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Huge Spacecraft Are in Orbit Above Earth, Star Wars or ET?

The good news is that it is possible to spot them using ordeinary telescopes and filters.  Still at operational limits, but good enough for confirmation.

Again all this merely demands gravity control.  that was confirmed and went dark in 1955.  Let that sink in.  Everything observed since is easily explained as a earth based development program.  The aliens are out there but not nearly so noisy.

Space command has been effectively operational since around the early eighties using large craft and gravity management.  We have now had an additional forty years of secret development.  

As posted before, this secrecy needs to end mostly because our crews are all aging out and need to stand down.

Huge Spacecraft Are in Orbit Above Earth, Star Wars or ET?

These are exclusive images and videotape footage by John Lenard Walson. What you are about to see is quite remarkable. It seems that some of the stars above us are not stars at all…as you shall see. A young man by the name of John Lenard Walson from the UK has discovered a new way to extend the capabilities of small telescopes and has been able to achieve optical resolutions – at almost the diffraction limit – not commonly achievable. With this new-found ability, he has proceeded to videotape, night and day, many strange and heretofore unseen objects in earth orbit. The resulting astrophotographic video footage has revealed a raft of space machines, hardware, satellites, spacecraft and possibly space ships which otherwise appears as ‘stars’…if they appear at all.

There are, indeed, hundreds of satellites in Earth orbit as you will read in the summary which follows. However, the images you will see are clearly of large and sizeable machines which have not been seen before.

Let’s start with one such object in orbit as videotaped by John Lenard Walson.

It is the International Space Station ISS…take a look…

The ISS is as large as two football fields. What is this spacecraft below?

All images and video footage are by John Lenard Walson – All Rights Strictly Reserved

These craft Estimated to be 100 yards Long

This is story is “Reproduced with Permission”of Jeff Rense and John Lenard Walson. All images and videotape footage 2007-2008 by John Lenard Walson. All Rights Reserved. Copying or Reproduction in any media is prohibited without written permission of and John Lenard Walson.

Editor’s Note: These objects in space may be alien space craft or belong to nations such as the US, Russia, China, India or Japan. He uses four spectrums– Infrared, Night Vision, Thermal and Ultra Violet. He has discovered anomalies on the moon and other planets.

The International Space Station (ISS) is the only known unclassified large facility currently flying in space. The on-orbit assembly of ISS began in 1998, and has continued for ten years as a joint project among the space agency’s of the United States (NASA), Russia (RKA), Japan (JAXA), Canada (CSA) and several European countries. The space station is in a low Earth orbit and can be seen from Earth with the naked eye: It has an average altitude of 340 km (210 statue miles) above the surface of the Earth, and travels at an average speed of 27,700 km (17,210 statute miles) per hour, completing 15.77 orbits per day. These space machines represent a tremendous effort, and funding to build in space.

Ten large objects were photographed in space we can speculate who owns them

The space station rivals a U.S. football field in length, span the width of two football fields side by side, and houses six astronauts and several international laboratories to push the frontiers of human and space science. The NASA’s space shuttle fleet retired in September 2010. The various space machines appear as large as the ISS and represent advanced technology. Several amateur astronomers such as Alan Caviness have also reported seeing similar space machines through their telescopes. Most advanced nations know they are there. Perhaps they are part of the new Space Force?

Note : The large size of vehicles in space as described by space engineer William Tomkins can probably hold some 300 personnel and likely have significant weapons.

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