Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Store your loved ones ashes in a 3d printed urn in the shape of their head.

This would be quite a culture change. It would actually make repositories attractive as a place of rememberance and meditation as well. I think humanity needs this done properly.

Right now grave yards are pleasent enough but there is scant connection with tge deceased.  We come there to remember a lost love and to recapture it as much as possible.  

Punching out a 3d representation of a person is not difficult with the tech and can be quickly made task specific.  It all helps to remember that someone you knew well lived and was even young and loved.  Far better than a scant moment during the hours of their passing.

It would be lovely to remmber my mother as a bright young flapper  before she was overwelmed by the narritive of her life.  We all lived even briefly sometime during our lives and those who love us want to remember that.  

This is best done as a community project.  The remains are not so important as the image and the rememberance.

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