Saturday, July 24, 2021

Vaccine GESTAPO?

I have just seen a MEME informing me that the the vaccine distribution for 2021 had a five saline one vaccine release  This means that every million vaccinated will actually see only around 150,000 actually subjected to the active vaccine.

Half the population has taken the jab and that means perhaps two million at risk in Canada and around twenty million at risk in the USA.  Globally this all translates into around three to four hundred million globally if the same ratio is maintained.  however, i do not think so.  presume maximum exposure throughout the so called third world here.  If three billoion take the jab, a two billion kill rate is completely plausible.

For North america to get the higher kill rate they will need to force vaccination.  Thus rumbles truly worthy of the Gestapo.

Again i do have it from the other side that we are facing losses of around two billion folks in five years.  This rapid recyling of souls will fuel a rapid expansion after ward as all available mothers will pump out several children for a full global recovery.

Recall that we lost six million jews during the war and today we have a population in Israel of 9,000,000 mostly born after WWII.  Tell me I am wrong.

This will super charge the Terra Forming of Terra and aloow us to leap forweard with Heaven on Earth.


July 22, 2021


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RT, Guest

A CNN executive has hinted that there need to be more forceful measures to increase Covid vaccine uptake in the US, after grumbling about the issue in an email that he mistakenly sent to a conservative activist.

The peculiar message was revealed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who showed a screengrab of the email in question.

“FW: #NEWS: A majority of unvaccinated Americans say they’re unlikely to get the Covd-19 vaccine, regardless of outreach efforts,” read the email’s subject line.

The author of the email, identified by Carlson as CNN’s Washington bureau chief, wrote to a colleague: “This is the point re: carrot vs. stick. The carrot is no longer going to work…”

Although the Fox host didn’t identify him by name, CNN’s Washington bureau is currently headed by the network’s senior vice president, Sam Feist.

The suggestive commentary likely would have remained shielded from public scrutiny had the CNN bigwig in question not accidentally sent it to Charlie Kirk, a popular conservative activist and commentator.

CNN confirmed the authenticity of the email, but insisted that there was nothing newsworthy about its contents.

“The email, mistakenly sent to Kirk, was simply acknowledging that current vaccination incentives are losing steam,” the network said in a statement.

Kirk appeared on Carlson’s program to discuss the strange email.

“Is it CNN’s stated position now that they’re going to try to administer medicine under the threat of punishment?” the conservative pundit asked. Referring to the “carrot vs. stick” analogy used in the email, Kirk wondered aloud: “What does the stick look like in CNN’s world?”

Reacting to the segment on Twitter, CNN’s Brian Stelter argued that Carlson had twisted the email to push an “outright lie” about the news network.

“CNN has 4,000 staffers. One exec sends an email about vaccine hostility opining that ‘the carrot is no longer going to work.’ Carlson obtains it. And his show turns it into an outright lie: ‘CNN WANTS TO USE A ‘STICK’ ON THE UNVACCINATED’,” Stelter wrote.

The Biden administration aimed to have 70% of US adults receive at least one Covid shot by July 4. Currently, around 66% of American adults have had their first dose, while 57% have been fully vaccinated. Among the general population, 49% are fully inoculated. While there are no federal mandates forcing Americans to get jabbed, medical facilities, universities and other institutions have created their own compulsory vaccination rules.

Washington’s Covid czar Dr. Anthony Fauci recently raised eyebrows after suggesting that local mandates would eventually require most Americans to get vaccinated if they want to be part of society.

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