is being foisted upon not only by simplifying angles, but more powerfully by creating the new SMS (texting) abridged languages!!! All languages are stored within the DNA and the new simplified down languages being manifested is causing a dumbing-down affect. We have been gradually reprogrammed over the last 20th–21st century towards a more simplified contemporary style of architecture and language to accommodate the impending “reset” the NWO is preparing for. Notice the new buildings springing up everywhere in the shape of sky scraping penises! Ask yourself, who historically worships these “Obelisk forms?”

London was the epicenter of the last two resets, and looks to being used to lead the way again! Look up images for The “Gherkin” skyscraper, London 2003; The Shard, also London 2013, The Torre Glòries Tower, Spain 2005; Burj Doha, high rise tower Doha Qatar 2005 (located near Dubai) to name just a few! These Sky Scrapping Obelisk shaped towers are appearing all over the globe and in China. Look up the Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai 1999 –– The Oriental Pear, Shanghai 1994 –– Shanghai Tower 2015 and so forth. These buildings cost millions upon millions of dollars. Most are being coined as “Futuristic Architectural Styles.” Interestingly, Freemasonry is supposedly outlawed in China; yet they are using Free Masonry NWO symbols in their most recent skyscrapers also.

Do your own research! The prophetic statement, “Nothing can stop what is coming” is true. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean we have lost the End Game already or have to be losers!! Wake up to the illusional reality you are experiencing and helping to manifest!! Stand up with the souls that are awakening and be counted; we can still be victorious! Don’t take too long or stand in line to get vaxxed; we are running out of time. Be aware that the controllers have no soul, thus the need for transhumanism!

“Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein.

It is time to Wake Up, in the true sense of the word, by learning, discerning and accepting how the illusion is being generated!

Most are aware that DNA has a strong affect over physical features and talents, which often lead to capricious self-images. Still, without understanding and discernment, we become more like a ship floundering in a storm seaway with a shutdown engine with no one at the wheel, than a self-directed human being!


The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy within the human body. Its electrical component is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. Our heart carries our Personal Signature Frequencies in concentrated waveforms giving us our personal power along with our personal “power of attraction.” We can, at the very least, change and upgrade our Personal Signature via Love and Forgiveness; yet even more powerful is to seek the understanding and remembrance of “non-separation” from our home star and all things created above and below! By letting go and giving any power or credit to this illusion; by turning your face away from fear and refocusing on the truth being shared here and your inner truth, you can change your world!

Start realizing we are all being controlled within an illusion utilizing DNA. All timelines, from fabricated ancient histories, are specious. We have been further compromised by teachings of past life “karma.” Karma is based upon the entire aggregation of DNA found within our genome’s storehouses, which includes every single ancestral progenitor we came from: the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’.

There are over 7 ½ billion people in this illusion and in comparison to the numbers, few have a soul. Most souls exist in a state of “bi-location” surreptitiously linked to DNA. DNA has a great deal of control over our visual cortex and minds. The soulless are hard-wired inserts from the mainframe controlling the matrix. The Controllers are amongst the “soulless”, which is why they are so dangerous; they ‘know’ they have everything to lose.

The only thing DNA does not control is our soul and the human heart, which is why most statues of Buddha show him pointing to his heart!Ancient healers understood the heart was a thinking organ with its own form of intelligence. The human heart has the ability to process, learn, and remember. It carries our true feelings, which can be at odds with our programmed responses. Souls with undeveloped hearts are much easier to program and control than those who are more highly developed. However, many become confused and depressed due to feeling lost and or bored. Many seek ways to escape by ignorantly committing suicide, or through artificially releasing mood altering – feel-good chemicals. When you engage in activities you find pleasurable, such as eating sweets as a child, it teaches the brain what actions to repeat, and eventually long for. Alcohol, drugs, video games all affect our pleasure centers and release oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Continuing in this can lead to addiction and ghastly side effects due to the brain losing its ability to manufacture these chemicals naturally! Drugs and alcohol can overload the brain with dopamine, while also reducing the brain’s dopamine receptors in the process. Many wonder and despair over the question: “What the hell am I doing here?” But, only a few may be ready to hear and accept the Truth? “The Truth Shall Set You Free” is a truism; but first you must learn to recognize and accept the Truth. You are here for no other reason than to wake up!

Our heart’s intelligence is the center of our soul and spiritual wisdom as opposed to our ancestral genome patterns and hard wired programming. Even though we cannot control the Controllers, we can choose to elevate our own heart in order to wake up! We are repeating WWIII in biblical proportions; a psychological war for our soul! We are from the future; all of the events taking place today are interrelated with an ongoing rebooted timeline–loop that has taken place more than once already. This is what makes prophecy and “Looking Glass” technology possible. Yet, all of it is stored within our hearts and souls. We may not be able to change the entire Dreamspell illusion for the masses; but we can change our own and wake up. It is true, there is a file on every single person located in this matrix; but it isn’t stored on this dimensional plane, it is stored on the fourth dimension where we are all experiencing this substratum virtual world. Believe it or not!

By grasping the power DNA has over our consciousness, we can understand why the Controllers are so desperate and anxious to change our DNA via global Vaccines. E.g. Moderna is an acronym for Mode (way of changing) RNA! DNA vaccines contain genetic information that can be transmitted to the “messen-ger RNA.” An RNA or mRNA vaccine means you are one step ahead of a DNA vaccine. D.C. Górecki, from theDepartment of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, at the Royal Free University Medical School in London states, “These vaccines produce consequences both for individuals and for the entire population.” Exposed consequences involve an attempt to cut us completely off from our pineal gland, thus shutting down the 3rd eye.

Even more damning evidence is showing that they are legally claiming that all those vaccinated are no longer human via the 2013 Pathology v Myriad Genetics, Inc.’s court case. The US Supreme Court ruled that human DNA could not be patented, because it was “a product of nature”. However, the Supreme Court also ruled that if a human genome was modified by mRNA vaccines (which are currently in use), then the modified genome could be patented. By their definition this means that everyone who receives the vaccine can and will be legally and technically “patented.” Those vaccinated will become patented “proprietary.” These people will legally be identified as ‘transhumans’ who no longer have any access to human rights or rights granted by the state; because they will no longer be classified as 100% biological, or human and will no longer have access to human rights.

We are also looking at a technology that reverses DNA, the same as you would in a computer. The current patent related to this technology is “WO2020060606” –– It is a “Crypto-Currency System that uses body activity data.” This technology will be placed in your body with a barcode assigned to it that is attached to the new cryptocurrency. The technology tracks your body activity and when you reach a “satisfactory amount of activity” your crypto-currency will be paid out. This is the short version of the patent, but you need to review and research it properly for yourself.

They do not want you to know how prevalent and resilient your heart is whilst still accessible. This Matrix was originally created as an experiment that went intolerably wrong! It has turned into an alien petri-dish of integrated galactic and animal DNA known as the human species. This Earth matrix is Ground 0 for something much more imperative than you may ever know.

Hidden within the term “Earth” is the anagram “Heart!” Our Hearts are the secret weapon that can still bring victory whilst we have the choice! In past-loops we have attempted to triumph via gurus; love; wars; compassion; and crises, all to no avail. We must wake up and the human heart is the key, for it holds the Truth including all of the greatness that has also been handed down!

“The heart is the engine to our ability to discern conflicting DNA, programming, and interference; once opened, it can become our personal steering wheel.” – PhosLight

Our DNA may be a potpourri handed down from our ancestors, including all of the tinkering from the so called gods and their hybrid creations, such as the Nephilim and their other DNA enhanced monstrosities; perhaps even some AI technology. All of this simply goes to prove we are from the future. However,these gods placed their own DNA in the mix, giving us unrevealed levels of plenary personal powers with the ability to create and change the illusion, popularized as a “Dreamspell”.

There is a religious ascetic sect known as the“Fakir – Faqir” in India. Theywere coined by the colonial invaders (Controllers) as “representatives of everything problematic in India”. They chose to vilify it under a horde of fake news. This group demonstrate unequivocal control over the physiological functions of their bodies. They can place their bodies onto a bed of sharp nails and control the flow blood at will, and cause their wounds to heal instantly. They have demonstrated being buried alive, remaining without a coffin under the soil, without being the worse for the ordeal. There was little doubt that these feats were genuine. They were witnessed by committees of journalists and physicians. The cataleptic states were real — their bodies were fully restored to normal physiological functions within minutes. This was all due to them becoming aware of the magical properties stored within the DNA; the same DNA we all contain!!!

We also carry the Pure Power of our Star Logos within us, which is why as a species we so long to return to the “stars”. It is also why our cells are self-illuminating organism!!!! This is what they are desperately trying to hide and take away from us. They want you to believe you are an unenlightened primitive Neanderthal monkey man, and, that the Elite are the only ones with higher forms of DNA. Be aware: You give them power over you when you actively agree, allow, invite, or capitulate to their perverse programs. Start to comprehend, they are the soulless trapped within a matrix created by their failed hearts and engrained dark psychological forces. They are personally void of all Light, Wisdom Love and Divine Roots. More importantly, they lost all natural creative powers due to not having a soul, which they have attempted to substitute through technology! They are desperately attempting to create a perpetual unified artificial intelligent world they can exist in; however they cannot manifest it without observers with a genuine soul!!!! Time is also running out for them, as more and more of us are waking up!

A negated unawakened heart creates internal confusion that cuts you off from liberation and free thinking along with your inherent deep-rooted abilities. Our heart is our profound power and connection to god and the gods!!!! (Some ancient texts claim that capitalizing letters can effectively remove the term from actuality.) We must let go of all illusional attachments to this world! Ask yourself, “If a galactic ship landed on my front lawn and invited me to leave this matrix, would I be able to simply step on board without looking back.

“Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” – Genesis 19:26

The hidden meaning in this is, she could not let go of her attachments or the past and it claimed her.

This entire world is being created out of photons, along with our bodies. We have become mesmerized by the pixels on the screen in our brain. It takes 10,000 photons to make up one pixel, which is why we think of ourselves as Light Beings. Scientific researchers are more recently learning how to create and control photons. We are from the Future!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are wondrous Beings, including our entire DNA. Know this and remember; take back your inherent power by allowing your heart and soul to guide back to the living Spirit within. The Truth hidden within you can set you free!

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