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Pandemic Plotters outed for Nurenberg II

This horrific narritive is comnpletely unbelievable, except it was never meant for your eyes.  This is the real conspiracy put togethger by remarkably stupid men and women  It is a powerful reminder that the world it typically managed by those drawn from the bottom third of the population.

Stupid people do engage in stupid plans and are encouraged by their svncopates.  They do rely on the fact that the top two thirds are just doing their thing and doing it well and want little to do with their rubbish.

Nuremberg II is coming.  Expect millions of CCP running dogs to be banded.  True justice when you understand they planned to breed us like cattle to serve as a supply source for adrenochrome.  


-June 12, 2021

This respected professor, Dr. David E. Martin, from my alma mater (University of Virginia) has put the final nail in the coffins of the Pandemic Plotters using meta-data from 1999 to present.

As you read in The Richardson Post in February of this year, the Chicha & Pisco Criminal Appeals Chamber in Peru found that “Bill Gates, George Soros, and several members of the Rockefeller family were deemed responsible for the advent and spread of the Chinese virus.”

They were convicted as criminals and lost their appeal. But that’s insufficient.

Why? Because these billionaires can easily avoid Peru – but I don’t think they will be able to dodge what is coming their way next.

Thanks to the brave men and women disclosing what was done (and who did it) this information should lead to the empanelling of a world court like the Nuremberg trials of Nazi officials after World War II.


“Vaccine is 50 times more likely to kill a young person than the Covid disease itself.”-Dr. Yeardon said, June 9, on Steve Bannon’s War Room

So, let’s take this step-by-step.

In 1999, Fauci associate, Dr. Ralph Baric, was already doing ‘gain-of-function’ research on SARS-Corona viruses at the University of North Carolina.

In 2003, the CDC and individuals using U.S. taxpayer funds began patenting the SARS-Corona virus, its testing gear and treatment – for personal gain – incorporating the richest Globalist into their scheme


Dr. Baric collaborated with Wuhan lab and Shi Zhengli (a.k.a. Bat Lady) using funds now estimated to be as high as $123 million from U.S. Government—via Dr. Fauci

Dr. Ralph Baric and Dr. Anthony Fauci have collaborated on this project for over 20 years now – transferring Dr. Baric’s work to Dr. Shi Zhengli of the CCP’s Wuhan Lab after it was determined to be ‘too dangerous’ by U.S. Government – until Trump was elected, then it was stealthily reactivated – without ever telling the new president.

The Obama Administration clearly intended for this devil to escape on Trump’s watch–unless someone can offer a better explanation.

Too dangerous for U.S. to have under Obama—so Anthony Fauci and the Obama administration gave the ‘go ahead’ to the CCP—just 11 days before Trump’s inauguration to release this devil

On June 8th, Natalie Winters of National Pulse disclosed a video of Dr. Fauci’s partner, Peter Daszak (EcoHealth Alliance, the funding conduit), bragging of creating ‘killer’ diseases with the Chinese military.

These tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were laundered by Dr. Fauci through Peter Daszak and his company, EcoHealth Alliance, then forwarded to the Wuhan Virology Lab to continue the work banned in the United States.

Daszak brags on tape of creating ‘killers’ with the CCP—Chinese Communist Party—using Fauci’s funding and China’s military lab

As the backbone of the engineered Covid-19 ‘killer’, Daszak used a virus found in Horseshoe bats from caves on the Laotian/Chinese border.

Then, they created ‘cleavages’ in the virus DNA to insert ‘spike proteins’ known for many years to create deadly clots in humans – which appears to have been their plan.


Let’s tie this up. The disease was planned to release shortly after Hillary was to be coronated in 2016 (in a rigged election), but Trump’s huge win overrode the algorithms programmed into the voting system, thus postponing it.

Just 11 days before Obama slithered out of the White House – he reactivated the “too dangerous” program. Any who believe that to have been an accident, need only look at the criminal gang in the picture below.

The release was gamed out in October of 2019 at Event 201, which we also covered, hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the United Nations – then the disease mysteriously escapes the Wuhan P-4 lab.

Three of Shi Zhengli’s assistants fell ill to the ‘killer’ created by the Fauci/Daszak gang. The CCP then intentionally spread it all over the world. I say that, because they stopped all travel within China, but sent tens of thousands of infected Wuhan citizens across the globe–Milan, New York, San Francisco and everywhere the CCP’s tentacles could reach.

Elite killers were on the move decades ago to decide how to ‘reduce our numbers’—Limits of Growth, was the name of their Manifesto (1971) and this was their update meeting in 2002


The Globalists began discussing the means by which they could rid themselves of ‘us’ as early as 1968, with the forming of The Club of Rome, but the plot was already afoot in 2002, as to how to do it. The disease was already in the works and the patenting of all parts and pieces would become active after this session.

At present, most of the people in this picture are set to profit from the disease, the vaccine(s) (Gates is invested in six of them and Soros controls manufacturing of them in China), the test kits (patented by the Rothschild family, 2015 – in The Netherlands and U.S. – as example, even before the ‘pandemic’) – and the government agencies (CDC) and agents (like Fauci) are all over the patents, ready to get rich(er).


My friend, Dr. Sam Dubé from Ottawa, Canada, had an incredible interview with Dr. Peter McCullough on the facts regarding this fantastically overrated disease – and how that fraud was perpetrated on the public – including being lied to about and banning the cheap available treatments, like hydroxychloroquine, budesonide and ivermectin:

Dr. McCullough and Dr. Dubé’s interview is time well-spent!

Hopefully you can see this before YouTube takes it down.


This is the hard lift, admittedly – like trying to get the DOJ or FBI to investigate Democrats – for, oh say, stealing an election in the United States for the same people – but one man has figured this out.

Remember when we covered Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German attorney last year? “Crime Against Humanity” was the name of the article and it was a long shot for justice, admittedly.

But since that coverage in November of last year, Dr. Fuellmich has incorporated over 100 attorneys, worldwide, to file suits against their governments and individuals involved in this criminal enterprise.

From billionaire investors to Big Pharma and the government hacks who accommodated them by scaring their people as part of the scam.

This is the dragon slayer, tanned, rested and ready


I’m so glad you asked.

For quick background, this is the same man who filed suits all over the world against a company in his own nation, Vokswagen, for knowingly installing fake sensors to cheat on emissions tests.

Once he won in California (where he is also licensed to practice law) there was a massive multi-billion dollar settlement in courts all over.

Next, he went after the most corrupt bank in the world – Deutsche Bank – which also paid billions in fines and fees for corrupt practices. Dr. Fuellmich won again in many nations.

Like a mosquito, Dr. Fuellmich files suits from every angle in every jurisdiction likely to hear the case, and builds the pressure, step by step, nation by nation.

This is exactly how the world came together to try (and execute) the last Globalists who forced innocent citizens to become human guinea pigs for experimental drugs – and killed them in the process.

The Nuremberg Code that came out of these trials and executions is still in effect and forcing citizens to take experimental treatments – like the mRNA therapy masquerading as a vaccine – or even isolating and separating them for refusal (like a Vaxx passport), is cause for hanging.

1945—trial of the last gang of national socialists—is about to repeat itself— under Dr. Fuellmich’s stewardship

As example, Bill A416 (recently passed by New York State to lock up those who refuse the mRNA gene-altering shot in camps and detention centres), is in violation of the Nuremberg Code – and the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and his Democrat legislature who made that law – should be defendants at Nuremberg II.

The issuers of vaccine passports to allow travel or participation in normal human behaviours like BoJo and perhaps his boss, Carrie, are criminals to be punished, not lauded.

And this is how the Pandemic of 2019 should end

Those who plotted this crime against humanity, attempted to profit from it—or perpetrated it via lockdowns and robbing of human rights—all deserve this end—the end of a rope that is

To these brave men (and women, like Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Delores Cahill, to name a few) who have gone against the most evil cabal in world history, we owe a great debt of gratitude.

I am sure they will be in Nuremberg next year as witnesses, and I look forward to interviewing them for the readers of The Richardson Post. We will be front and centre to cover the trial.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post

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