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Letter from Dr. Bruce Cornet


The take home from this item is important.  you can work with your significant other to share thoughts telepathically. Once you have achieved this consistently and it surely takes some effort, you will also be able to carry this past death.

It will also wonderfully support a strong marriage bond as well. In fact i would go so far as to commend this to all couples.  This can prevent misunderstandings and alienation driven by external factors.

We need to police up supportive therapies to make this work consistently but the payoff justifies it all.  In fact our religions need to apply this.

Recall our discovery of the physical nature of the human spirit itself when you read this.


Letter from Dr. Bruce Cornet

Bruce Cornet writes, “I had the most extraordinary experience on 20 January 1991 when I said my farewell to my late wife, Bonnie Cornet, who was buried in the Garden of Texas Liberty in northwestern Houston, Texas, on 18 January. After reading Gary Colin’s post on FF#15 speaks of God’s servants, the sons of God connecting with humans on Earth from space in UFOs.” He says that Clouds in the Bible refer to the presence of God, and those Clouds are called Shekinahs or Glory Clouds by the Hebrews.

Bonnie attended Collingswood High School, which was located behind her parents’ house in Collingswood, NJ. For those television buffs, you may recall that Michael Landon graduated from that very same high school. I find it ironic that Landon became the Star in the television series, Highway to Heaven, because it now seems that two people who graduated from that school embarked on a similar journey on that same highway.

Bonnie’s high school yearbook picture (1968).

My mother and I witnessed her Spirit over her grave as I spoke my farewell, and then a second Sun appeared in a huge overhead cumulus cloud. It sent a golden beam of light down to Bonnie’s Spirit (emerald green, blue, and white starburst or rainbow), and we saw the beam of light capture her spirit without that beam touching the ground. Shafts of golden light, like ice sickles, fell off the wide beam of golden light, and hit the ground. When they did, they broke into many pieces, as ice sickles would, and bounced around on the ground like water droplets on a hot skillet. We witnessed the emerald color of Bonnie’s Spirit ascent in that beam of light into the Cloud or Shekinah. Then the beam retracted, and the light in the base of the Cloud went out. Bonnie is our new Lady of the Garden of Texas Liberty, who gave birth to the male Child when she was a 17 year old Jewish virgin. She was born Jewish, raised Protestant, and died Catholic.

I was videotaping most of that, and put clips from that video on my web book called: The Passion of Bonnie. I copy relevant pages below. I had been videotaping all of this while looking through the B&W viewfinder on my camcorder. So I didn’t notice Bonnie’s emerald green and carnelian red Spirit in the circular eight-column Temple at the Triangular Garden until it moved to over her grave. After saying my farewell, I was told telepathically to turn off my camcorder. I wish I had been allowed to keep it running, because the most extraordinary event happened after I videotaped Bonnie’s Spirit morphing into the shape of an angel, and raising and lowering her wings. My mother exclaimed, “Oh, how beautiful. The Sun is breaking through the overhead cloud and sending a sunbeam down to Bonnie’s grave.” But it was 8:31 am in the morning, and the real Sun had barely cleared the trees to the East (left of the images and behind the Temple).

This is the first time I consciously witnessed a divine presence, which connected our spiritual existence to UFOs. It wasn’t until 1992, more than a year after her death, that I had my first UFO encounters and sightings. It was then that I reexamined that video of my wife’s Spirit over her grave and inside a marble temple at the center of the Triangular Garden of Texas Liberty! As I drove into the Garden area, I had my camcorder on my shoulder running, and captured images of a huge cumulus Cloud or Shekinah over her grave. Behind and to the left of that Cloud is another UFO-shaped cumulus cloud (see animated gif below). I examined the video frame by frame on my computer in 1997. In three frames of a 30 frame per second video, the veil of the cloud pulled back enough to reveal the huge white double-rimmed circular dome-shaped mothership inside (called “Jerusalem” by Gary Colin). In the chapter on The Unfolding of a Mystery below, I include images captured from that video of that UFO in the Cloud. Never before has anyone captured a Shekinah on film.

So Gary Colin is correct in making the connection between our space visitors and divine angels of our ancestors. The Bible is quite clear that not all of our visitors have human interests at heart, being called fallen angels, cast out of heaven by God. But the visitors I have met come as servants of God, as Jesus did to teach and instruct us about love, forgiveness, and peace on Earth.

I am nearing completion of my new book, The Woman Who Bore the Male Child, Revelation Chapter 12. It is about Bonnie, who was the Spirit of God incarnate, who gave birth the male Child on 1 August 1967 in Collingswood, NJ. Her life is abstracted in Chapter 12, and I discovered after she died that I was the “earth” who saved Bonnie from being extradited (carried away) on false welfare charges. That is part of the reason I was given so many UFO close encounters (130) and so much information in the 12 years that followed her death and ascension. I met the male Child on 23 October 1994 when a live holographic projection of three astronauts floating in space appeared over my bed at night in Red Bank, NJ. Interestingly, Red Bank can be translated “Blood” of 8 (Eternal) Life (Ankh). There are two Red Banks in New Jersey. The second one is on the banks of the Delaware River under Philadelphia!

Even though Scripture does not give details of the birth of the male Child, other than saying He was immediately taken up to heaven (space) and the throne of God, He was not alone in Bonnie’s womb. He was accompanied by His identical twin Sister, named Anora. His new name is Khyle, and when you put the first two letters of their names together, you get Ankh, which is the Egyptian Cross for Eternal Life. They were born to a 17 year old Jewish virgin! And that is why my book, The Woman Who Bore the Male Child, Revelation Chapter 12, is so important. Khyle is now 49 years old, and 49 in numerology is the number for Lord (12+15+18+4 = 49). Anora is to Khyle as Eve was to Adam in the last cycle.

Also attached is an image of what I saw over my bed on the morning of 23, October 1994:

Three astronauts: Khyle, Anora, and an alien. Khyle at age 27 looks a lot like the recent computer-generated images of Jesus, based on the image of Him in the Shroud of Turin. A program on the History Channel showed the work by Ray Downing on resurrecting the face of Jesus.

Ironically, Dr. Rev. Barry Downing (author of The Bible and Flying Saucers, 1968) has the same last name, and both live in New York State. He is also a believer in a connection between Jesus and our divine visitors.


Two months before Bonnie died on 12 January 1991, she taught me how to communicate with her telepathically. As a scientist I was aware of the controversy over telepathy in the scientific community, but like most people I had no convincing evidence that telepathy was possible between humans. She introduced me to telepathy in a very dramatic manner. On my way home from work I stopped to get dinner at McDonalds. I had worked late and was tired, and thought of taking some food home for Bonnie. I did not feel like cooking dinner when I got home, and Bonnie was mostly bedridden in the last several years of her life.

When I walked into our condominium she called out from the bedroom, “Hi honey. Did you get me my Big Mack with extra pickles and Coke with extra ice?” I was stunned. I walked to the bedroom and asked her how she knew that I had picked her up any food, let alone those items and she said, “Because I asked you for them.” From that moment on I began paying much more attention to the thoughts in my head when I wondered what she would want me to get her. I tested her again and again by having her guess what was in the bag, and she accurately described the contents every time, sometimes saying, “That is not what I asked for,” when I tried to trick her. Then I began giving her choices, and I was quickly able to recognize her telepathic responses. It was almost as if we were of one mind.

She died at home on 12 January 1991. Soon after she died she surprised me by continuing to communicate with me telepathically. Her spirit moved objects in front of me (and a witness) as proof of her continued existence. Ironically, the movie Ghost came out in theatres soon after she died, and when I saw that movie it comforted me and told me I wasn’t crazy. Bonnie continued to comfort me with her presence of mind during my grief. She told me specifically where to bury her, led me to find things that she had hidden, had me reach out to old friends who I didn’t know, and arranged things for me so that I could complete her life on Earth. She came back to me in spirit on numerous occasions, and responded when I called out to her in prayer for help. On 7 March 1991, for example, she told me, “I’ve prepared a wonderful surprise for you that will change your whole life.” That surprise was revealed to me six months later when she set me up to meet my current wife, Pat, during an extraordinary paranormal event (shades of the movie, Always, which we watched together just before she died). She gradually introduced me to her spiritual identity and to mine by awakening me to numerous material and verbal clues she had given me while she was alive. She woke me out of a sound sleep on 17 January 1991 and telepathically told me to count the number of months we lived together at each location: I then realized that we had lived together exactly seven years to the day, and seven is a divine number. Every 28 months we were forced to move to a new location because of economic circumstances, and three times 28 gives 84 months, or seven years. And it was 12 January 1984 that she moved in with me. She was born at 1:38 am and she died at 1:38 am.

I was born on 8:31, the reverse sequence of those numbers.

She also left me proof of her precognitive ability, and that she knew of not only her time of death, but of her time of burial, where she would be buried, and where I would be at a particular time soon after her death. On 17 January, the day before she was buried, I went to her bank in Houston to close out her checking account, and was surprised by the tellers who were waiting for me. Dody ran up to me asking if Bonnie was out in our truck. I was shocked. I asked her how she knew that I was going to be there, and she told me that Bonnie had called two weeks earlier to tell them great news: She said that I had gotten a job in Houston and was bringing her back to Texas for good. She said that we would be there to see them on the 17th! We were all shocked by the implications. She was buried on the 18th, the day but not the month of her birth. The job turned out to be what I had to do when I returned to Houston with her body.

On 20 January 1991 I returned to Bonnie’s grave to say my farewell. I was leaving Texas that afternoon on a flight back to New York State. I took my mother with me and the camcorder Bonnie had given me for Christmas 1989. I wanted to videotape where she was buried for her family back north.

I held the camcorder on my shoulder as I drove through Memorial Oaks Cemetery to the Garden of Texas Liberty, a special section of the cemetery normally reserved for native Texans. The two Xs mark the location of where my late wife is buried (crypt #12), with my future crypt to its left (#11). Bonnie’s head is facing East.

The Garden of Texas Liberty in northwest Houston is shaped like a triangle with a circular eight-column marble temple at its center. These represent sacred geometric shapes. The triangular garden reminds me of the Flying Triangles that many people see.

As we entered the Garden, which was constructed in the form of a triangle with a circular marble temple at the center of the triangle,

I videotaped something extraordinary.

After parking I videotaped the area without realizing that her spirit was residing inside the marble temple at the center of the Garden. Beautiful carnelian red and emerald green colors can be seen on the video flashing alternately inside and on the outside of the temple columns (a pretty good trick for the Sun, which was behind the columns). I was unaware of her presence.

Then I walked to her grave, having the urge to say my farewell. As I walked something flashed by me, but I still did not get it. Who would imagine what was in store for me as Bonnie’s spirit tried to get my attention. Standing near her grave I pointed my camcorder at her grave and said aloud, “There is my love, love of my life, in her final resting place right up in front where she would want to be. I will remember you Always, Bonnie dear. I set you free. You set me free.” Inside her wedding ring, which I wear around my neck on a chain, is inscribed: “BC & BC forever.” The last movie we watched together before she died was the movie, “Always,” starring Richard Dreyfuss and Audrey Hepburn.

As I spoke the words, “I set you free,” a blue, green, and white starburst appeared over her grave and pulsated to my very words. In Revelation 4:3 the Spirit of God is described by John: “And He who sat there was like jasper (dark green) and a sardius (carnelian red) stone in appearance; and there was a rainbow (rainbows are circular) around the throne, in appearance like an emerald.” Was the spirit of my late wife the Spirit of God? Bonnie came back to me in Spirit and told me her name: KaRa, which in ancient Egyptian means Spirit of God. Question: Is Ra El?

My mother was there as a witness. After I finished saying my farewell statement, the shape of her aura changed to that of a symbolic pair of angel’s wings, opening and closing several times.

Then a beam of light descended from an overhead cloud (see image above), stopping just above her grave.

The beam of light was several feet wide and had a waterfall of light strands falling off of it, like ice sickles, which broke apart when they hit the ground, the pieces dancing around on the ground like water on a hot plate.

It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

The beam captured her spirit, and I could see the colors of her aura ascend inside the beam up into the cloud. The beam originated from a light as brilliant as the Sun within the cloud, leading my mother to say, “Oh, how beautiful. The Sun is breaking through the cloud and sending a sunbeam down to Bonnie’s grave.” Then the bright light in the cloud went out. But it was 8:31 am in the morning, and the real Sun had barely cleared the tree tops to the east. The position of the Sun can be seen in other shots on the video. Whatever caused the light was hidden in that cloud (see images above of Shekinah with a giant, white, disc-shaped domed ship inside).

The experience I had is called an Epiphany, and what my mother and I witnessed was a Shekinah or “Glory Cloud” of God. It is like those described in scripture. Ask any Priest or Rabbi. Based on this experience, I can state unequivocally that many of the descriptions of similar events in the Bible can be taken literally, adjusting for semantics and our interpretation of the words used to describe those events. Thanks to Bruce Cornet M.S., Ph.D.

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