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Vinland in the Pacific with Paul Demontigny

Once we have all the loose ends to work with, a lot becomes obvious.  The last seven years has shown us that the northwest passage is now reopened to navigation and proves that it was fully usable during the Viking era.  Better yet it happens to be a very safe summer trip.  Who would have thought so.

I also show here Lancaster sound.  Even in the worst seasons, this passage opens up through most of its length.  Today it is risky only toward the western end.  There i do think that a viking crew would be able to manhandle a viking ship over ice floes for some distance if needed.  Difficult at times but not impossible.  

What should also be clear is that the Vikings were completely familiar with the Atlantic.  Thinking otherwise is unsupportable.  That others had a real presence along the Sea board is also inevitable as well and our recent understanding of the Templar role makes it a certainty.

Thus real exploration was possible only at the end of the Northwest passage.

As this work makes completely obvious the exploration saga describes correctly a passage along the Pacific Northwest.  The real shock is that Markland immediately becomes the Queen Charlottes or Haida Gwai and Vinland is convincingly Vancouver island.  Better the Vinland map is an excellent representation of Vancouver island itself.  Add in the clarity of that map and we confirm extensive direct exploration by skilled navigators.

One more thing i do want to add.  The trip was long between Greenland and Vinland but not nearly as long as it appears on our present maps.  A base in Markland is obvious and a base just before the turn into the gulf of Alaska also makes sense.  Thus the run with goods for the Northwest passage could be begun well before June and July with the expectation of reaching Banks Island just before the passage opened.

Now if the passage failed, a fleet still had serious time to run back to the Bering Strait and a Southern base to set up for the winter.  Importantly it was also possible to cache trade goods on Banks Island.

I do think that a portage past the sea ice would be possible as Banks island is a huge mud island with low relief.  Google maps shows us that we have an East West oriented river system to assist as well.  Thus a crew could essentially transport a cargo the distance to the East coast of Banks island though not too quickly. 

It may well have been possible to be met there by ships from Greenland.  Thus the passage did not need to interrupt annual communication at all and may have even been a preferred option for travelers..


Vinland in the Pacific - by Paul Demontigny\

I made a new page on my theories if anyone is interisted, I placed it on a new server. The lost Vikings Living in a university town, I meet a lot of students and professors who totally accept my theories. They look around the area and can clearly see how I was able to stumble on the viking site, even without having a p.h.d in archeology. Two students from school for field studies a branch of a Boston collage are taking this web to yale, were they live. They will seek out the vinland map and show them how it compares to vancouver island, their goal is to get them out here. I have also sent it to Sweden with a swedish exchange student, who also sees how this place has to be the real vinland. I have placed links to other webs relating to vinland. I placed john Harris's web in , even tough I still have not found the time to read it all, I find It very impressive. I feel John will eventually find the vinland settlement, even tough I have tried to tell him were the houses and kingdom is, I don't think he believed me, he thinks I'm going on arm chair theories based on a map i saw in a book . no offence John, but i found evidence of vikings long before i saw the vinland map. 48 degrees 47 minutes is vinland. They may have settled in Duncan but its not the vinland settlement. When i first found evidence of vikings, it was in 1987. I went to the gov. but of course was laughed at. I linked the vikings to an old mine, my mistake, the logging company purposely buried the mine and began to log over every visible evidence of native's relating to the mine. Its thirteen years later and the mountain behind the vinland site is now riddled in clear cuts and roads. this is what happens when someone without a degree finds somthing thats been lost.

Peter, I hope it's all right to use one of your maps on this web, maby you can place this web link in your web site.

The stuff you sent me on the Spokane stone and kensington stone are like links in a chain. Tell me what you think of my link. The evidence keeps pilling up. Its part of a web site i'm working on, Im going to sell viking gemstones that i make myself. I have not sold any yet.

I spent time on the logging industry till all the old growth was gone ..then my job was gone. I have spent 12 years working on this with no payment, I'm curious if you know of any finders fees out there .If your group could help me find one I would share it with you. Or maybe you could help me sell the gem stones. To tell you the truth I am running out of options. This stuff lies unprotected under a blanket of forest and i'm broke. The village I live in [pop. 300] is 60 miles of gravel road to the nearest town, so you can see my options are limited. If your group could help me I would be in your debt.

Paul DeMontigny

Click on the image below for a larger version.

In the year 1000ad, Viking colonists started to immigrate to North America from Greenland.
By 1345 the last Viking set sail from Greenland and its written in the annuls of Greenland that they left the christen faith and took up the American way.
To me it looks like they left Greenland and sailed to their new colony, North America where they found a green land
. It's here were they lived together with the Indians until Columbus discovered America. The most famous kingdom was the green land of"Vinland the Good" and the most controversial map in the world is "the vinland map".
I don't see the problem with the vinland map, just match it with a modern map. When you have a match , you have vinland , Valhalla or what ever name you wish to use.

This is the Vinland map, the most controversial map in the world.
It leaves us to believe, there where
"Vikings in America"

In order to get the most from my theories you should read all the same legends and books I ' have red .
Follow this link to an index to webs and books which relate to lost lost Viking kingdoms. 

the next few paragraphs are a brief intro to the discovery of Vinland and a few of the resources they found.

Before you start the 1998 WebPages , have a look at my 2006 discovery in the paragraph below.

January 2007

My story is simple, 20 years ago I said "the Vikings Made a town at the base of this mountain."

For 20 years I have been told ,"no they did not"

In 1997 I decided to put my theory on paper so I could have my discoveries documented , and maybe convince someone ,I found vinland , unfortunately it was just theory, not enough for proof. 

That was how this web started, I was trying to prove the Vikings came and settled here. 

Proof would be like finding a 10 th century Viking anchor, like the one in the picture, it was found in Europe.

Its Jan 31 2007 and I have some proof and I found it while following the path of sir Francis drake and the Spanish.

I never found a anchor, but I found 3 items I feel could be the proof I needed. a pin of a Viking anchor, a soapstone dagger with a bone blade and a half of a bead.

If you have any ideas as to the date of these items, I could use the help. the pin could be very early Spanish or it could be Viking, the dagger handle has copper rivets so the anchor and pin could be the same age. The half bead looks turquoise and it is very old and warn. With what i have uncovered in the last 20 years shows , what I have here, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Last summer, I bought a metal detector and set out to search for proof of drake and may have acidently found proof of Vikings on Vancouver island.
I feel its Important FOR ME to press publish on this page IN MY BOOK .

to find this page just type on google forest.facts.tripod someone will take you here. 

Read my story from 1998 and decide for your self, have I found Vikings who came from the north .
To see a panoramic view around the sites, hit the small view picture next to the picture's in my web.

This is a good one to start with, its the view from a historical winter artesian spring. Ponce deleone stood on this site and called it paradise. I believe Francis drake drew the vinland map when he had his artist draw the other exploration maps. It was probably stolen from the hidden maps of sir Francis drake.
He drew the vinland map because he knew he found, vinland the good..

The lost Vikings 1998
Leif Erikson clearly describes the direction and voyage. He states, '' They left the southern part of Greenland, and sailed in a northerly direction till they hit a large island," "They then went up and looked about in fine weather. Then they sailed through the Sound which lay between that island and the cape which projects northward." These direction's can only imply they sailed north to Baffin Island, then they took the northwest passage "West" to Alaska.

Then they sailed westward around the cape of Alaska to Helluland [H], a barren land with arctic foxes and massive herds of rain deer.

From there they sailed south east to Markland on the 58 parallel.[I] An Island lay to the south. 
This would be the queen charlotte islands[J]. From this Island they sailed southeast to Vinland.[K]
An island on the 49th parallel, where they found trees as big as houses, 

salmon larger then anything they had ever seen. On this island a berry droops of a vine and makes the best wine. A place so mild, no snow covers the ground during the winter and it's a 3 month voyage from Greenland. .

How can you get lost using these directions.

I have studied the Vinland map and compared it with a modern map. If you look at the Vinland map, you will clearly see that Vinland lies to the south west of Greenland. The Vinland Map looks like it’s been drawn from a globe. Africa is cut in half, signifying its beyond the round of the earth and India is in the right spot if you viewed the globe from the north. If this were true, the Vikings would have known North America could not be seen on this side of the map, it would be on the other side of the map {world}. In order to see the island of Vinland in its true form , you would have to flip over the map and the mirror image of the island would be accurate. [hold the map up to the sun and look trough it to see its true form.] Being a prospector I can totally relate to this, It would be like a lock on the map with the key on the flip side. After all they had to protect their new resources. 
The next step would be to take the island and compare it with the islands on the west coast of North America till you find a match. Once a match is found, check that the resources and the directions left behind by Leif Erikson also match , if every thing matches, you should have found Vinland.
For fun, lets try compare Newfoundland to Vinland, to make a long story short "nothing matches".
The search continues.

We will first start with the largest island on the west coast of North America. "Vancouver island"

What a suprise , We have a match.

I have compared the resources they found in Vinland, with resources on Vancouver Island.
I'm left with one conclusion.
The "Island of Vinland "can only be "Vancouver island."
The resources they found match only Vancouver island.
The two Islands are identical.
The map of North America above shows Vancouver island in the same spot as Vinland is on the Vinland map. Both islands lie far to the south west of Greenland.
The Vinland map has text that clearly states "Vinland lies far to the south in the western most ocean". The Atlantic lies east of Greenland not west. 


This is a quote from the vinland sagas refering to their grapes

["When the scots came back one of them carried a bunch of wine berries and the other an ear of wild wheat"]

Vancouver island has wild berries growing of vines, that make the sweetest wine and whild wheat grows on the west coast beaches.

The salal berries bushes would look like a thick mat of wine berries covering the forest. The salal stems would amount to more vines then a thousand ships could hall home. 

Unfortunately the grapes of Vinland were so plentiful that it turned this newly developing kingdom into a bunch of babbling drunks.

I could present tons of proof, but if your only willing to agree to disagree, why should I bother.
If you are willing to listen and learn, their is much more.

I can point you to people who have written long thesis's proving Vinland lies in the pacific ocean.

The problem is other scientists debate the proof and call it theories. Then they argue about it till they "agree to disagree". 

If someone uneducated like me makes the statement "Vinland on the Pacific" all it would take is one spelling mistake and Their would be ground's to agree to disagree.

My story is from the uneducated, its short but its the obvious explanation. I don't want you to read it, then decide to agree to disagree, just read it and enjoy it.

- REMEMBER - Nothing ever rely gets lost. Sometimes you just cant find it.


visit http// 

To help me uncover the mistry contact Peter at the viking navy, To visit his page go to ---------------------

To see how the vikings boats could survive the trip visit my theorie on viking ships

On to Viking Ships
Hit the map below and compare the map of vancover island, to the island of vinland and tell me they are not a map of the same island.

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