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Deep Underground Military Bases? California Hit By Mysterious Clockwork "Booms" Daily For Years

Well maybe.  Except it is obviously not moving and the scope of the explosion suggests a large bench been dropped. Doing that every day is a pretty trick in rock removal and scheduling.  In short it really does not work.

A network of connected DUMBs is practical in itself as we are using the one thing the military has an ample supply of and that is manpower.  Better yet the strategic value is obvious and compelling.  A lot of faces can be driven continuously through the best most competent  rock which allows decent speed.  It should have started back in the thirties..

So if it is an actual base we are talking about dropping the floor of a huge cavern and removing a trainload of rock every day.  It would need crushing and that would be the real chokepoint.  Yet two thousand tons per day is twenty rail cars hauling ballast. A two thousand ton drop means twenty thousand cubic feet or a bench that is twenty feet deep and twenty feet wide and fifty feet long.  That is a pretty hefty bang.  Assuming the structure is one hundred feet wide and as long as you like and at least two hundred feet deep we have fifty blasts for every fifty feet of advance.  Thus we could reasonably advance this structure about 350 feet per year.

Not completely unreasonable and it would provide ample building space in the space provided.


Deep Underground Military Bases? California Hit By Mysterious Clockwork "Booms" Daily For Years

Jul 24, 2016 9:20 PM

For years now, residents of Sonora, California have been hearing a window-shaking loud and so far officially unexplained BOOM! that always happens between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily.
Inquisitr reports that the explanation floating around Sonora from a local geologist/teacher is that an Army Depot in Hawthorne, Nevada, all the way across the state and behind a mountain range which disposes of old munitions like bombs, might be what residents have been hearing.
But do they have so many old bombs to dispose of that they do it daily every single day even on weekends and holidays without fail for years? Why would Sonora, California of all locations near Hawthorne be the seemingly most affected city of all?
Besides, even people who work at the depot aren’t hearing the booms regularly (via ABC News):

Ken Thomas, a contracting officer for the Hawthorne Army Depot, told ABC News today that they do detonate munitions regularly at the depot when the munitions are past their shelf-life, but he is not convinced that it can be heard in Sonora.

“It doesn’t feel right that what we’re doing here would be heard 200 miles away when there’s a mountain range in between us,” Thomas said. “My office is 27 miles from where they detonate the old munitions, I only hear it here maybe one time a month, and just barely and it’s like ‘Was that a boom?'”
On top of that, not only are they clockwork, but these have been described as deep, low booms which can almost be felt by the people who live there. In fact, a friend who lives near Sonora said that sometimes they can actually see their windows warp during the booms.
So what is it? Lots of conspiracies are, of course, floating around including aliens (as per the usual).
But one in particular sounds a lot more plausible than an old weapons depot that’s a three-hour drive from Sonora: DUMBs.
Deep underground military bases.
We all know there’s an extensive network of them which has been significantly expanded since 9/11 and the creation of Homeland Security...

...and we’re all just supposed to put our fingers in our ears and go “la la la” and pretend like they don’t exist.
The tunneling project is a joint venture involving the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI, MiB, Homeland Security & a few other groups that are buried in the Congressional Intelligence Committees with some weird acronyms no one really understands. Much of the info on this comes from private citizens in the county, public officials, as well as Coast to Coast with George Noory & Art Bell. These shows have given incredibly good information on the topic for the last several months, beginning in late 2003…

According to the information available, there are several reasons for the project:

1) Homeland Security needs an system of rapid deployment in the South, free of traffic;
2) certain gov't agencies want an easy connection route with other gov't installations in the South;
3) there is a move on in the intelligence community to begin more efficient use of the underground rail system already in place at Lockheed in Marietta;
4) Paulding is a central location for the complete project that will eventually connect installations in Anniston, AL; Macon, GA; Lockheed in Marietta; Lookout Mtn, TN; Greenville-Spartanburg, SC; & Raleigh-Durham, NC;
5) the Yorkville area of Paulding has been designated as the prime location for these hubs to come together because of geological preference;
6) the addition of new Walmart facilities in NW GA give spur hubs & depots easy access to large areas that can be partitioned off for moving of very large equipment & large numbers of people in case of national emergency.
Kinda like the CIA kept pretending Area 51 didn’t exist for decades until it was finally, quietly admitted it in 2013.

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