Saturday, July 17, 2021

Bigfoot Observed Wading Across Cass River, Michigan

This video capture comes close to the famous patterson film.  It is as good ass it gets and the observers were wonderfully in kayaks which provided perfect stealth.  This obviously does not happen often.

How to hunt has laid down around three reports a day now for two years.  That is easily over two thousand eye witnesses coming forward who have never found a safe place to tell their story.

BFRO which does have issues has also laid down as many over the twenty years of their existence.  Throw in the prior raw reports and we can easily run down another 2000 reports or so.

My point is that a scholar has over potentially six thousand eye witness reports to collect and properly collate.

I have probably reviewed over two thousand myself.  every report provides a paint stroke as in a Monet painting and though it all we dsiciver a wonderful wild creature that is certainly related to us.

Bigfoot Observed Wading Across Cass River, Michigan (Video & Photo Captures)

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A group known as the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization received a report in early July from an individual named 'Eddie,' who claimed that their cousin spotted the creature while "kayaking on the Cass River in Michigan."

I initially thought that this may have been a female Bigfoot with a deer slung over the left shoulder. But there are times when it seems to be carrying something else, possibly a juvenile Bigfoot.

The video can be found at Michigan Bigfoot Video Crossing Cass River. Watch the video, then look at the screenshots. What is your opinion?

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