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Mt Shasta and my Astral Projection with trinity de guzman

This is an astral experience from Trinity.  He makes particular note of the key Earth Chakras at which it is possible for an advanced student of meditation to get a serious boost.  I personally suspect that there are many such locales, except most of us are simply blind to them.  The English work on Ley lines mostly said as much.  They were tracked in the past ,but this knowledge has been driven out.
Sensitive individuals need to get out there and ac tually map such locales properly  by walking toward a center from several different directions, then finding a way to indicated them.  At least we need to establish GPS coordinates.   would make an interesting route map for hikers and the like.

Meditation practice has become widespread and such a system would hugely advance the art itself.  I would also make a point of burying a ring stone a foot or so deep at any such locale, or even bury a ring of ring stones...

[Ayahuasca] Mt Shasta and my Astral Projection

It's July, 2012.

I just bought an RV, and I'm heading to Mt. Shasta.

I'm going for my healing, because there is more pain than I know what to do with...

I need time to heal, and learn about myself.

Why did I act the way I did...?

Why did I do these things, that hurt this person I loved so much?

What was it about me, that made my wife at the time, want a divorce so quickly...?

There was only one way I knew how to get answers - Connect with Mother Earth.

And remove all distractions...

When I got to Mt. Shasta, I had this overwhelming feeling like I needed to stop and sit under a tree...
I've never felt anything like this before.

But when I did...

My consciousness was literally pulled out of my body.

I saw these hands reaching for me, and when I grabbed them, I was all of a sudden able to look back at my body, sitting there.

I traveled through the sky with a mysterious being.
And soon approached these majestic gates.
They opened as I got closer...

There was a red carpet stretched in front of me, and as I walked along it, there were angels on both side, bowing.

"Why are you bowing?" I asked.

"Because you have more power than we do," they answered to my surprise.

"Not only are you connected to the Truth of Who You Really Are... but you have a
body, which gives you more power to create change on this planet than we do,"
they explained.

"If it were up to us, this planet would be enlightened already," they continued.

I continued to walk.

At the end of the red carpet, there were three beings standing there, looking like

They were the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael.

They asked me:

"Do you want your wings?"

"Yes," I replied, excitedly.

And out came these huge, beautiful, silver wings from my back.

"Come" they said.

And we flew...

Over the most beautiful, lush landscape that reminded me of the floating islands from the movie "Avatar."

I flew at the head with them, and behind us were hundreds of angels, following.
We eventually got to this massive golden temple, the size of a city, which looked like
it was designed 1000 years in the future.

At the highest peak, in the middle, was a lookout-tower. 

We descended and passed through the roof until we got into this huge room...

With a massive crystal ball, the size of a house.

"Do you want to see your future?" they asked.

"Yes," I replied...

And I descended into the crystal ball...

What did I see?


I'll have to continue this story, next time!

The point is - There are lands, all over this world, that have energy that no words can explain...

You simply need to experience the land for yourself, to know how powerful they
truly are.

Mt. Shasta is one of those hotspots.

The energy and experiences that I had there, no words can ever explain.

The Sacred Valley of Peru, where we hold our Ayahuasca retreats, is known as the Crown Chakra of the world.

Many sources say that the Crown Chakra used to be in the Himalayas, which is why there are so many Enlightened Beings who came from there.

And now, the Crown Chakra has moved to the Sacred Valley of Peru.

I truly believe this, and there's a reason why we have the type of experience we
do, when we are there...

Such deep transformation comes just from being in that land, regardless of
any plant medicine.

But when you combine the two - 

And you hold conscious ceremony with these Master Plant Teachers like Ayahuasca and San Pedro...

This land, and these plants, will teach you, serve you, support you, guide you, and open you, in ways that no words can ever fully express...

Again, all that I share, are just words...

But they point to a Truth, that I invite you to experience for yourself.

Come to Peru.

Experience this land for yourself.

And come find what you've been searching for.

There's a reason Mother Ayahuasca has called you.

And there's a reason, this opportunity is now in front of you.

So join us.

And we look so forward to supporting you on this journey, which is more beautiful than words can ever describe!

[To be continued..]

With infinite love, always, in all ways,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS -
My friend Noah, who came with me on this journey, had such a hard time...
And he left, very quickly.
What happened to him?
It's something we can all learn from.
I'll share more, soon!
Much love!!
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