Wednesday, July 14, 2021

'Neon Green Orbs' Appear at Campsite in Florida Keys

This is important.  We have had plenty of actual sighting of glowing orbs but too far away to be helpful.

This is tracking the ridgelins of tent and up close and perswonal.  It is also a clearly a manufactred drone that we at least fake up now.  Yet this is altready decades old.

Thus it now follows these are simply drones sent on back from the future in order to scout a locale.  We already know portals are out there connected to the future.  sending drones through is an obvious tactic.

Rather obviously the Bigfoot of the future are trained up and are used as active scouts, not least because they are good at avoidance.

'Neon Green Orbs' Appear at Campsite in Florida Keys

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Two brothers are camping in the Florida Keys when they observe green neon orbs appear around their tent. What are these anomalies and why did they appear?

I recently the following account from a reader:

"Hi Lon. Long time reader here. I love your blog and appreciate everything you do. I wanted to share with you an experience my older brother and I had back in the late 90's. I believe it was August of 1998 and I was 22, my brother was 37 at the time. We used to do our annual camping trip to the Florida Keys every summer back when I still lived in Florida (where I grew up). We specifically liked the KOA camp ground on Sugarloaf Key. We always set up in the "Green tent area" as far away from other campers as possible in a wooded area not far from the beach.

Our tent was a three room setup, it had two internal sleeping areas separated by a zipper-wall, and a 'porch' area which was all screen with a zipper door so you could hang out and see what was going on outside without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. We would stay up late drinking beer, bullshitting and sky watching in our beach recliner chairs as bros do.

On this particular trip it was the dead of summer so it was still in the 80's at 2 am, hot as hell with no breeze whatsoever so we really couldn't sleep. As we were sitting there in pitch black darkness we noticed a neon green light coming from the woods to the south of us. Both of us assumed it was another camper with a glow-stick wandering through the woods toward us. That's when we saw two neon green orbs slightly smaller than a ping-pong ball, come floating very steadily through the trees toward our tent. They moved in a straight line, never wavering up or down, a solidly straight horizontal line toward us moving at walking speed. We could see the green glow reflecting off of the leaves on the trees like a small LED flashlight.

We assumed they were some sort of lightning bug or a glow-beetle, there are a couple varieties that live in Florida but they're tiny, nowhere even close to the size of what we were seeing. Here's where things get really weird. They both approached our tent and began to move along the top edge of the tent in a perfectly parallel direction as if they were following the outline of the tent. When they got to the corner of the tent they both made an abrupt 90 degree turn to continue following the other side of the tent, then made another 90 degree turn to follow the back of the tent, etc. We both stood up and got right up to the screen to watch them. My brother was ready to unzip the door and go outside to try and grab one, but the mosquitoes were so off the charts horrendous we didn't want to let any inside so we decided to just stay inside and watch. Sure enough, here they come around the front of the tent again about 8 inches away and this time we get a super close look at them. Imagine a sphere made of frosted clear plastic with a bright green LED light in the center of it, that's the best description I can give you. I wanted to reach outside and just grab it but we were sort of mesmerized by the experience and all we could do was say to each other "are you seeing this?! What the hell is that?" This was before smartphones with cameras and GoPros, etc., so there was no easy way to capture it on film. And even if we could it was so dark it would have just looked like a green blob. Anyway, after circling our tent twice they both drifted slowly back into the trees on the exact same path they took coming out. It was as if we were being 'scanned' and after completing their recon they headed back to their origin point. I don't know how else to describe it.

Whatever these things were, they were intelligently controlled and seemed very artificial and non-organic. It was NOT a bug, I guarantee you that. Drones didn't exist then and there's nothing else I can think of that would be able to move at such a perfectly level height while making 90 degree turns in total darkness with no noise. It was absolutely BIZARRE, that's all I can say. I'm 45 now and whenever my brother and I talk about this we're still dumbfounded as to what it could have been. I've included a rough visual mockup of what they looked like in this email. Obviously our tent was a lot bigger than what you see in this pic, but the green glow is accurate. I'm an artist/graphic designer and this is precisely what they looked like.

I know I'm not the only one to experience this phenomenon. The only other references to these green orbs that I have seen is the idea that they are spirits tied to nature, forest sprites of some sort. I suppose that could be true, I'm very open-minded and would consider anything. My brother and I are both hardcore nature and animal lovers, always have been. At the time of this sighting my brother was going through a really rough divorce, so I wonder if he might have been acting as an emotional lightning rod of sorts?" Kurt

NOTE: These bright green or white orbs have often been seen around cryptid sightings or other unexplained phenomena. Many times, these orbs are seen during Bigfoot sightings, either by the witness or later by an investigator examining the area. What are they? Most likely an energy associated with a supernatural being or entity, but that is far from an actual explanation. Lon

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