Thursday, July 8, 2021

Afghan Goat Farmer Describes 'Upright Canine' to American Serviceman

Here is our freind again, the Dogman or Giant Sloth.  some really interesting and conforming detail that you cannot make up.

We have also had werewolves collecting bodies after D Day in france so again we add more data in eurasia..

Capturing one of these may not be overly difficult as well.  at least we know they den up and that is a huge start.  Even a robust cable snare could do hte trick.  After all they got one for the greek ilse three thousand years ago.  This may even be the legendary sphinx of ancient times.

Afghan Goat Farmer Describes 'Upright Canine' to American Serviceman

Friday, July 02, 2021

A former American soldier describes an incident that occurred while serving in Afghanistan. A goat farmer tells him about a upright canine that would kill his livestock.

I recently came across the following account:

"When I was serving in Afghanistan I witnesses some strange stuff. First off, did not see any creature but encountered some weird stuff.

One of the roles I served was essentially a "hearts and minds" role in that we made an effort to get to know the locals and get them to look at us in a better light. Just simple things like giving out food, building things, bringing the kids footballs, etc.

One family we constantly met where a family of goat farmers. Over the weeks we got pretty friendly and would share stories through our translator.

One day I was talking to him about his goats and how hard life is out here. He said it was fine, but the only thing that bothered him was "bamuht." I thought initially it was the local Taliban strongman or something, but he said it was an animal. Now this next bit is said through a translator so bear that in mind he said "it's the running wolf." The translator and I didn't really know what he meant, but he just said again a wolf that runs like a man.

He then asked us to follow him. Initially I refused, but eventually relented as I felt he would not lead us to danger and it may offend him more not to.

He led us to a cave about 30 minutes away. In this cave we found what looked like crude drawings on the wall. Nothing you could make out well, but definitely something someone had drawn by scraping rock. But more disturbing was several gouged lines in the rocks. About a 3rd of an inch deep and about a foot long.

We had a joke about it, but I tried cutting a similar mark into the wall with my knife. I couldn't do it. Bear in mind I've been powerlifting since 16 so am pretty strong, but couldn't come close. The biggest red flag however was the remains of what I think was a goat carcass.

Now this cave was about 300 yards up about a 60% incline. I don't know how a fox, which is the only predator I saw out there, could A) kill a goat, B) drag it from the closet farm (1.5km away) up that slope into the mountains.

It freaked me out to be honest. For the remaining 3 months of that tour I heard noises that sounded like a woman wailing. Might be something or might just be a grown man being scared by a herders's story.

I'm not weighing in on if they are real or not but I did find this compelling." PN

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