Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands by Franchezzo, A. Farnese


I have just finished reading this book.  It was published back in 1896 and i presume then in italian.  The then recent vogue for spiritualism surely got it translated into english and then published in the english language in 1901.

The text was channeled by A. Farnese.  This means he used automatic writing in concert with the spirit Franchezzo. 

What is remarkable is that it is long before our recent rediscovery of near death experiences and all that.  This has all been dismissed in the past by most of he population. 

Better yet this is an important informant as we discover what is done to recover the truly lost where possible.  Franchezzo himself is started on the recovery path because he had fallen in love while alive and wanted to improve on what he hade done to date with his life.  That recovery path means that he must himself help those wanting the same thing.  In the process he himself advances to progressively higher level and also reconnects with his beloved still living.

This happens to be an unexpected twist in the architecture of the after life that had not been obvious but is now so.  The hell he passes through is Dantean in its own way as expected from an imagination informed by Dante.

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands 

A classic true story of the afterlife, and of a love that flourishes beyond the grave. Written through the psychic medium A. Farnese in 1896, Wanderer is the true autobiography of Franchezzo, an Italian socialite who squanders his life on "wine, women and song." After an untimely death, he finds his spirit wandering in one of the dark lower worlds, alone and hopeless except for continued messages of love his young wife sends him through her prayers. Moved by the constancy of her devotion, he sets out to redeem himself by trying to help other lost souls, a mission which takes him into the lowest hells of the astral realm. Through his journey, there unfolds a remarkably lucid account of the different levels of the spirit realm, and the great brotherhoods of light who work there. Esoteric students have long regarded Wanderer as one of the clearest, most accurate descriptions of the spirit realms and the life that awaits us on the other side. (less)

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