Saturday, July 31, 2021

Piwakawaka tiny house puts small living on the level

We are really getting there.  The tech is now starting to nicely shake out as we all learn to build and manufacture for the limitations rather than adding footage as the cheapest expedient.

It is necessary to have the ability to open the space to the outdoors and having a working deck out of doors.  We could even place a drop down panel to hinge out and form a strong sundeck.  The space exists on any lot.  The point is that the personal need for space can easily be externalized.  As these things are typically going nowhere for a long time the pads can even be gravel.

Add that sun deck and two people can readily work with this.  Throw in an awning as well for when it rains.  most of us make poor use of sundecks but as a direct extension of our entire living space it will fully integrate.

Piwakawaka tiny house puts small living on the level

July 27, 2021

The Piwakawaka has a total length of just 9 m (29 ft) and its interior is arranged all on one leve

Back in 2020, New Zealand's Build Tiny designed a tiny house named the Dark Horse. The firm has now used that model as a starting point for another tiny house that's arranged on one level. It features a well-stocked kitchen and a bedroom and living room that open up to the outside with double glass doors.

This tiny house is named the Piwakawaka and has a total length of 9 m (29 ft), which is on the money for New Zealand tiny houses, but quite short compared to many US examples. It's based on a double-axle trailer and is finished in vinyl and cedar. Visitors access the interior through the glass doors and the light-filled interior is finished in poplar core plywood. The living area itself is pretty small and has some seating and shelving, plus a wood-burning stove that heats the home.

The Piwakawaka's bedroom opens up to the outside with double glass doors

Nearby, just to the right of the living room as you enter, is the bedroom. This has generous glazing and, like the living room, opens up to the outside. Additionally, there's plenty of headroom to stand upright – always a nice feature to have in a tiny house – plus it contains some storage space (though perhaps a storage-integrated bed would have been a good addition too).

Over on the other side of the living room is the kitchen area. This is quite well-stocked for a compact tiny house and includes a large bifold window, a breakfast bar for two, cabinetry, a two-burner propane-powered stove, an oven, a microwave, a pull-out pantry, a sink, a fridge/freezer, and even a small dishwasher. The kitchen connects to the bathroom, which contains a sink, shower, and composting toilet, as well as some extra storage space and a washer/dryer.

Visitors enter the Piwakawaka through double glass doors into a small living area

The Piwakawaka gets power from a standard RV-style hookup, but has also been wired ready to accept a solar panel installation at some point in the future. The home was delivered as a turnkey build, ready to move in, including furniture. We've no word on the price of this one, though the similar Dark Horse cost NZD 155,000 (roughly US$80,000).

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