Wednesday, April 22, 2020

U-Boat Worx launches lightest submersible ever built

A hundred metre depth is pretty significant. This opens up a lot of shelf.  It surely has negative bouyancy as well in the event of a power failure.

We are soon going to have drone controls as well allowing piloting to take place elsewhere.

They are slowly getting better and perhaps close to fool proof as well. The potential for safe escape exists which is not possible for aircraft in the event of a power failure


U-Boat Worx launches lightest submersible ever built

April 17, 2020

Pilot and passenger enter via a hatch at the top

U-Boat Worx

Dutch submersible maker U-Boat Worx has pumped out a number of underwater explorers since launching in 2005, and has now unveiled what's claimed to be the lightest manned submersible ever built. The Nemo can be towed on a trailer by car for launch from shore, or hauled onto a yacht for underwater fun at sea.

The Nemo two-person submersible follows on from the company's Super Yacht Sub series and C-Researcher Series. It tips the scales at 2,500 kg (5,510 lb) and is just 155 cm (61 in) tall. It can be placed on any flat surface without needing a cradle or davit, takes up less space than a couple of jet-skis, and has a single lifting point for deployment.

The Nemo has a single lifting point for ease of deployment

U-Boat Worx 

The craft can travel up to 3 kt (3.45 mph) underwater, is rated to dive down to 100 m (330 ft), and pilot and passenger can look forward to up to eight hours of operational autonomy. Occupants enter via a top hatch and are greeted by a stylish mix of comfort and functionality inside the transparent bubble, which offers great front and side views.

Though a certified pilot will need to be present, the Manta controller does allow for supervised control by the passenger if desired, and comes with pilot assist features such as auto-heading and auto-depth. The vessel can also be navigated away from the yacht or shoreline remotely using the Marlin controller.

The Nemo is piloted using a handheld controller, which can be handed to the passenger for supervised operation

U-Boat Worx 

The Nemo sub is priced at €975,000 (about US$1.06 million), and production will begin when "market demand has been met." The standard vessel comes with aircon inside, wireless underwater comms, one floodlight and four spots. Optional additions include more lights, sonar, a manipulator arm and navigation package.

U-Boat Worx offers a 12-day training course at its Sub Center CuraƧao facility for each purchase, where owners will learn everything needed for operation.

Source: U-Boat Worx

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