Friday, July 9, 2021

THe Future of the Sahara and whole Middle East

This shows you just how easy it all is.  From the Sahel north to even arid Spain and eastward all the way to China.  It can look like this and support many billions.  The tree shade will absorb massive amounts of sunlight while lowering the surface temperature significantly.

All this land will be hugely productive of milk and honey just as most of Europe is today.  It can only get better. and yes it is locally possible in twenty years.

When i address Terra forming Terra, this has always what i imagine.  I have merely found ample ways to do it and i am never alone.  Imagine and share and your child will plant hte first trees.

 In Brazil, this couple planted 2 million trees in 20 years. So far, 172 species of birds have returned, 33 of mammals, 15 of amphibians and 15 of reptiles. In addition to that, more than 293 species of plants. Green heart Green heart

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