Wednesday, August 24, 2016

God of the Dandelions

My investigations into spirituality and particularly the human spirit has established a number of clear conjectures in fact.

1   Every human being is guided by their own spirit expressing itself as their self conscious as well as at least one Earth Angel.  The sensitive can talk to a crowd as well and troublesome spirits can come into play as well.

2   The Self also networks the astral body which consists of the individual processors managing individual cells.  These processors as is the spirit, are physical in nature in the second tier of matter.

3   The Soul is the pattern for all this which all endeavor to perfect to achieve the perfect pattern.

4    The physical brain processor and general nervous system is the mediator with the physical world and deals with the external.

5   The spirit is clearly evolving or at least has chosen to do just that.  Notice my wording here as it is important.  The pattern of ones life is generally predestined but you will be learning lessons and making choices.  We now have thousands of reports in which we all choose our parents and actually plan our lives so actually we exercise free will even before we enter life.  Predestination is your own choices made with your own free will before birth.

So far so good.

This begs a huge question.  What is the path of our beginning as spirit?  My speculative answer was that spirits arise from lower life forms that form multiple aspects supporting a specific pattern such as an oak tree or a mouse or a bee.  Thus we have the green man which we have encountered.  Obviously one of the stronger such entities.

More recently i have read through a collection of reports from children who recalled earlier lives, but mostly their experience in choosing their parents just before been born.

One of the reports was extraordinary.  The child was looking at a dandelion and she said that she used to be the God of the Dandelions.  Thus the self image of such a nature spirit is acting as the God of the life form involved.  This spirit then got lifted up to further evolve in human form.  this is my first external confirmation of this quite simple conjecture.

It implies of course that all life forms have their spirit gods who likely express themselves to the sensitive as sprites and fairies and this is the foundation of all that folk lore.

Thus we have a natural evolutionary path for the development of spirit and for actual evolution in the physical as well.

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