Friday, July 30, 2021

Rockbeds and Making and Applying Biochar/Urine


This video is a training video for women in Uganda.  It is wonderful in that it shows us how to produce biochar in a village.  It introduces hte use of small stones to make the burn for cooking a third more efficient.  Better yet it is all crude tech they can even make.

Even better we see tongs vbeen used to collect biochar, and stones used to properly crush it all.  Better yet they collect urine to mix with the biochar which supercharges the biochar.

The biochar is collected in a pit until planting time while covered with some soil.  All in it is possible to mix the soil in as weill to produce a seed hill for planting.

Way more important, they are using this in conjunction with a corn hill just as done by the Amazon for thousands of years.  Plant performance is excellent.

This is how a billion people can improve soil fetrtility using what is at hand.

Training Video - Rockbeds and Making and Applying Biochar/Urine

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