Monday, August 15, 2016

Upright Wolf Encounter - Homers Gap, PA

What has happened is that folks with sightings are now finding  Lon's site on the internet and are reporting in. This is good.

As i have posted extensively this creature is the male version of the giant sloth and is profoundly dangerous.  Those hands and feet are grasping 'paws' with long claws.  Because it is arboreal it can leap into trees and move through them easily, using all four gripping appendages.

It drops to all four in order to run faster and easily.  Yet is appears to travel long distances on its hind limbs as well but likely much slower.  It is not clumsy and can leap huge spans..
Upright Wolf Encounter - Homers Gap, PA 

 Friday, July 29, 2016

First of all, this will be my only post today. I'm following-up on sightings...including the following encounter I received last evening.

I received a telephone call from a 36-year-old man from Altoona, PA. He had come across the blog while searching for information that could help him identify a creature he encountered in the Summer of 1998.

The location of the encounter was an area known as Homers Gap, which is located in Logan Township in Blair County, PA. He and another man were traveling west on Homers Gap Rd. Approximately 2 miles from the turn-off onto Homers Gap Rd. (from Grandview Rd.) and as they were in a wooded residential area, they noticed something standing on the side of the road. As they slowed, the light from a nearby residence illuminated a 8-9 ft upright wolf...described as looking "the same as the lycans in the movie Underworld." Wolf-like head, covered in black & brown matted hair. Long muscular arms with human-like hands hanging down along the body.

As they approached this beast, it immediately got down on all fours and sprinted across the road. It was then they noticed it had large black human-like feet and hocked legs. The body had a huge chest and sparsely covered in hair, as well as a tapered body with muscular legs. The height of the back was higher than the vehicle's hood. As it crossed the road, it looked back at the vehicle...when they noticed it's bright golden eyes.

After it crossed and moved into the woods, the driver floored the vehicle...almost losing control. Both witnesses have not talked about the encounter since.

This encounter is very similar to others we have received throughout central Pennsylvania, in particular the area we have designated as the 'Lycan Loop.' This sighting as been recorded on the PA Upright Canine/Dogman Witness Sightings Map

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