Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Multiple Pale Crawler Humanoids Infiltrate Detroit Area Neighborhood

I have already posted that besides bigfoot, we are also dealing with a large population of  Giant Sloth able to appear as something else and particularly that the females may well be our skin walkers or pale crawler humanoids.

This reports sound like a curious band of females. Still scary.

It also presents an excellent prospect for study.that needs to be exploited.

Multiple Pale Crawler Humanoids Infiltrate Detroit Area Neighborhood

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A group of friends are together at night, with a blazing bonfire, in a small residential wooded area. They begin to hear noises and soon realize that they are in the midst of multiple pale humanoids.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"The summer after graduating high school in the metro Detroit area of Michigan, almost every weekend was grad party after grad party. Towards the end of the summer, one of my closest friends had his at his house. Now, his house backs up to a small wooded area, probably no more than 50-100 yards deep and maybe 20-30 yards across. It's small enough to where you can see the house on the other side of it during the day and some of the lights on in that house at night. Additionally, the houses surrounding his belong primarily to the elderly so no one is out passed 10 o'clock or so. Finally, we had never drank or tried any sort of intoxicating substance until months after this all occurred. This all comes into play as the night begins to unfold.

Once it started to get dark out, the party died off. At this point it was only me, him, and three of our friends. Around 10:00 PM we thought it would be a good night for a bonfire so we got some wood together, along with the lighter fluid and lighter, and got a nice little fire going. We spent a good hour or so just having a good time sharing stories and laughing, until one of our friends had to leave. This left only four of us until about half an hour later, when one of our other friends had to leave. So her boyfriend took her home and told us he'd be back in a little bit. Suddenly it was the two of us.

This is when things got interesting.

As my friend sat facing back towards the woods, and I with my back to the woods, we started hearing some noises. Sticks cracking on the ground, leaves being brushed through, those sort of things. 

[  this is a good reminder of just how hard it is to be quiet in hte woods.  arclein ]

He laughed it off saying it was just the neighbor's cat. As we sat and continued to shoot the sh*t, the noises continued and I continued to brush them off under the assumption it was just a cat. However, I was a little unnerved when we both heard what sounded like footsteps in the front yard. At first we thought our friend had gotten back but realized it wasn't him after a few minutes had gone by. Eventually our friend came back from dropping his girlfriend off at home and we started talking again like nothing had ever happened.

A couple minutes later however, the noises from the woods started up again, but this time they were closer. Much closer. I could see my friend was clearly unnerved by this and I reminded him he told me it was just the cat. He looked at me and told me that they didn't have a cat, he just said that to reassure himself earlier that it was nothing. I quickly got up, moved to the other side of the fire, and sat down between my two friends so that we were all facing the woods. After using a few choice words towards my friend to express how I felt about him letting me sit with my back towards whatever was back there, things took a bit of a turn.

We saw something move in the brush. It was slight, but noticeable. It looked fairly big too, about five feet tall. Kind of human-like. We tried to joke it off and convince ourselves it was nothing. This worked until a few moments later when we started to see more movement. This continued for a couple minutes until it got significantly closer and we decided to go inside. We hurried as we started to grab everything we needed to take in and put the lid on the fire pit (really just an old dome-shaped metal BBQ grill without the legs).

Throughout this time it continued to move closer to us. It almost seemed hesitant yet curious as we saw it dart about. Nonetheless, we rushed inside. We locked the door behind us and went to the windows. By this point it knew we were inside and was coming up to the house. It would dart by the windows as we ran between the windows in the house in hopes we could catch a glimpse of what had us so scared. We made out some basic details. It was about 4 to 5 feet tall when it was hunched over, humanoid and pale. Almost white but still a little gray kind of pale. This lasted for a good ten minutes until we heard the scratching of nails on the wooden deck connected to the house.

Around this time it seemed to shift it's focus towards the fire as we apparently didn't put the lid back on completely. Before I knew it, my friend was calling us over to the window that faced the fire. The lid was off and we could see the shape of it darting around the fire. We later found the lid about 10 feet away from the pit. Something had to have picked it up by the hot metal handle and thrown it over there. Around this time we also noticed that it was around some of the other windows. It was then that we realized there wasn't just one of whatever it was. There were multiple. If I had to guess, I'd say there were about 4 or 5.

This general activity continued for about 20 minutes until I decided I was going home. Our other friend decided he would do the same at that point so neither of us would have to walk to our cars alone. We both parked maybe 20-30 yards from the house but since the activity had only increased since it started, 20 yards seemed like a mile because of our nerves. After our friend tried and failed to convince us to stay the night there with him, we left. Out the front door and to our cars within about 30 seconds. As we went to get in our cars however, we faced the backyard and both saw multiple of the things crouched down about halfway to the ground. Some in open parts of the yard looking at us and some behind the trees looking back at the house.

As we both drove away, I looked back and saw the shape of a head looking into one of the windows of the house. As we left his neighborhood (which is kind of hidden in a wooded area) we both saw something cross the street behind our cars. As soon as we both got back to our houses, we got onto our group chat to confirm what we saw after leaving the house. Any doubt I had about what I saw was quickly thrown out the window as soon as my friend described what he saw without any input as to what I saw.

As the three of us recounted the night in our group chat, my friend continued to update us on the events still unfolding at his house. Besides seeing the figures outside his window still, he claimed he saw a face in the window at one point. Pale skin and black eyes. He described them as almost being like holes in the face they were so dark. He also claimed at one point something had scratched the screen on his window.

Needless to say, we were all terrified to say the least. Any sensible person wouldn't try to recreate the events from that night, right? Well, I guess we're not the most sensible because the next night we were right back at it. We knew what we saw and we needed validation. This time we had another person stay with us so they could backup our claims. We needed evidence that was better than just our word. It was too dark to take pictures or video.

We set the night up just like the previous. Everyone got to the house, we got a nice fire going, and we waited for things to start up. Once it got dark out, we started hearing the rustling in the brush again. An hour or so later the noises got closer and I switched sides so that all four of us were facing the wooded area. Within minutes, we saw whatever was out there moving through the brush again. There were probably about two or three at this point. We tried to hold out for a while, thinking we were hot sh*t and it wouldn't come for us.

This attitude changed within a matter of minutes as the pale figures got closer and started to go to the sides of us. They were surrounding us. We got up and calmly tried to put the lid back on the fire. We figured if we showed we were afraid, they might go for us. As soon as we finished getting the lid on the fire and grabbed everything we needed, we rushed inside. Before we knew it, they were darting past the windows again. At this point the fourth person, who hadn't been with us during it all the night before, agreed that something was out there.

As time passed, we gathered up the courage to go back out and stand on the deck and try and get some kind of evidence. We stood out there as they got closer. There were more this time. Maybe five or six. We stood there in silence as we observed them. They almost seemed curious with a hint of mischief. Some watched us, some ran around. One even scratched the underside of the deck directly beneath my feet. I could feel it as its nail dragged across the wood. At one point a deer ran out of the wooded area just a bit further down the road. It was like it was running away from something, but definitely not us because it ran somewhat towards us. Not away from us.

Throughout this time I had been recording audio on my phone. At first, it didn't seem like I captured anything. Going through the recordings the next day however, I noticed something. Something short but apparent. I isolated the snippet of audio and used an online tool to amplify the volume several times so that it could be heard more clearly. That's when it struck me, it was almost like a growl.

After all this, we hurried back into the house. The three of us left and, again, we saw whatever they were in the yard as we bolted to our cars. Almost a year has passed since those nights and the thought of it all still terrifies me to this day. What's more, as I was out driving the other night, I decided to pass through his neighborhood to sort of reminisce about old times. As I was driving through, I saw those same pale figures, hunched over and moving about. There were about four or five of them. I'm posting this because I'm looking for answers. Any idea as to what we might've seen those nights, please let me know. The events still haunt my memories to this day." NC

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